Pip Jaggers May 2014
You led me to the lighthouse,
squat on the rolling lake of grass.

Beneath the great guard we slid
through the marshmallow heat to the edge of the land.

Pressed into the sand below a blue sky, together we stopped,
and let the lapping water wash.
Michael Hoffman Dec 2011
a daring mountaineer
ran out of lonely peaks
and women he could brag to

he met a wild woman
just as tired
of her narcissistic journey

they attached
and hoped
they were in love

this projection
became their Everest
with no summit

they ate crackers and soup
listened to talk radio
fell asleep wondering

they sighed in unison
quit dreaming
of mountaintops

A Clock stopped—
Not the Mantel’s—
Geneva’s farthest skill
Can’t put the puppet bowing—
That just now dangled still—

An awe came on the Trinket!
The Figures hunched, with pain—
Then quivered out of Decimals—
Into Degreeless Noon—

It will not stir for Doctors—
This Pendulum of snow—
This Shopman importunes it—
While cool—concernless No—

Nods from the Gilded pointers—
Nods from the Seconds slim—
Decades of Arrogance between
The Dial life—
And Him—
WistfulHope Dec 2014
I stopped breathing two years ago
I don't know if it was because of him or not
Maybe it was coincidence
But I was choking, sputtering for fourteen years of my life
Gasping for just one
And now for two years
I have stopped breathing altogether

My lungs are tared black
But I don't smoke
My skin is charred and burnt with open sores
Yet I freeze more with each passing second

I feel like I'm inside a trash bag
Or I am a trash bag
Certainly though I'm trash
I'm a corpse in a body bag
... Sometimes I wonder how much longer I'll be here...

The Sunset stopped on Cottages
Where Sunset hence must be
For treason not of His, but Life’s,
Gone Westerly, Today—

The Sunset stopped on Cottages
Where Morning just begun—
What difference, after all, Thou mak’st
Thou supercilious Sun?
Kathleen May 2013
New red lines drawn
hide them well
They think the lines are bad
I hope no one sees them
it only means trouble
Shameful secret that I love
it has a hold on me
like none else
I like it though
please keep me
I no longer control it
I follow impulses now
My will is slowly dying
i think it is okay
it is an experiment
let us see what happens
Anyone wanna guess what this is about?
Idiosyncrasy Aug 2015
Someone asked me
If I was falling for you again,
I replied no
**Because I never stopped falling.
MdAsadullah Dec 2014
Yesterday my childhood came.
Playing and jumping around.
Unburdened, without any aim.
I kept on looking, spellbound.

With half eaten oblong eclair.
He ran after the goats herd.
Stopped to look at the hare.
And scared the tiny blue bird.

He moved slily to catch butterflies.
And plucked flowers from a tree.
I kept looking with yearning eyes.
Baffled, surprised he looked at me.

He ran towards the narrow ravine.
And disappeared into bushes green.
Inked Papers Jun 2015
I stopped writing when....

When I was no longer broken -
unlike before with a heart suffocated
suffocated with feelings left unspoken,
with little things gone complicated.

I stopped writing when...

When I was no longer burdened
with thoughts circling in my head,
and pain excruciating like no end -
snapped my spine through the things you've said.

I stopped writing when...

When I was no longer in love,
When I was no longer suffering the feeling of longing,
When I was no longer...

i think stopped loving you because I can't write about you anymore.*

You don't deserve to be the subject of my writing anymore.
Yeah bitch
the words stopped coming.
not to my mind,
but to my mouth--
forming in the chamber of teeth and tongue,
out with my breath,
into the air(
what we call

bottled up letters
filled my brain to the brim
like a stack of  tethered
that mildewed
and smell of
doubt and old dogs
with no new tricks.

the gathered dust
on my lungs-- look
closely enough it is
alphabets upon alphabets--
the unspoken sentences
my heart forged
and mouth rejected, swallowing
them back, crumbling
them into
a graveyard of lost
killed by the fear
of being an unsolicited
All the things I stopped to do
I didn't stop for me

All the extra miles done
I wish it had been me

All the times I wept to sleep
I couldn't set me free

All the things I stopped to do
I did cause i found you
Atul Jul 2013
The disco-balls used to keep spinning,
From one girl to the other in vain,
Seeking nothing but true love.

The disco-balls can even stiffen a stick,
The naughty-but-untouched disco-stick,
The best dancer was all the time awaited.

The Union is going to take place,
On the night of disco's marriage,
Its thirst will finally be quenched.
You're to teach me as well how to dance!

My HP Poem #388
©Atul Kaushal
Arlo Disarray Oct 2015
i've been ready to die for five days, now
but the clock refuses to move forward
and i'm stuck reliving the same moment in pieces
never getting anywhere

my heart stopped beating
and my lungs refuse to accept the oxygen in the air
everything is on hold
and it won't move again
until i'm gone
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