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I am Strong

because I have loved you for this long

because I am able to look to you with another

because I've spent all these days without being with you

because I still loved you even though you would not love me back

because I went through all this pain without you even knowing

because I wrote my heart out, breaking it over and over again

because I looked into your eyes and deceived myself with false hope

because I've had nightmares of you, believing they were dreams

and because  I Love You

Yes, I am Strong...

                                                            ...j­ust not Strong enough to tell you

                                                 I Love You.
Not strong enough to let you go
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
People stare at me with confused eyes
They ask to know where my secret lies
They wonder where I found my gait
They love the way I articulate
The softness of my arms
My captivating youthful charm:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman

I walk with a quirky poise
People whisper, and it's a delightful noise
The smile on my lips
The curve of my hips
They say I've always been this cool
But honey, do not be fooled:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman

They see fire in my eyes
They say I'm for keeps 'cause I'm a prize
There is a grace in my vibes
Something good to imbibe
The warmth I bring
The joy I bring:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman

There is something about me
How did I come to be?
The reason behind my womanly pride
The reason for my sedate stride
My aura, as that of a beloved emperor
My shoulders high like that of a conqueror:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman

They say I am a mystery
There's definitely more to me
In the stillness of my mind
In the presence of my kind
I become more of the woman I am meant to be
The best of me you are yet to see:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman
He was once weak
Scarred by what was not
meant from him to see
Every time a chain
he wanted to break
There was always
a board ,
block ,
A barrier in his way
to let someone see the beauty
In this case,
“ handsomeness-within”
that was a better than what was outward on display .

A face has so many expressions,
intentions ,
Point of views
That lead to assumptions & perceptions .
But what he felt inside is unexplainable to the human eye
& it’s nothing any other person
can ever truly feel .
True feelings can be expressed
yet people can say things are okay
But when a person
drifts one day to the next
Keep pushing
Keep thriving
Excel the bull
Because that’s not worth fighting ,
It becomes tiresome
So he fell apart
& couldn’t get back to where he was before
& just like a painting
You have to take time
To pay close attention
to every detail.
Don’t rush
The strokes
The faded colors
Be woke
Inside like as if this was your last time
mastering the art
But that’s different from
a person’s heart .

Yet he  kept getting  closer
& as he  kept getting older
His  heart could no longer take
Being apart of another person’s troublesome heart
if that person can’t
let him in all the way .

He was once free
But in reality
People see him as their animal spirit
Or just beautiful human
But their blinded by the outward appearance because he failed to tell them how he’s truly feeling

So he puts up walls to block out the reality .
Uses the stage to tell the story of people he portrays
But in his mind
The characters he portrays
are always somewhat relatable
in a way .

He used art
when he feels broken
Though he falls
apart mentally
But parts of him are revealed in ways that might be surprisingly beautiful
to the viewers watching ,
audience members observing ,
But inside the vulnerability
Expressed in a magnificent ways
comes to life.

Loves the theater
But can’t stand the drama
If it’s not on the script
on paper written
He wants nothing to do with it because will lead to traumas.

But he knows that in reality you’re going to come across people
That always talk their talk
Still knowing he’ll walk that walk.
Like walking on water
Parting the sea
like *** did with Moses
Feeling free
Sprouting like plants
that are plentiful
& beautiful like daisies & roses
But will never be ****** down
Hanging onto the tight rope .
He will climb & move mountains
In order to get to ***’s
next challenge
& obstacle somehow .

If you can’t handle what people throw at you’ll break like a twig
If you let your inner demons get the best of you,  you won’t live
If you overthink things that
will only affect you for minutes
Instead of thinking about other stuff that will affect you for your lifetime for the better not for the worse ,
you won’t enliven
You’ll just be weakened

But all it takes is strength
To break apart what wasn’t
yours  to hold on .
You were never made the fall in line for anybody
You are you !!
Don’t let people change you  because you want to make a difference for only them & not you
Take this as a life lesson seriously.
When there’s weakness
there’s also strength
When there is darkness
there is light
Others might not see the light because they are blinded.
And if they’re blinded
that means that they’re
not ready for the light
& yet it came to you
  so step into it .
They will linger
being motionless
unseen ; invisible
wanting some of your light
you have been given .
People make more
dirt for themselves
when their still looking
for nourishment
& nutrients
when their just a ****
& your flower that
blossoms & grows .

~Jordan Munchenburg ~
Lyn-Purcell Jun 6
They may use you
abuse you
slap you
kick you
shoot you
stab you
curse you
mock you
choke you
tear you

and at times,    defeat you
in that time a   n   d time alone
They may do   all    this because
they know you can reach the
heights, the impossible,
that they can only
dream of

they won't      ever destroy
you.    You        know       when to be
a tempest and     when       to be tranquil
You know when     to         be a flicker and
when to                     be                        a flame
When to shake the        earth and to sprout
they may put so much energy to see you
on your knees, vulnerable and weak,
but as long as you continue to
rise to your feet, they will
be blinded by the
light of your
Feeling a lil optimistic now. You know, I can say that there are ALOT
of people I can list now that really want to see me fail, friend and family.
Shame but at least I know who I can and can't trust. I'm on that level of
consciousness now. This is a poem dedicated to them.
To let them see me down is a victory to them.
But it'll always be hollow because I will have that strength
to get back up again.

If anyone is in need of more fire to their flame, I hope this poem is at least a drop of fuel / a piece of wood.

Be back soon!
Lyn ***
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