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Every once in a while I stop by and I say "Hey",
Where I talk to you about my life usually on my worst days,
And I know it's been a while, though, I guess life lately hasn't been going my way,
But you know I'll always love you as you'll be my best friend to my final day,
I still miss you, and sometimes I know it might seem I don't have much to say,
Just, it's still so hard to believe that I'm talking to a grave
Nassif Younes Apr 2016
We were doing that thing
Where you drink the thing
And end up saying stupid things
And not walking right.

We were sharing our nostalgia
For the things back home that we left behind -
The enchanting forests,
The scenic beaches
And the glorious mountains
That we always chose the pub over;

We were quoting the great thing-sayers:
Nietzsche, Einstein, Wilde, Freud, Kant
And many others
Whose work we will never read;

We were engaging in polite competitions
About how much we adore and admire
Our parents and partners
Who we’re always telling to go and fuck themselves;

We were flexing our multicultural muscles
In conversations about how much we identify
With people from other countries
That we will never go to;

And suddenly it hit us that
Things are always never happening.
Old movie stars have come and gone
Those films were there for everyone
Despite the passing of those times
Those talking pictures will always shine.

Those talking pictures have all come back
With ghosts of film stars from the past
They are still alive within our minds
Those talking pictures we rewind.

When looking at those bye gone days
Those talking pictures will always stay
The golden oldies that we all can see.
Are there and they will always be.

Those talking pictures stand the test of time
Deep within our hearts and minds
Those movie stars have come and gone
But those talking pictures will still live.
Just a simple little poem.I love the golden oldie movies
I watch alot of them.
Ash Aug 17
Eyes a bitter shade of red
Breaths coming in quick and heavy
Throat pains because of our yelling
Emotions drained from this Fights

Logic crying out for someone to cool off
Though some things  shifted now
The staring contest has began
A piss match that involves eyes now

Eyes drifting lower
Foreplay with the touch of our eyes.
Angers metamorphosis to lust.
It begins with you moving towards me
Me pinned up against this wall
Our bodies talking loud
Taking us to a place
So intense it's beyond bliss
Where we don't come out of for a long time.

Now we lay here in these sheets
Cuddling,head on your chest
Repeating our mantra  
Our bodies share a language
This is how we loss pieces of our hearts to each other.

This is how we keep coming back for more.
One smart-ass mouth to the other,
Knowing this is a journey towards bliss
Maida Rasool Aug 24
cleaned my face, fixed my hair
washed away all my tears
now stood here looking at you
wondering why, so confused
i ask around
you say you're fine
but here you are alone crying
how could you have been so stupid
how could you have let them in
you thought that they would change
well darling think again
Deferred thought my mind speaks
but unable to reach
Since, lacking proper fuel
words are no more than tools
Idly on the shelf
All alone by themselves
Whether each has the skill
Makes no difference still
Needs a user to wield
The brain must be unsealed
Otherwise it’s just noise
And will only annoy
To communicate one
also pays attention
Thinking the message through
Very important too

Is to listen right back
Without barbs or attacks
Open-mind speaking freely
but with diplomacy
Must employ use of tact
Support statements with fact
Do not rush; take your time
Critical? Then be kind
Not a must to agree
Can't force someone to see
Each of us has his thoughts
Throughout life we are taught
There are social patterns
Easily to discern
So, wherever you fall
Do not build up a wall

Keeping out you will win
As you lock yourself in
Rigid form without flex
New ideas will perplex
Ignorance and denial
Growing into a pile
On an island alone
Statue that's made of stone
In your mind you’re entombed
Happy life is now ruined
Feeling always against
With a paranoid sense
A refusal to see
An unwavering tree
But a tree can still bow
Give and take it will show

Rigid thoughts become firm
Close your mind; will not learn
Placing all of the weight
Just for you; here to take
And must always support
Forcibly will contort
Having flex we adjust
This in life is a must
Something we can not do
Like to uncook a stew
Won't exist very long
People just not that strong
Or should they try to be
A journey incomplete
Happiness lies within
On these words please don’t spin

An island you are not
Harmony should be sought
Infinite universe
You can’t always be first
Finding balance in life
Like to see without sight
Each of us wants respect
But to give is to get
Listen up before talking
Use right foot and start walking
And will find in due time
Not to bother or mind
People are free to think
From each other we drink
How we grow and evolve
Complex problems we’ll solve

Not a perfect system
But we gather wisdom
Always strive to improve
It’s the best we can do
To communicate we
Open our minds to see
Trying to understand
Flawed and kindred humans
Written: June 12, 2018

All rights reserved
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