Old movie stars have come and gone
Those films were there for everyone
Despite the passing of those times
Those talking pictures will always shine.

Those talking pictures have all come back
With ghosts of film stars from the past
They are still alive within our minds
Those talking pictures we rewind.

When looking at those bye gone days
Those talking pictures will always stay
The golden oldies that we all can see.
Are there and they will always be.

Those talking pictures stand the test of time
Deep within our hearts and minds
Those movie stars have come and gone
But those talking pictures will still live.
Just a simple little poem.I love the golden oldie movies
I watch alot of them.
You're mine bitch

a guide for those
to living alone

don't talk to the milk
that's weird

talking to
the salt and pepper shakers

hey shaky shaky

no, no, no

copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
#funny #humor
maybe marc Jul 2014
always talking about themselves
making noises in the night
o so selfish
and so ignorant to the rest of us
the ones who haven't learned yet
to play notes on the water
but call them soft they wake me up
   every single time
they used to bother me now i miss them.
Jake O'Donnell Jun 2017
Currently online.

Two chat heads active.
My fragile heart though, in one.

Friends online: 87.
Last seen: 16:43
Really, ignoring me?

But who are you talking to?
Delivered. Delivered. Is this deliberate?
Are you busy, are you with someone? Who is he?
Don’t you see what you do to me?

— Minutes since message sent: 320 or more,
Years together: best part of four.
I’m not counting but
Is he the one from your instagram?

Friends nearby: 6.
Last seen: 23:55.

Flick up to clear all apps,
And with that my heart.

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