English Jam May 8
Drink to the woman who cared for others
Drink to the man who let her die in the gutter
Drink to those who think they have eternal youth
Drink to those who learn but don’t recognise truth
Drink to those who descend to the feet of Malkuth
Drink to those whose only wish is to hang from the roof
Drink to the liars whose only lie was that they were fine
Drink to the colours that dared to be vibrant and different from mine
Drink to the comedian whose pain is well nourished
Drink to the lover whose bruises have all flourished
Drink to the girl who doesn’t know what to believe
Drink to the guy who always feels like he has to leave
Drink to those who killed themselves to start anew
Drink to the crowd of many that thinks it’s a crowd of few
Drink to those who clean the world without a thank you
Drink to those discovering a new kind of blue
Drink to those who stand for themselves without any legs
Drink to the rich man who still stops and begs
Drink to those who worship God through death
Drink to those who don’t know they’re taking their final breath
Drink to the children who found guns way too early
Drink to the boy who was told he’s too girly
Drink to the saviour who taught peace and love
Drink to those who lived hatred to get above
Drink to the shadows who stayed carefully hidden
Drink to the people of whom the shadows were forbidden
Drink to those who dream of what came before and after
Drink to the virgins who were hurt by everyone’s laughter
Drink to the non-virgins who were put into shame
Drink to the celebrities who forgot their own name
Drink to the singer who doesn’t know what the words mean
Drink to the speaker who tells stories of things he hasn’t seen
Drink to the prisoner who builds and makes
Drink to the police officer who kills and takes
Drink to the majesties whose requests are over the top
Drink to the awkward kids who don’t know when to stop
Drink to the side of history that was never told
Drink to the heroes who eventually grew old
Drink to those who bury themselves in mountains of cocaine
Drink in the words of the liar who says it’s OK
Drink to the daydreamers lost in a drowse
Drink to the shimmering girl in a torn blouse
Drink to the society that discriminates anyone in its excess
Drink to the forgotten parade of losers, addicts and rejects
Drink to whoever sees love in the dark chapters of our books
Drink to those who are and aren’t obsessed with their looks
Drink to the new generation that abandoned its old pastiche
Drink to all who have and haven’t found their niche
Drink to the beach who had fresh scars each day
And drink to the ocean that washed the scars away

Drink, drink, drink, upon high
Raise your glass, raise your glass high

Ahem, copyright. And yeah, don't drink unless it's to one of these. It's a bit long-winded but i think that's all right. I hope so, anyway
Braxan Jan 2017
Lost in between* what seems to be a reoccurance when I'm out and about in the outer reaches of perseverance;
Ultimately I'm seen as a building, yet battle-scarred.
What I'm holding within the interior runs on pure vanilla extract;
I have been doubted, categorized as the villain.
Iron alloy coils a frame holding me in place.
As it comes to this point in time; I've token the form of a lab rat coat hanger, set behind on the days missed out of class for them coping in RiverEdge.  
Most of my memories consist of downfalls and the unique process of having the chance in writing about them.
Then as the last grain of sand drops from the hourglass that'll conclude the remaining seconds in when the casket shuts.
Moments after awaking from the cold sweats of a depressed sleeping pill overdose next to be at the old Chicago water tower in a mental asylum recovering.
It's strange to think of the many months that have pushed through, when I had stepped afoot outdoors and the leaves have already blown away when they've fallen.
l1l B
watching the days go by in the many windows of the mental asylums.
jerrey Jul 25
I swear I’m still human
Please ignore my claws
I swear I’m still human
Can’t you see my flaws?

I’m still not the same
Since I got caught in the rain
Now there’s the Thing that’s riding on my back
Watching to repeat all the ways that humans act

I swear I’m no monster
I live like people do
I swear I’m no monster
They don’t live passed twenty-two

I’m the old me you know
Just a little meaner now though
Now I don’t eat anymore when I’m hungry
The Thing on my back thinks food looks ugly

I’m not a monster
Overlook the rotten teeth
I’m not a monster
I smiled just last week

I’ll never be the same
Since I was blinded in the rain
I don’t know how but now the Thing is my master
It rides on my back and kicks me yelling, “faster!”

I might be a monster
But who can ever tell?
I might be a monster
Now I’m going to hell
what is the Thing?
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