It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
I wasn’t supposed to fall so hard
I wasn’t supposed to call out for your arms in the night
And my lips weren’t supposed to search for yours
As if they would actually be there.
I wasn’t supposed to nuzzle into my pillow at night
pretending that your hands were nestled in my hair
I wasn’t supposed to make small talk
just so I could hypnotize myself with that something in your eyes
I wasn’t supposed to wake up cold in the gray morning
with the strong urge to be bruised and bitten
In fits of slow, languid passion.

Unreal how our bodies match and move together,
Uncanny how our minds meld and play in synch.
My youthful love for life,
Your chuckling maturity, still unsure what life is.

Now I play soft ballads full of aching, yearning,
I can wrap myself in a blanket on the floor
With a mug of tea, and think silently on you
And the shadows I wish I could conjure into existence…
They live inside, dancing to burst free from our guilty bodies
Too ethereal, too beautiful, to be abandoned
When we (artists) know we live for such wonders.

I wish I had any other option but forgetting,
or descending into madness.
(I’m currently choosing madness..?)

And it wasn’t supposed to be like this.
I wasn’t supposed to fall so hard.
I’m so sorry,
My summer love.

Written for N, and a cold morning in an empty house up Chumstick Highway.
Sam Shoyer Apr 2015
Air is no thing
Or so I thought
But it pushes
Gently, at my skin
Edging its way in
Through my pores
And in my veins
Sliding swiftly up
To brace my brain
Filling spaces
That once I thought
Was nothing
Rosie Wisniewski Nov 2011
This is one of those cheesy things
One of those things about love that people can’t stand
It starts with “I miss you” and ends with “I love you”
In the middle comes “I always knew you were the one”
Later on comes “We’ll be together forever”
And it ends with “I love you”
But, now we are at the start
I miss you
I miss you terribly so
There are times I cannot bear it
There are times I think it’d be easier if I were to end it
Then I think of the next
I always knew you were the one
From day one, it was only you
Through the ups and the downs, lord knows we’ve had them
It has always been you, faithful and true
We’ve been going strong and showing no signs of slowing
We’ll be together forever
That’s it, that’s the next part
Pieces start to come together
Our life begins to form
That’s when the ending ties it all in
I love you, my darling
I always have and I always will
From start to finish and life to death
Forever, my darling
I love you
Sy Lilang Apr 2015
Submission* is a *beautiful thing
Submission is a **Jesus thing.
Skylar Peek Aug 2014
The early bird gets the worm, is what they're telling me.
But babe,
The one who waits for honey turns out the lucky bee.
Paul Aguirre Nov 2012
Sitting in the dark wondering
when will I find someone
worth knowing,
worth noting.

You tell me that there are
all around me and beyond,
But you lie or are mistaken
because all I see are mismatched
people to my desires.

I want to learn from this Her,
To kiss her sweet lips,
To render myself senseless
by touching her body,
To lose myself in her eyes.

But it seems that this unfeeling
does not let me get close with
before I find their flaws
and start pondering
how to break their heart.

It seems that I set my standards too
or they have theirs too
but the fact remains that
I am betrayed:
by dishonesty and cowardice,
by laziness and greed,
by stupidity and facades.

but most of all:
by the immoral,
the obsession with nothing but pleasure
with no depth.

I am a confused and lonely thing,
searching in the dark for a feeling Thing.

what is this Thing I seek?

Well dear reader,
Nothing less than a good Heart.

One to heal me,
in return for being healed,
before this hollowness becomes
a shadow and swallows me whole,
leaving nothing but a crass man,
a cruel and callous thing undeserving of
the veracity of Love.
In Response partly to "I made a wish; I wished I was crazy"
unedited and very stream of consciousness-y of me but I could not escape alas, the beauty of a centered poem I'm afraid. Your free verse was still good and very unbound by rules and traditions.
nothing more than raw feeling I felt in your poem, fellow scribe, not many things inspire me to write lately so kudos...and gracias :)
During World War II,
Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany
Attempted to eradicate the Jewish People.
There is no conscious attempt to
Eliminate people
Just because their ethnicity is Syrian.
The Genocide in Syria is just built
Into the Economic Structure of the World.
In Reality,
We're ALL complicit in It.
It's a subtle sort of thing.
a thing most new complete fragile intense,
which wholly trembling memory undertakes
—your kiss,the little pushings of flesh,makes
my body sorry when the minute moon
is a remarkable splinter in the quick
of twilight
            ….or if sunsets utters one
unhurried muscled huge chromatic
fist skilfully modeling silence
—to feel how through the stopped entire day
horribly and seriously thrills
the moment of enthusiastic space
is a little wonderful, and say
Perhaps her body touched me;and to face
suddenly the lighted living hills
Emily Pidduck Jan 2015
A twisted form of angel,
he's a demon in the light.
Brilliant array of feathers
'fore the eagle prepares his
strike. Tsunami risen to ruin
from a gentle hazel tide. I
came to love his pretty things
since pretty never lies. But
beauty couldn't hide the
burning sun, he wrought me
dry. Oasis wasn't deep enough
to stifle up my cries. I wrestled
brave with golden chains that
locked me to his side. Securely
bound on his wicked ride, I'm
afraid of pretty things. Yet, I
decline to run when my heart,
it sings: What a pretty thing. What
a pretty gooorgeous thing - to see
a demon while there's light. Ready
to burn though he owns the night.
His vices I thought a pretty thing,
I'd faith, drowned in his soulless
eyes, that his pretty must not lie.
july hearne Feb 2016
everything since marijuana,
everything since you
everything ever since common sense

left my heart in north korea
i hear things
when i

roll around in glass
just no better to place to go
than hot demeaning insanity

there is this
drug with no pretty on the inside
and no better place to go
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
Any phone call bothers me anytime                                                                       Simply because that's me anytime,anywhere,and everywhere .....                      I like people to call me , but                                                                                     Not as they want ....                                                                                                 Phone calls are great and wonderful ,but                                                               They should be in their accurate times ....                                                              Some people have their phone-calls for just have funny things or                     For just bothering others .................                                                                        A phone-call is pretty thing when                                                                          A caller means it well .

Opinion is a flitting thing,
But Truth, outlasts the Sun—
If then we cannot own them both—
Possess the oldest one—
Meghan Jul 2014
Discordant notes hit my ears
as I place headphones over them
Punk rock is as good as it gets
When you’re angry
as a rabid bear who hasn’t eaten
in about three months
and it’s been about three weeks
since you left me
and I want to be angry
but I love you too much
to say I hate you
when I know that you’re just
Discordant notes that hit my ears
as I place headphones over them
‘cause punk rock
is as good as it gets
When you can’t be angry
at someone you once loved
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