I am looking at trees
they may be one of the things I will miss
most from the earth
though many of the ones I have seen
already I cannot remember
and though I seldom embrace the ones I see
and have never been able to speak
with one
I listen to them tenderly
their names have never touched them
they have stood round my sleep
and when it was forbidden to climb them
they have carried me in their branches
amnesia Aug 2014
her hair blows back in the breeze
as she strolls down the sidewalk
between all the trees
with a smile that reveals
every one of her teeth
and the dimples
of her red, freckled cheeks

she's an angel, i think
her divine, secretive lips
shine in their glossiness
begging me for a kiss

i stand aback, watching
mesmerized by her beauty
only able to muster the words
'dat booty''

*- jared huskey
Chris Schop Apr 2014
Ah, a gorgeous lake!
Smell the tress, taste the water,
Screw television!
Another haiku...
Brenden Pockett Mar 2015
Saccharine shadow shimmers,
Left by breezes too quiet to remember.
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
Are flowers without petals
Simply ugly weeds and nettles?
Do the leaves
from the trees
On the breeze
ever settle?

Are the songs without words
Ever truly properly heard?
Or do their sounds
float around
Toward the ground
in the dirt?

Is the blue inside your eyes
A fallen piece of all the skies?
Or could it be
a trick to me?
It's not funny
or at all wise
Amy Perry Apr 2014
I sit in solitude, surrounded by trees
That have been standing for ages untold.
I feel the coolness of an Autumn breeze
That grants a leaf to fall that I hold.

With the leaf transfixed in my careful stare,
I examine its transparent tone.
Searching for answers that could be there,
As if the answers are known.

I wish I might show as much grace
Falling to my demise.
I wish another may take my place
And make Mother Gaia nice.

I wish for transitions
That leave me better than before.
It may be intermittent,
But there might be more in store.

I wish my whispers were as sweet
As rustling, falling, tumbling leaves
That make the world complete--
And without them, the forest obsolete.

Someday this forest may be replaced
With a cattle field a mile long.
Gone with a whimper, without a trace
Will be the leaves I once wished on.
What a wonderful view to see
The flowers and the trees in serenity
The people and animals strive for prosperity
For peace, mans’ natures’ unity
All united for every body’s equity.

A creation of such wonder and beauty
The birds’ one and only sanctuary
A product of God’s power of infinity
There’s no other majestic than a tree.

It stood so still and tall
Its rustling leaves gave a melodious song
Like a lullaby from far home
That someone would always long.

But now, man is blinded by treasures and selfish thoughts,
And forgot the tree’s such true and noble worth
He destroyed nature and the idea of balance he seems to abort
He thought that maybe with treasures he will go forth,
But never for if Mother Nature revenge he will be caught.

Buildings, computers and other inventions
These were the things which caught mans’ attention
Trees and animals suffered from mans continuous exploitation
Nature provided everything, so why can’t man give a little appreciation

Cut here, chopped there, cut here, chopped there
What a pity the fate of the trees were
The forest was swept off, hectare by hectare,
What a fool man was to think he will prosper,
When the joy he felt now tomorrow will differ.

Deforestation and pollution product of man’s wrong action
Reforestation and sanitation, why don’t we practice these act of affection
Why destroy nature, for mans upcoming destruction?
Why don’t we love God creation for a better nation?

Flood storm and fire, a taste of revenge from nature
Catastrophes or calamities that strike and torture
These will all happen if nature is not given cure
A sign that doom will fall and it will be sure.

Soon people will suffer without pity
And nature’s answer will never be mercy
For if man continues to destroy the tree
Then it will be the end of the story

But it’s never too late for us people to change
Plant a tree and be aware
For today’s, tomorrow’s, children’s sake
Save the tree, Save the Nature, Save the Earth.
db cooper Feb 2015
Let's set out together
Explore the breeze
We'll walk hand in hand
Beneath the trees
In no particular direction
No direction we need
These adventures of the unknown
Leave us freed
Sammy Pikulinski Feb 2015
Out the window the trees go by fast.
Never having the chance to know one
even by the looks of it.
The houses pass by quick and
the people in them never move.
There is no time to see what's on their televisions.
Drive by the Dennisville Lake and my eyes
are fixed on the egrets drying in the branches
of the trees at least half a mile out.
There's a beach in the distance where
the sun sets and it's more than picturesque.
Years ago, this is where I first learned to ice skate,
but now the lakes blocked off with guardrails,
I'm on a busy road, and there's no turning back.

raen Nov 2010
fruits like lights
moths to the flame

tired of chasing
them away

child of the streets
why do you roam
chasing mango trees

where is your home?
11.22.10 (1159a-3m)
Hunter Eleven Nov 2012
I had a dream last night...

Behind my home large black clouds of smoke rose.
The heavy rain dimming my view on the trees that the black mass began to engross.

Sin fluttering inside the toxic cloud dancing around an unseen flame.
The sky, a dark gray now growing darker as this monster spreads on with no one to blame.

I can not run. I will not try.
Stuck in one spot by the knot I struggle to tie.

It is my end.
Reaching now to pull me in.

Is this death? No, it can't be.
I did no wrong. I did not a single thing.

I finally look away from this grotesque sight.
Then, I realize my soul has taken flight.

I hover over a lifless vessel. The face resembles mine.
The memories come rushing back all at one time.

I look to the left side. Knowing what I will find.
A gun. Black and cold. These words are what come to mind.

The limp being, laying in an awkward position, makes me scream.
Scream and hope that it is not true. Its only a horrible dream.

I begin to fall into my requested sleep. Knowing im over. That was me.
Realizing that I went through with it and how now, what I wanted is far from where I really once wished to be.
w r e c k a g e Jun 2015
i've seen the way your leaves fall
and i want to be the forest floor
Our last connection with the mythic.
My mother remembers the day as a girl
she jumped across a little spruce
that now overtops the sandstone house
where still she lives; her face delights
at the thought of her years translated
into wood so tall, into so mighty
a peer of the birds and the wind.

Too, the old farmer still stout of step
treads through the orchard he has outlasted
but for some hollow-trunked much-lopped
apples and Bartlett pears. The dogwood
planted to mark my birth flowers each April,
a soundless explosion. We tell its story
time after time: the drizzling day,
the fragile sapling that had to be staked.

At the back of our acre here, my wife and I,
freshly moved in, freshly together,
transplanted two hemlocks that guarded our door
gloomily, green gnomes a meter high.
One died, gray as sagebrush next spring.
The other lives on and some day will dominate
this view no longer mine, its great
lazy feathery hemlock limbs down-drooping,
its tent-shaped caverns resinous and deep.
Then may I return, an old man, a trespasser,
and remember and marvel to see
our small deed, that hurried day,
so amplified, like a story through layers of air
told over and over, spreading.
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