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marion Mar 2018
I keep my feelings on a leash,
locked in a cage like the perpetrators of crime.
Sometimes I take them out for walks
to test out their rarely used legs on the ground.
Only too reel them back in,
too scared to let them wander,
wander towards those who let theirs loose freely,
not caring where they step.
For I have learned that this only leads to hurt.
Stubbed toes on the curbsides called love.
Failed attempts at crossing the crosswalk,
into the depths of someones shallow, unforgiving arms.
Not paying attention to the Stop sign right next to them.
Over and over, I wish I would've noticed that sign sooner..
Before all the heartbreaks and fallen tears.
And that is why
the footwork of my heart, kept captive in the dark,
is sleeping in silence for perhaps eternity
this is the poem I used to apply for this community. not my best work, but still, I thought I should share.
chlorine Aug 2018
You are hell-bent,
nostalgic of the stitch in my stomach
and the simple repetition of my words.
A different season,
the same fears,
unknown intentions.
A lovers kiss feels like your drunken mistakes.
perfectly masked underneath sarcasm and closed eyes.
L Jul 2018
That **** hurts. So many feelings stemming. Hurt, sadness, frustration. Im just trying to take care of my ****. Im doing my thing.
Can I not relax? Can I not stop?

Forever on this hamster wheel called life; forever just a rat in a cage. Fatten me up for the snake. Get nice and familiar; comfortable. Before I disappear, look unto me. See what it is you are doing. Take a look at me. And then really take a good look at yourself.
Wallow swallow tallow mallow follow.
jules Jun 2018
love is when i look at her,
our eyes meeting,
tears rolling down our cheeks,
and we both connect.

love is when you're held,
and they're so proud,
with pain in her heart,
but she tells her story.

love is when she broke a vow,
a vow that kept her safe
from feeling sadness, dread
and trusted you with it.

love is when your heart leaps and the audience stands,
roaring, singing
screaming and thrashing
we made our mark.

and we cry and sob
and we begin hugging and wishing this moment could stay..
for we told a story,
a real story,
about how love is powerful
and could withstand
the spiraling earth
and the thunderous rain
and survive,
even in the face of death.

i love you,
and this is why we tell our story.
this is not romantic love.
this is love i feel for everyone.
i love you all so much, you helped me tell my story. you helped me feel raw.
and for that, i really do love you. and to my director,
thank you!
thank you for telling me your story,
thank you for trusting us and pushing through the pain,
i know she's watching us from above, you know it too.
i love you all!!
i'll always be here
Novella Arrdea May 2018
"Back off, leave me alone,"

"I won't leave,"

"I swear to god, just leave now,"

"I won't leave,"




"Cause I know how it feels like, I know how that feels. That moment when you told people to get out, to leave, while deep inside you don't want them to. That moment when you said you want to be alone, while the truth you want someone to realize that you need a hug and a shoulder to lean on.

That moment when you said you're fine, while you're dying inside. That moment when you closed your eyes and hope everything's gonna be fine, but you have a war between your heart and brain. That moment when you act like you're brave, but you felt so scared and you're shaking.

These are reasons why I won't leave, reasons why I stay. Don't tell me you're fine, cause I know you're not. Don't tell me you're brave cause I know you're scared. Don't tell me 'you don't know me' cause I know you. Don't talk to me like I don't know what you feel.

So please, let me stay, let me be a shoulder for you to lean on, let me wipe your tears, let me tell you good things, let me be with you,

Forever and always,"
English isn't my first language, sorry if there's something wrong.
Mena Mulugeta Aug 2018
With her courage
there came many things.
Her was courage
was designed off of her feeling nothing.
Her courage goes beyond wonders of miles to see beautiful things.
Shaping herself
  into who she would love to be.
So many things that she thought were  unseen, but
her radiating light drives
ones to courage.
Her courage was designed
to build others.
Her courage
was unbelievably heartfelt.
She fought her fears,
and doubts to find her Courage.
In the shadows of emptiness and pain is where her courage occurred
life sometimes is a trip, but you must keep on pushing though and have courage to believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to.
The Red Woman May 13
my head feels so full
and so empty
at the same time
it feels like nothing
and everything
at the same time
When a boy thinks of a girl

his cheeks don't go red,
nor do his pupils dilate
but his heart beats as fast
as a horse's gallop in race

His lips strongly tremble
in the midst of conversation
his legs that won't settle
due to headstrong infatuation

her beauty overwhelms him
her cold hand warms his heart
her gaze,  like Medusa's
a romantic work of art

his thoughts full of appreciation
for whatever form she may have
a wonderful mem'ry,  imagination
a thought that can't be grasped

his thoughts he can't express
his mouth he cannot open
his words he can't confess
but his heart, ť was always broken

but all this is not really
'bout when a boy thinks of a girl
because in these words you can tell
that he always has loved her.
does the girl think of the boy?
Casey Dec 2018
i get *******
my brain gets tangled
i dive head first
my heart gets strangled
I cloud my mind
with thoughts of You
as I drive myself out of
and sometimes into

a crime of one
a conspiracy of two
one was in love
the other was too

this love was arbitrary
t'was asserted by both
this love was ordinary
a relation that quotes

the names of You and I
and of how we're meant to be,
how we were not to try,
and of how we'll always be.

nothing was really asserted
nothing is really true
it was just from me to myself
and how I'll always love You

and so I cloud my mind
with thoughts of You
to remind me of sanity
to deprive Me of truth.
you and i
Painful Fascination
As I'm mesmerized by your beauty
The wonder of your countenance
Slowly falls upon me

Knowing you're not mine
But know that I'm yours
Till the sky will start falling
And rains of fire pour

Knowing that you can't
Feel the way that I feel
This heart of mine keeps breaking
A wound that can't be healed

So now I look up to the sky
Because soon it will be falling
Like my heart when I first saw you
The Embrace of Summer's Morning
With You
A M Ryder Sep 2018
Coke on my gums makes the whiskey go down like water
And so I feel nothing

I'll destroy myself alone so nothing can hold me back
So no one says "Enough."
I won't blame you for not saying something
I won't blame you for not "saving me"
How I can't be happy that you're happy

My ancestors are all angels up way too high and probably disappointed in what and who've I become
But still I don't care, they're all dead
Those lucky *****

Daylight breaks and the dawn has come
So I guess I've been up all night

These words are the very breath of my demons
And I haven't heard from an angel in ages
Through the eyes of the beast in me
I've become friends with the abyss
And it has politely invited me in

So another for the writer
Another bottle all by myself
To soak my soul
And drench any dream or hope of a happy life
I might have had left
Working piece that needs feedback, I found this in an old journal and I really see a gem in it.
How I fear that the day would come,
when my love for you might fade away!
A day when I fall for another
Every minute of the day, I pray -

that my love for you might not vanish
like the snowflakes in the wind
May the fire in my heart keep burning
as if to my life there were no end.

This fire in my heart, it struggles
as though in the midst of a strong blizzard
Thinking sometimes, is it worth it?
Was it worth it from the start?

Yea, to this fire I am faithful!
As long as the days go by
And as long as I am able
to never bid you goodbye.
My Greatest Nightmare
Anne Webb Mar 2017
Love is strange, don't you think?
I though he loved me
but he loves her more
and it hurts, deep inside
so I put on his sweater he didn't notice I wore

he didn't

Yet once in a while
his love is so warm
now I cry on the floor
with time passing by
hoping he'll find me behind the closed door

he didn't

I know this all might
be just my own mind
simply fooling around
but it hit me so hard
and only he can help me get up off the ground

Because I cannot tell you how I feel...

This poem is not about romantic love, which might come as a surprise. It's about a friendship, that is very important to me. Yet I am not sure about *him*....
larissa Dec 2017
I'm afraid to kiss you
to lock our lips
and taste you.
I'm afraid that I will love you
and then you will leave
like most men do.
I'm afraid it won't be enough
to make you stay
and that desire you've always had
will finally go away.
I'm afraid of the damage
you will do to me
before I finally
let you go.
Michael W Noland Aug 2014
I can separate fact from fiction,
one is heaven
the other
a prison

Which is what, is in intuition,
and I'm missing it, mostly
but that's your religion
Abigail Nov 2013
I am a meal
At the mouth of an ocean
Disappearing along with the tide
Arms and legs devoured by teeth
The enormous blue giant inside

I struggle to regain footing
As I'm rapidly carried away
The icy waves an electric shock
Stealing me with their sway

In the distance, the shore
She stretches astray
dissolved into deep
and sparkling waves

However, out here
the water is soothing
I’m floating on liquid sky
My mind is clear
my body numb,
my panic, I’ve forgotten why

I let myself slip into the darkness,
like sheets on summer nights
Sweetly surrendering to the sea
Forgive me, I quit the fight
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