Zanna Blouin Dec 2015
The feels rack me
Fits of squealing
In the dark so no one will see
Tumblr plans the wedding,
Look! My otp!
I ship it so hard
It actually pains to read fanfics
The smut,
The fluff,
We read it all
To get more
Of those
Life giving feels.
Arms flap,
The cuteness makes us skip meals
One more episode.
When's sherlock season 3?
Also available on wattpad @WriteActSing
Kaitlin May 2014
Human emotion is like a flower:
The buds represent trust
Blooming into unconditional love.
Watching Across the Universe...inspiration!:)
Violet Blue Jun 2015
Grow some balls
You little pussy
Be straight up
Fuck you
Grow a fucking pair
Stop making a big deal
Out of nothing
I was upset
And you didn't even care
Didn't give a fuck
Cool dude
Thanks for fucken nothing
Fuck boy
Get fucked
ashleigh Nov 2015
i laugh and my heart feels happy with you
but I'm
i don't feel it, maybe its the drugs
or maybe its just my heart got tired of feeling like its on a roller coaster
going up
only to come back down
Hilly Jun 2014
Damn you, Old Stinky
Why are you so slow and old?
I hate you so hard.
The moment she realized she had taken back her happiness was one of the greatest moments of her life. The light shined in and her soul, heart, and mind melded together rejoicing in the fact that they were finally on the same page.
I am finally truly content with life.
Trevon Haywood Oct 2015
It feels more like yesterday.
And I haven't went somewhere yet.
But I always have plans to look forward to.
Well, I can't tell where I'm going today or tomorrow.
So, don't worry about it. Everything will be just fine.


It feels a shame to be Alive—
When Men so brave—are dead—
One envies the Distinguished Dust—
Permitted—such a Head—

The Stone—that tells defending Whom
This Spartan put away
What little of Him we—possessed
In Pawn for Liberty—

The price is great—Sublimely paid—
Do we deserve—a Thing—
That lives—like Dollars—must be piled
Before we may obtain?

Are we that wait—sufficient worth—
That such Enormous Pearl
As life—dissolved be—for Us—
In Battle’s—horrid Bowl?

It may be—a Renown to live—
I think the Man who die—
Those unsustained—Saviors—
Present Divinity—
My hate is the unused love
The love that was not accepted
Everyone saw that quiet, lonely shell
But merely flicked it away

I walked alone
I sat alone
I had this love
This unwanted love
No one to give it to
No way to show it

So I learned how to hate
This love turned sour
Covered in black
Scrape away the darkness,
You'll end up back

The hatred filled me like love once did
And like love,
There was no one to give it to
Like always,
I was alone

So the hatred simmered
The darkness calmed down
And turned dark blue
It was sadness
Suffocating sadness

The muggy air filled my lungs
Condensation pouring out of my eyes
The love was being chipped away
Was there any love at all?

And here I sit
With a line for a mouth
And tired eyes
I'm still alone
Mark Boucher May 2012
I miss always being behind one,
But I'm too tempermental by the things you say to me,
There's always another happiness to kill time,
And I'm convinced you can't bite your tongue,
But you just as easily bit mine.

Lay down, think of silly things, and feel seventeen,
Stop moving and don't breathe, it's so serene,
For all we know we were built to last,
But I'm the only one to acknowledge that,
I wouldn't hurt so often if I didn't mean it,
But those words are as tender as the scars on your wrists.

You ask, "Will my car drive today?"
My reply, "I don't know. Will my heart die today?"
Pen Lux Dec 2011
Here's something to impress you
it's my heart wide open, curious, fearless
approach me, remove the flowers from my hair
take them home and wait for them to die
then tell me about the thoughts that possessed you
in the moments you tried to cry, but couldn't.

There's always something eating away at you, isn't there?
Keep scribbling, croak louder! Wake the town, bring me down.
Take me take me take me down! Build the wall of silence just a little thicker
I want to be sure I'm not nervous, I want to release all solidity and flow
through you as liquid, as sunlight, as starlight as wishes as glances you cast me
that I wasn't supposed to notice, (but did).

I love you is a funny way of starting a sentence,
a sentence is just something we use to get through the day.
Fucked up communication building blocks burying me deeper
than I can climb and they're crumbling like your emotions when you've
got hallucinations spreading in your spine, breaking you down, back broke,
stomach chalk throat choke nose coke short toke, inhale me like you do your smoke.
I taste the same I taste the same.

Yes yes yes yes yes I forgive you, I forgive myself
self-love self-help self-yelp
telepathy wavves like fog in a graveyard
retracing your steps because everything's changing
and you're burning wood
cast your fires on me, I'll be your shallow shadow
and I'll guide myself as far as you'll let me,
don't drag me down
just take me there.
Quickly, before before before.

I start to miss you and I think
I'm just recycling my gatsby complex into something more tangible
than tangerines in the middle of winter
or a wind storm,
trying to eat when there's a lack of corn,
and you can't digest it anyways.

you don't
belong in this
this wagon
doesn't even exist.

I'm memorizing you in ways like cutting with knives
and thinking about listening but then getting distracted.

Re-birthing in the direction of “i thought you might”
dying downwards and backwards and all the ways you've seen me
because that's what I do when you see me. I die.
It feels better than being alive so kill me killmekillmekillme.

There! Right THERE! That's the separation.
Nick Feetchi Jan 2016
A lover feels,
what a lover sees,
a stealer feels,
what a lover thrills,
the heart wants,
what it wants,
who really knows,
what is real,
the heart aches,
if it wasn't real,
true love,
not denied,
in a box,
to the side,
a lover feels,
what a lover sees,
a stealer feels,
what a lover thrills,
to share a love which is Blind.

The World—feels Dusty
When We stop to Die—
We want the Dew—then—
Honors—taste dry—

Flags—vex a Dying face—
But the least Fan
Stirred by a friend’s Hand—
Cools—like the Rain—

Mine be the Ministry
When they Thirst comes—
And Hybla Balms—
Dews of Thessaly, to fetch—
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