My Triumph lasted till the Drums
Had left the Dead alone
And then I dropped my Victory
And chastened stole along
To where the finished Faces
Conclusion turned on me
And then I hated Glory
And wished myself were They.

What is to be is best descried
When it has also been—
Could Prospect taste of Retrospect
The tyrannies of Men
Were Tenderer—diviner
The Transitive toward.
A Bayonet’s contrition
Is nothing to the Dead.
Jeffrey Oliviero Jan 2016
Sometimes the flashbacks
Can be picture perfect like a gallery
Every once in a while
I struggle with what life's like actually
As the memories resonate
Depression eventually catches me
It always baffled me
and still rattles me
Why did my best friend
have to be a casualty

I'm setting my GPS
as I pull down the street
For Arlington Cemetery
in Washington D.C.
Whenever I feel the need
I just sit there with him
No reason to speak
I let the ground beneath me
relieve some of the grief
Then just before I leave
I about face and say
You'll always be with me
Semper Fi my brother
Rest in peace Marine

Beauty crowds me till I die
Beauty mercy have on me
But if I expire today
Let it be in sight of thee—
Cuddle Bear Apr 2014
Not a poet of all things
But listen to this tale
Glisten to the joy it brings
Or just enjoy me fail

Made this for the girl I love
Her smile non can compare
She is all that I have
Yet she’s been in despair

For you see my fair lads
Life’s been quite unfair
Like a knife to the throat
And a jab to gloat

She lies in her nightmare
Her eyes in sorrow
With tears made by fear
Her spirit shattered and hollow

Scorched, tired and withered
She wishes to leave this place
For she has been tortured
Her happiness to embrace

This is the girl I love
She is all that I have
And all that I want

And If I could spare her pain
I’d be with her till the end of days
Whether suns turn to rain
And the moons reflect my bane

This is the girl I love and
I’ll be with her till the end of her pain

Like Rain it sounded till it curved
And then I new ’twas Wind—
It walked as wet as any Wave
But swept as dry as sand—
When it had pushed itself away
To some remotest Plain
A coming as of Hosts was heard
It filled the Wells, it pleased the Pools
It warbled in the Road—
It pulled the spigot from the Hills
And let the Floods abroad—
It loosened acres, lifted seas
The sites of Centres stirred
Then like Elijah rode away
Upon a Wheel of Cloud.
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2015
I will love you till the birds give up flying
Till eyes give up the habit of crying
I will love you till the cats make a truce with mice
Till probabilistic algorithm needs not a dice
I will love you till the Nile pours water into Victoria
I will love you more than war is cherished by any warrior
I will love you till Butterflies become caterpillars
And even if It's samson pushing the pillars
The pillars of my passion will never crumble
I will never change course even if I stumble
I will love you till the Doves stop to sing
Till entangled bees cease to sting
I will love you till the Sun grows cold
And the moon burns hot and grows old
I will love you till it snows in Hell
I will love you till Ants stop living in hills
Because I need you just as Snail needs her Shell
I will love you even when human heart no longer feels
I will love you till all African states unite
I will love you till old age steals my sight
I will love you till roads cease to have potholes
I will love you even after my destiny calls
I will love you till poems no longer rhyme
I will love you till the end of time
Death-throws Mar 2016
I watch you spy their futures
Scooping dreams with sillky fingers
Far too frail to dig,
Fear not,
The sweat from my brow will bring us life.
Sustaining and sweet
Care not,
Though you can not see them.
The huming birds sing
NuBlaccSoul Jan 2017
I'm reaching but never gripping,
It's soul ripping how they're preaching, yet aren't teaching.

I'll never hide,
even when I die.
I'll be immortalized
in some formaldehyde.
Where my soul and skin divide
I'll be like a deity,
the higher me,
doing the Lord's work,
hire me.

The humble apple pie
can satisfy no appetite
here comes the hunger tide.

When wings carried Icarus
through cutting winds
we were pulled feathers
of wisdom's birdy-body of ink
taking flight to Olympus planes
the son, seeks The Sun

I'm grown now,
dealing with chronic stress,
and I believe less in a deity,
it seems like too far a stretch
The stench from a faithless
Hopeless, homeless.
(C) 2016. Copyrighted 27th January
2017 NuBlaccSoUl™. All rights reserved. Please quote poem with author name, poem title and date published if sharing to external sites without the link or/and if sharing an excerpt of the poem.
K Balachandran Aug 2012
With a firm footed march, under sun and moonlight
We slowly advance towards December,
She was, like butter, so tender, I understood
We would sit near the camp and  compare notes,

A walk in the woods, we'd do,  smell wild flowers,
Gather ideas, without rhyme or reason, laugh together,
Life had an irregular graph, like always
And an internal logic, one needs to soon grasp,

There is nothing fool proof, here remember,
Sudden cloud bursts, land slide, thunder and flood,
Are no wonders, be ready to face wonders too as facts of life.

Every smart plan go burst, then what about windfalls, did you forget?

How can you loose heart, cry unconsoled,
We grasped every unwritten rule, so why cry?

Didn't we stand still and sense which way the wind blows?
Ever did we forget, to partake in  simple pleasures?

On every lake, with clear water ,we found time
To swim nude, competing with silver bellied fish, till we were tired,

On the shade of a tall mango tree you sat on my lap playfully,
We closed our eyes, snoozed a while, till the breeze woke us up again

**At  December, in the journey's end, we'd part ways, as it is said
Though alone, one always is,  this togetherness was really the meaning.
Remember Bob Marley  :    "No no, woman, No woman, no cry...Everything's gonna be alright...."
Long have I longed, till I am tired
    Of longing and desire;
Farewell my points in vain desired,
        My dying fire;
Farewell all things that die and fail and tire.

Springtide and youth and useless pleasure
    And all my useless scheming,
My hopes of unattainable treasure,
        Dreams not worth dreaming,
Glow-worms that gleam but yield no warmth in gleaming,

Farewell all shows that fade in showing:
    My wish and joy stand over
Until to-morrow; Heaven is glowing
        Through cloudy cover,
Beyond all clouds loves me my Heavenly Lover.
Amitav Radiance Apr 2015
Perfect moments
Made of silence
Eyes do the talking
Feelings mingle freely
Delving deeper
Into each other’s thoughts
Finding the safest abode
Acceptance without remorse
Perfect moments
Hold hands together
Feeling each other’s heartbeat
Not a race against time
It’s till eternity
Carolyn Jul 2014
The lizards crawl
on the walls,
and the crow caws,
like the cow
that bows
to the crowed
the queen being crowned
cry’s out
to the plight
and the fight
for the knight
continues on
till the break of dawn
don’t stop,
don’t ponder,
continue to wander
through the fields
nothing yields
the words that you feel
so carry on
till the break of dawn.
I wrote this to rhyme and then it kinda made sense...
chelsea Mar 2013
Blinding bright lights and,screeching sirens. Loud yelling voices,the feel of tightening handcuffs. Back seat of a cop car,I'm thinking this is where my time is going to end.

        Thinking about my baby girl, and her soft blue eyes. What does she think,what's
        On her little mind? A little angel who is so warm hearted and innocent,I hope to
            God I never have to hear her cries..knowing I'm the cause of the pain she's
                                                              Feeling inside.

How could I do this to her...to me....to us!? Causing feelings of broken trust, choosing to deface a
Love, feeling trapped..choosing to be on the devils side.

          How Can I break loose from this,one of a kind,truly,fucked up,love twisted homicide!?
          Im not. It's not. It's never giving me up,no matter how hard I sincerely try. It feels
          Impossible,while It literally feels of being squeezed,in the grips of an addicting,
                                Controlling,unforgiving,relentless nightmare.
                                                       With the monster.

It hurts to say,that even the strongest feel of genuine love,isn't even enough to save me.
I'm addicted to this love thing,and even I know,it will never fade nor leave my memory
                                      For good,and stay away once and for all.

Trying to be free is not an option. It's like they say,and everyone has heard it before...once
You try it,that's the end of what once was normal. This lifestyle is now normal. For me it
                                                       Was love at first taste.
                        Now I'm willingly a prisoner,drowning in a forever life of sorrow.

Unforgettable,and unable to forgive. I'm forever stuck with overwhelming hunger pains,
Hopefully one day I will no longer fiend for our dangerous,killing love, but for now the soul
Of a once beautiful,pure human being...has been possessed,and the soul has become dark,and
                  Cold..keeping faith that one day,I'll be strong enough to walk away.

  I will never feel the same as i did before. the damage has been done, theres no changing that.
  I hope someday I can feel relief,and feel love again. Not happening as long as the monster has
                                                                   A hold of me.
                                                        TILL METH DO US PART.
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