Amitav Radiance Nov 2014

Your smile sets ripples
Across the calm waters
As my soul takes a plunge
Into the sea of feelings
Feeling the warmth
That embraces me
I can see myself in the reflection
of your heart
Scattering the colors of love
Your smile always
welcomes me

Shaina Oct 2013

your smile, my smile
relinquish your fears
stay for a while
I'll dry all your tears

relinquish your fears
I wish you could see
I'll dry all your tears
your heart is with me

I wish you could see
the strength with I stand
your heart is with me
now give me your hand

The strength with I stand
will not let you fall
now give me you hand
we can conquer them all

I will not let you fall
stay for a while
we can conquer them all
your smile, my smile

October, 2013
Luna Feb 2015

Don't smile because you have to
Smile because you want to

Soumia Mar 2015

your smile makes me smile.
your smile toke my breath away.
your smile turns my world up side down!

Victoria Ruth Jul 2014

Burn burn burn your love
For him and only him
Shining shining shining shining
Until the light goes dim.

Smile smile smile my love
Everything but a frown
Because because because because
I won’t let you drown.

Cool cool cool your love
For him and only him
Splashing splashing splashing splashing
Teach you how to swim.

Smile smile smile my love
It's not what it may seem
Laughing laughing laughing laughing
Life is but a dream.

row row row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily
life is but a dream.
GfS Jun 2015

I could draw everything that comes to my mind
except for your smile. Because I feel that
no one can do your smile better than you.

I want to remember how it looks everytime I close my eyes
But every time I see it, it gets better and better every time.
Phoenixstar May 2014

There once was a boy, who met a girl, saw her smile.
So every once in a while,
when he pictures that crooked smile,
it still makes him smile.

Your smile is the reason I get up every morning
Your smile is what keeps me going throughout the day
It's what let's me know you still care
It's that little Ray of sunshine I need on a gloomy day
The only thing that can bring me out of my dark place
Your smile is amazing

From: Talk Dirty/Breathe Easy
© Khrystina-Lee 2010
Turtle Eyes Jul 2014

You have the most amazing smile I've ever seen

I cannot believe I missed it for so long

Your smile gives the stars their glimmer

Your smile makes people stop in their tracks

Your smile lights my world and melts my heart

Your smile gets me through every day now

When I close my eyes, I can see that amazing, beautiful and sometimes evil smile!

I love you baby 48

Neath Sep 2014

She was there smiling for me

Cherish the ones that are there for you.

Sun is like your smile
Many days it's there but some it's not
It illuminates all around
Like your smile when it's out
Exactly like your smile is the sun

Bharti Singh Jul 2014

Cost free is expensive smile
Easy to learn hard to find
Just that beaming curve
Is the best shape
For aaaaaall to entwine


So never reproach anything that ever made you smile....hahaha...:)
Dark Smile Oct 2013

What is a smile?
To others,
a smile is an expression of happiness,
of emotion.
To me,
a smile is an act.
A facade.
To hide my real feelings.
To hide the perpetual frown planted on this face of mine.
Maybe I fake a smile because I want it to remain frozen on my face,

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