Lost Soul Jun 2014
I'm crying for help but silence is what they see
Smiling but the wounds are too deep
Do you see the pain?
Everyone's shoulder... but where's his?
They say he's such a nice kid
Give him an Oscar he earned it
He's putting on a grade A performance
Playing the role but never playing himself
It's a cold world when you're in it by yourself
lost girl Jun 2014
I've been having a hard time lately
I'm sorry about that baby.
I close my eyes
And thoughts of what would have been flows by.
I squeeze my eyes to keep from crying.
I've been doing that a lot lately.
I just haven't been the same since I lost the baby.

Not about me.
Andrea Lopez Jan 2013
There's a girl out there.
And she's been looking for you.
Her only problem is,
She's distracted by all these dudes.

Hot ones
Ugly ones.
Smart and stupid.
There's athletic ones
Gamer ones
And the one who acts like a kid.

She's on the verge of crying.
Her head down, almost sobbing in despair.
She sees the guys ; thinking it's you
and they constantly give her heart little tears.

You'll find her on the street
Accepting defeat.

So it's your job to guide her.
Show her you're the one shes been looking for.
But remember to make sure she's the one.
Mistake her for none.
Ask her her name.

And she'll tell you "Lost."
Xandria Jul 2015
Oh society
Corrupt and disturbed you are
Where did it go wrong
I am lost.
Something is telling me you are just like me.
We were put in the darkness
To find each other.
Scibile Definition: Something which it is possible to know.
I saw forever in your eyes. . .

                Then you closed them.
Wrote this when I found out my husband was in love with another woman.
Styles Dec 2016
As we vibe,
I slip and slide
into your in-slide
and slide deep inside
till our bodies coincide,
as one, we ride the rising tide.
As we vibe..
I show you a different side,
of your insides,
from me being inside.
Our physical interaction
guides the chemical reaction
that touches your soul
and blows your mind.
Our bodies confide,
in each ours confines,
until we find,
supreme satisfaction of a different kind...
Nazi Neyz Jun 2014
A darkened soul

Always sees more
Knows what to fear
What it's for
To feel exposed
Try walking free
The dark does follow
It wants to see
Writing hand
Kerdell Mar 2015
Lust or lost in the idea of wanting something I don't need... I can't breathe without it...I greed..  I crave.... Hmmm... Lust.....I squeeze so hard ..dust..it turns.. I yearn to have it.... Want but don't need.... share never.. A hot cold sweat.. Maybe a fever. Lust.....it's changing me...Help
Anonymous Jun 2014
I lost it to you,
I lost everything to you,
Now I have lost you,
Lost Feb 2014
Lost, within the vast expanse of time and space,
in the never ending story that is life.
Lost, with no sense of direction, and no star to guide,
haunted by fear, and blinded by pride.
Lost, in the darkness forever searching
for a time that will never come.
Lost, in false friendships, don't know who to trust,
open your secrets, then left in the dust.
Lost, with many decisions still left unmade,
things long forgotten that lead you astray.
Lost, in your thoughts unable to bare,
adrift in confusion found unaware.
Lost, amid the sea of lies and clouds of deceit,
endlessly drifting into the unknown.
Lost, in the carefree world of the past,
not sure of your future, unclear of your path.
Lost, yet your flame still burns,
just wait, the tables will turn.
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