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Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
The warmth of life has come at last
to me along this spring time path.
Sweet fragrance floats on morning breeze,
while colors dance on plants and trees.
As orchids peek from under pines
I float off to past years and find
myself recalling days gone by
and always you who’ve said goodbye.

But while this past now flirts with me,
I take the time to let it be
and make a choice along my way
to seek out love another way.
I still recall what’s left behind
and in this heart will always find
a life that took a crooked path,
but now has found it’s own way back.

Time’s given me a second chance
to see life at a backward glace.
To learn at last from my mistakes,
so with this choice a chance I take.
To find another soul like mine,
and with that soul my life I’ll find.
My heart has come full circle now,
from life through death a blessed whole.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
Luz Hanaii Aug 2018
There are those that when helped will be grateful and learn to do for themselves.
Yet there are others, who will take you for granted, thinking it’s your duty to bail them out.

Sometimes walking away is not being selfish nor cowardly, but having the intelligence to walk away.

Walking away can be hard, but staying to suffer is harder.

“”When I kept “turning the other cheek” things never changed, only got worst, until I finally walked away.””

Part of having wisdom is knowing when enough is enough.

Some people and things can never be explained, nor should you waste your time trying to figure them out,  just walk away.

In letting go you find yourself. True love doesn’t always mean staying, but being able to let go.

Anybody can say, “I love you!” but few can prove it.
Learn to also love yourself.
The most painful lessons, are the ones that eventually will brings us the greatest joys.
Tori Nov 2018
I see it, in my minds eye
how he, on a day like today
bowing so, in the way that he would
arm outstretched, would to me kindly say
"Care to join me for a walk?"
And oh! on a day like today
with the rain, falling just as it should
I would say, with his arm as my helm
"what perfect weather for a walk!"
we would tread, in the shade of the wood
'neath a gamp and the dripping of elms
with old leaves, as a path for our feet
and our words, as a path to new realms
on sundry things we should naturally talk
if we should, and we should, time will tell
on a day like today, time will tell
jane taylor May 2016
a cerebral grasping of existence’s resplendence
is insufficient

tenuously treading bereavement’s tide
i cradle life

twinkling moments spent on this planet
are hallowed time

i walk in quiet reverence as tears flow
at innocuous occurrences

god’s face aglow in each instance
perspective revived

a bumblebee drifting gently settles
evoking awe

i stand pensive aforetime unaware
in cathedrals we stand

eyes newly uncovered awakened discover
celestial dimensions

people replete with infinite spirit
are all that surround

my senses abruptly adjusting their focus
‘tis an earthly angelic realm

Juhlhaus Jan 17
On a misty city morning
still resolved to early rising
I came upon a heap of corpses

They were child sacrifices
made to satisfy the fancy
of Christian capitalist and pagan
and a jolly old fat man
who lives at the North Pole

They might have been

growing tall
in a field or on a hill
drinking sunlight
breathing love songs
in answer to caress of wind

But the silent pines
didn't seem to mind
their broken bodies one last gift
filling my chest with fragrant air
and longings
for fields and hills
on a misty city morning
Mark Parker May 2015
Ineffable nefarious taradiddle.
The endless fable, and riddle, of Cain and Abel.
One slew the other without a quiver.
A man went from cinnamon to eerie black.
Labeled unstable and mentally disabled,
Barely able to bounce back
from being set adrift on a dark and ***** track.

He turned his eyes to the Aurora,
faced the same fate as ***** and Gomorrah,
the most hated man in all the Torah.
The father of ****** and maker of Pandora's box.
He walked with what God had seen as a pox.
Forever caught on this plane
with blood on his hands and ice in his veins.
Looking down, he felt stained and inhumane
as he observed the world he caused so much pain,
yet now, he is all that has remained sustained.

Now again, he turns to the Aurora.
He finds nothing but the sky's acid rain drip down
across an unholy frown and a mark for a crown.
He walks through each desert and town
searching for someone holy to guide him back,
but not a man is good as him now.
Not a single man stands his height
because he became a symbol for whats right.
He seeks good according to God, not himself.
Human kind is now much different,
and his sin against his brother is now not the worst,
despite the fact that it did come first.
I felt as though this flew from my finger tips. It was kinda weird.
kgl Dec 2014
the weight of you lingered until i was strong enough to push you away.

the fog has lifted:
the cloudiness of my mind replaced by the clarity of knowing i no longer want you here.

so walk away,
throw out your fingers to count those who let you down.
whilst you were mourning those who didn't care
the ones who did struggled
under the burden of a love
they could no longer bear

you pitied yourself,
now i pity you too
a cold, unfeeling pity reserved for those who cannot feel warmth

i told you to walk away.
AIA Nov 2015
I try to hold on but he let go of me.
I try to walk with him but he ran away.
I try to stay but he just pushed me away.
I try to fight but he told me to surrender.
I try to move on but, I can't.
L Aug 2018
I have to remember. I have to remember
this. for as long as I can. for forever.
I have to.   I cant let this go.   I cant let this feeling

Cassia Jan 2018
From the forest of bleeding green
The floor of webs that trap the gleam
Signs of rain seen through the pines
And clouds that dim the glowing lines

Oh the vines that stretch across
That twist and turn with tangled moss!
Breathe in the air that smells so sweet
And walk until it's him you meet!

The rain beats down, along with snow
The world around begins to glow
And white that rides the lifting breeze
The cold, dark space beneath my feet

Oh the vines that stretch across
That twist and turn with tangled moss!
Breathe in the air that smells so sweet
And walk until it's him you meet!

Surrounding foam and splashing air
A crack, just something less to bear
A piercing glance and foreign stage
A mind that builds another cage

Oh the vines that stretch across
That twist and turn with tangled moss!
Breathe in the air that smells so sweet
And walk until it's Death you meet!
Nicole Dec 2016
a van passed me on a silent street
i quickened my pace so it would match my heartbeat
the only other thing i seemed to do was tightly squeeze my phone
as if that would help me when i'm scared and alone

i started to scream in my head
i told it to 'go away' as i wished for the road to be quiet again
but i secretly wished for it to take me away
as i didn't want to go home that day
Emmie van Duren Apr 2017
It's dark outside except for the pale glow of a fingernail moon sailing through the starry sea of night.
The wind has tucked itself to sleep with the birds, weary of bustling about and playing with my hair.
The whippet snuffles his way along the rabbit trails, delighted with this late night walk, white tail wagging in the air.
I wander down by the edge of the swamp, grass all soft and dewy 'neath my feet and spy the pallid uoow reflected upside down,
between the reeds along the creek.  
The constant, shrilling chorus of frogs and crickets drills my ears yet I find it strangely soothing -  a well known voice across the years.

I turn to walk back, whistling the dog and notice in the low fields,  the usual ethereal  fog begin to form.  
I look up at the dark shape of the house and see light from my
kitchen window painting squares upon the lawn.
Amphibean bodies seek the brightness, bellies pressed against the glass and if you warm them with your finger on the other side, they move.  
My man and I  bet kisses on whose frog would move the most -  one of those silly games you play when you're in love.
As I close the door behind me, grabbing logs to feed the fire, the dog flops down upon the hearthrug letting warmth dry swampy mire.
I make cocoa in my blue mug then pull down the kitchen blind - cutting off the froggy light source - abruptly silencing the choir.
© Emmie van Duren  25th April 2017
Raise Hell Until Its heaven,
Take a walk In the sky,
The forrest, the desert, the ocean my mind,
Is a space full of money with no sense inside,
Im just killing time   poetry   def  by design,
Rewind  Play  Fast   Forward  and  Pause
Weighing  out  my  options  to scale  the great wall,
Perfect  Imperfections A ceiling  with no flaws
If  Im mis-taking  Then I'll give it my all,
Take it or leave it I guess I'll do both,
As the Roots dig deeper,
you won’t you wouldn’t understand growth.
Egressx Jul 2015
Come take a walk
With me.

You know*
You are the one
I’d die for.

I just wish to
And suffocate myself
Inside your smoke.

But my eyes,
They have been dried
For so many

There is so much
I wish to tell
But love,
They have cut my tongue.

Besides, I would not
Where to even

There is a boy
in my dream.
With eyes oh so gentle.

He thanks me
For being born.

But in the morning he is gone,
And I have not seen him
Ever since.

And you,
You gently drape
Your arms
Around me

And ask
I would go for a walk
With you.

You know
You are the one
*I would die for.
Steve Page May 2017
When you walk
Walk through the green
On deep paths
Walk purposefully
In the footsteps
Of pilgrims past

When you walk
Walk each new step
Placing your footsteps
With eyes on the holy

And there you'll find
Not just the pleasure
Not just the delight
Not just the feast
But you will find yourself
Your soul
Your spirit
There you'll discover
Your true guide for your path
Your great high priest.
Pilgrimage is a journey to the sacred where you see yourself in a new light.
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