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Isabelle Nov 2016
In Hebrew, her name means devoted to God
She was consecrated,
An oath to God
But she never fulfilled her purpose, for she went astray
Endless and countless sins, undeniably a sinner
Living not according to the Almighty's will, but
Living according to her choice, so
Expect her to be, both good and bad

Imperfect she is, but it is what makes her human
Special, she may not be, but still out of the ordinary

Many times she was lost
Yet, still managed to be found

Not wanting to be astray, again she trusted the invisible hand
Afraid of what might she become, again she started to pray
Miserably she asked for His guidance,
E*nlightened, her faith restored, and now trying to serve her purpose
This is an old piece of mine. And yes Isabelle is my name. To all my friends here, I am officially dropping my pen name - Fallen One. Fallen One is very important and meaningful to me, and I will always be the "fallen one". But then, it will be freeing to let go of something that was holding you back for a long time.
Francie Lynch Nov 2018
I am no longer a Roman,
Though my nose would differ.

I'm not Viking,
But my descendants have blonde and red hair.

I am a beneficiary of the dark ages,
The scriptoriums and monasteries
That brought the Greeks and Romans to life.

I am not Gael, though my eyes smile
When I hear the harp and pipes.

Neither am I Saxon nor Norman,
Victorious or defeated.

I, we, have metamorphized,
Casted of the moulted casement,
Spread dry wings and lifted,
Carried on fresh winds
To new worlds
To read, write, fish and hunt,
And I have gathered
My lineage,
Framed it in genetics on my wall,
To point at in fond remembrance
Of what I once was.
Shiny Sep 2018
My world had turned small for some time. For a while, I had a great deal of things that scared me. It was at that time that I and Paul met and become close buddies. I was afraid of dreaming and trusting. I was afraid of giving more and ending up in an inescapable, disheartening web of *******. I was afraid of commitments. He had the same fears. Through the tales that brought about these fears we connected, though I would have done anything for the people I loved even back then. I was blind and overlooking, cuddling with my own insecurities. Things have changed a great deal as I have got on to my next phase of life. Slowly my fears are leaving me. I'm not afraid to give people my all. I'm not scared to love. I'm dreaming with open eyes with only possibilities in mind and a belief in myself of getting  all that  i want. I stand strong for people I love and have comforting words for others too. Upon meeting him after such great changes in my life, I couldn't help noticing how small his mind and heart are for even the people closest to him. I can't close my eyes and overlook now. I don't like him anymore. I might seem like a ***** but I hardly care.
JayceeJellies Nov 2014
Nothing is the same anymore.
I feel like I'm in a whole nother lore
My world has been stained,
and I have no one but myself to blame.
Trefild Sep 15
‣ u're free to read this or not to read; I don't really give a ****t, but
‣ if u're gonna go for it, then be ready for a bit of text flood
‣ think I've got an odd feature, which is a presenting myself like I'm some kind of nightmare
‣ but the thing is that, for some reason, I don't give about it much care
[a sacrifice, that's a thing rhyme sometimes, just as beauty, requires]
‣ so, here is what I have prepared
‣ letting out some pieces of mine: some are true; some are just to spice up a line
‣ I don't remember it, but once upon a time, I'd been through hell & almost died
‣ (an accident, not a suicide)
‣ maybe on my way from being alive happened something like "access denied"
‣ or maybe Grim Reaper, when met me, was like:
‣ "it's too early for u, kid, & u don't deserve it, so u have to survive"
‣ cracking jokes about once being on the edge of kicking the bucket
‣ like it's something to laugh at; I'm not the only one of such kind, am I❓
‣ anyway, it seems that such a thing is not enough for me to appreciate & enjoy the life
‣ guess there is something wrong with my—
‣ yet I'm not ready to die, no way, hope my last days are extremely far from nigh
‣ but I'm haunted by the thought that I'm running out of time
‣ ain't wanna know my fate but would like to know the date
‣ if u're now like "oh boy, just stop", then I'm like "shut the hell up & do not interrupt"
‣ I just have some bars & don't see any better option to do with them than to drop
‣ even though they don't shine like the stars & never gonna reach any top
‣ 'cause how the **** they're gonna do that if I'm not capable to make a **** track?
‣ can't speak well enough due to the lack of language proficiency, let alone rap
‣ a walking flop, a hell of a *****-up, too wack
‣ spitting the line above, my voice would have probably cracked
‣ not moving forward, keep looking back
‣ think the light is waning in me, & I'm falling into the dark
‣ slowly but surely, I'm fading (have I ever had a spark?)
‣ I'm off track, no doubt
‣ but don't even think about wishing me luck, it's one of the things I'm sceptical about
‣ keep staying by myself, killing most of my time within the walls
‣ 'cause [M]y way of livin[G] got me into a vault, it's an isolation road
‣ hate to say it, but I'm a lost cause, at least I thin[K] so
‣ let me think if there is something else to say
‣ guess there is no need to mention that I'm not okay
‣ yet I'm not loco (at least I hope so), but occasionally I might be a sleepwalker
‣ usually not a talker, but I'm just trying myself as some kinda writer
‣ now, being neither in front of u nor behind u, I'm gonna be mean
‣ which means, at min, not gonna be kinder
‣ I don't give a **** if u mind it
‣ tryna fit more text next to all the ****t inside ur fvcking head
‣ which is possibly halfway to becoming brain-dead
‣ before u got toasted or fried, or whatever word u find the most fit
‣ to say mentally tired or even exhausted, better get lost & take some actions to unwind it
‣ this writing is playing as a distraction, with every line u're getting blinder (not literally)
‣ I'm not a reminder, but maybe it's time to remind u
‣ about one thing, which is inexorable & slipping away
‣ it's not minor, & anyone who's not out of their mind would like to rewind it
‣ aren't u having the feeling that u're dealing with the stealing of the TIME of ur miserable day❓
‣ an even more amount of which u, *****, are probably not willing (but I'm about) to WASTE
‣ a time waster & a waste of time, me & these lines, that's who & what u're up against
‣ time is neither a thing u can buy nor digital stuff u can just copy & paste
‣ now, a bit out of the blue too, here come a few lines about one thing many people like to do
‣ who knows, maybe it's regarding even u
‣ if u don't have anything reasonable to come out of ur mind or mouth
‣ don't even bother to come out, rather stay in the background
‣ if u have some, in that case, it's fine to even stand ur ground
‣ and if u're sick of reading my ****t or even just seeing it
‣ then wish me writer's block or even say it out loud
‣ just trying to do something at what I don't totally ****
‣ and besides, it's not like I'm not allowed
‣ "too much talking for a ghost that barely goes outdoors"
‣ u know what, the work is mine, so save ur complaints for
‣ a time when u're gonna be making urs
‣ yet I'm not sure it's worth staying to finish it, think this one is not solid at all
‣ maybe, saying so, I'm diminishing; or maybe not, it depends on point of view
‣ what I really know is that there is a whole lot of what I don't know, including u
‣ if u made it to the end, well, then applaud but not me, applaud urself
"some" counter: 15
Rollie Rathburn Apr 2018
Perhaps there are 100,000 forms of darkness,
100,000 forms
of what they call depression.
I know one
or two of them.
There is no suffering scale, no way to compare
the suffering of one
human being,
or one illness
to another.

So we hold candlelight vigils
build totems to gather the universe and pull
back clarity around one another’s edges
But I can't burn sage inside me.
It may attract the bad you hide from. Or
is it the good that scares you?

The world beyond the bond
of hearts is a town
without pity.
A dull inhumanity of systems failing the people
we don’t look at.
In this way the brittle tethers of association are tested.

Hand in hand greeting the blackening sky, bearing
down like the face of a missing child’s parents,
staring at one another
knuckles clasp tight.
Your smile the remaining mirror at the end of the world.

If you were here, or I there
I’d be home right now. On the inside
we’re both waiting for one
another still.
Because I’m the same,
but not.

I am ruthlessly forgetful.
Names, birthdays, work schedules.
But I know the way your hair looks in motion.
The way your face looks
refracted through a cigarette ember.
How when your mood shifts,
the church in your eyes
becomes torn, battered, and bare.

If we could just give
another go-round.
It would be different,

your best.
Where you are, might
be, may go.
When it used to feel so good.
I used to play with Lego blocks and Barbie dolls
I used to jump rope and write all over the walls,
Now I play spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven
I party all night and don’t come home till eleven.

I used to never care, about what I wear
I used to sleep with a mound of teddy bears
Now I put on make up to cover up my face
Now I wear fashion, not pink frills and lace.

I used to always do good in school
I used to always think I was pretty cool,
Now I bomb tests and always slack off
My parents don’t treat this as so soft.

I used to talk about little puppies, and kitty cats
I used to gag at the sight of snakes and rats,
Now we spend our time gossiping about who’s a *****
Who the most beautiful, and who looks like a witch.

We used to play with toys
Now we talk about the cute boys,
Every second you’re on the spot and being judged,
Every time you breathe someone’s watching.
You try to smile but it’s all an act
Don’t you feel as if you’re being attacked?
By hungry eyes that are just looking for a flaw
So they can get you with their claws.

What has happened to this carefree child
Who used to enjoy being crazy and wild,
They grew up and developed some sense
They learned to be more mature,
Or maybe it’s the other way around
May they didn’t grow up, just down,
Into a world where nothing is what it seems
Our image trashed just like our dreams.
I’ve changed so much, if change doesn’t hurt,
Then why do I feel so much pain?
Trefild Sep 8
‣ If u were a human, & if I would have an opportunity to bury u alive
‣ I would be more than pleased to do so, no doubt
‣ the only thing I would let u take with u is a cheap pocket knife
‣ but it's not to help u make it out (it's unable to help)
‣ 'cause the casket would be metal & its lid would be sealed
‣ this would be the ending of ur story
‣ get dead naturally or get killed
‣ I don't think I would ever regret or feel sorry
Nate Helwig Jul 10
If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things?
Do we start out pure of heart?
Are we a combination of two, or a whole?
Two seconds is all it takes for life to happen.
Two seconds is all it takes to say, “I love you.”
Even though love is timeless.
That is to say, love is without limit.

They say language changes your thought processes.
But the process of loving takes time.
Yet, love does not need to process.
Love is love.
This is as true as one is equal to one.
This is as true as a human is equal to human.
Person to Person,
Nate to blank.
Which isn’t true at all.
But neither is a mirror.

Even if time passes, and we grow up.
Even if they pass, we grow up.
Even when they pass, we grow up.
Does the time we spend with each other dissolve?
We spend our whole lives worrying about the pathway to the future.
But all there will ever be are decisions being made in the moment that are made out of love, or fear.
We have had our heads tilted to the stars our whole life.
Look down,
HW Nov 2018
Now, I can’t sleep at night
knowing what you’re doing with him

Now, I don’t speak to anyone
as everyone is better off without me.

Now, I turn away from every mirror
I hate the man that I have become.

Now, I would never give admiration
I don’t want anyone to like me.

Now, I hide my real feelings
nobody knows how much i want it to end.

Now, I can’t fall in love
because everything has changed.
Alyssa Underwood Jul 2016
It's at the point of desperation that the soul finds its deepest desire,
and in that desire lies everything of which true life is made.
Perhaps the first and central question concerning surrender
ought not to be, “What am I willing to give to God?”
but “What am I willing to receive from Him?”

For it's only in the realization that I have nothing to give Him and
He has everything to give me that true humility and surrender come.
If I would simply receive all He offers me and let Him fill me up
I would have no room in my hands to hold onto anything else.  
But how often it is that we won't receive it until everything else is lost.

It's the secret and inexpressible dreams of the soul
which are the hardest things of all to let go and the last to go.
When they are finally gone we have nothing left to run to but Him,
and when we do we find that He is the beginning,
the end and the center of every secret dream.

Ah, blessed Peniel—that mysterious and holy ground
where heartache collides head-on with romance,
that deep and shadowed land where we struggle
with God and with men and we overcome,
that painful yet glorious place which we may leave limping
with a wrenched hip but we do not care, for we have seen God’s face—
like Jacob, may we not pass you by without being forever changed.
Genesis 32

William Troup Sep 19
Money mourns memories
   where wars would wait!
   Hunger hurt humbled
      me midway!

Money mowed morrows
   where willows would weep!
   Blue beach beautiful,
      she still swayed!

Money moved mountains
   through turning tides!
   Wonder will welcome
      me midday!

Moments mourned money
   with waving winds!
   Blush blinked beauty
      mirrors ... midway?
Empire Jun 5
They’re afraid I’m not myself
That the little circular tablet has changed me
But how would we know?
Before I was crippled by adrenaline
I was so young
You can’t compare me to that
And in the midst of my darkest days...
You can’t possibly believe that’s me
Is that who you’re looking for?
Because I don’t care about everything now
It’s not perfect
But I’m not obsessive anymore
And that’s what I needed most
All I have is who I am now
Spooky Babe Feb 27
The rain came at a perfect time
We’re mourning the loss of my heart
It all just happened yesterday
So let me use this for my art

I wish this wasn’t my reality
But unfortunately I’m wide awake
No matter how hard I pinch myself
I’m forced to accept it’s not fake

That **** you did
What I never thought you do
I thought I’d **** up like this
But I was wrong cuz turns out it’s you

To know you’ve just been touched
By someone other than me
Honestly hits me in my soul
Because you couldn’t just wait patiently?

It was only a few days apart
How badly was the desire?
I thought she was “******” girl
But clearly you’re a ******* liar

I hate that this is my life
And now I’m forced to face it
No matter how much I wasn’t ready
Maybe we just should call it quits

Those words, together **** me
Its a hard pill to swallow
But I don’t know what else to do
I guess I’ll move on and just wallow
My love for you has...
Feb. 14 2019
For you and only you
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