Oktoberbarn Jul 2014
and instead of loving you
   I started hating you
for everything you have done
and the way you've changed
My mentor spoke to me of two rivals,
Once, they had been friends in some distant past.
But the years have eaten their love and made grudges manifest.
|The two shattered into broken glass

To my wise master I asked only one,
One question... In all my range.
One question I asked:
“What changed?”

In the outskirts, at the home of my daughter
Where you can stare at the stars or passing cars
None more brighter than the other,
We share memories of my grandmother.
In the photographs, she looks so much younger.
Not frail, but a fighter, lover and saintly|

To me, she asks plainly,
One question, and one question only.
Sifting through the ages of years past:
“What Changed?”

At the kitchen table, feeling inadequate,
My lover screaming and frustrated,
I recall memories when we had been intimate.
Times when movement was made for desire and not duty
|A calendar of nights left in confused abstinence

I interrupt.
She delays rage.
I beg,
“What Changed?”


In the last few hours of night
The dawn reaches me at last.
I had locked moments-
Literal seconds of time as the truth.
But it was always changing
In flux and morphing.
Turning into something new
Just for a moment, and then on again
“What Changed?”
Rod E Kok Oct 2014


I can’t identify when
it changed.

I saw things differently,
my eyes no longer covered
by an opaque way
of thinking.

Sunshine brightened this world
with unimagined colors,
butterflies broke free,
songbirds warbled lovely tunes.

Amidst emerging beauty
words became
every day’s lifeblood;
I found my voice.

All around me,
there was change,
yet everything remained
the same.
For it was me
that changed.
Reborn, rewired.
My heart drummed
a brand new beat.

Driven by transformation,
I wrote. I write.
Adding a dash of color.
Singing harmony
to surrounding melodies.
I am changing.
I am writing.
I am a poet.
This is my first poem for OctPoWriMo. The word prompts are: chrysalis, butterfly, transformation.
Ashen Complexion May 2015
What are the chances that you are reading my poem right now

What are the chances that reading this could affect your life somehow

I mean I could've changed your life and nor you or anyone else would realize it
HelpingHand45 Feb 17
Since Fortnite is incredibly bad,
I turn it off and get real sad.
As I sit there, a thought comes to me,
There's a better game, but it isn't free.
With a forceful tone and a loud holler,
I demand my mom to pay 30 dollars.
She buys the game, it's called PUBG,
The price of this game was worth the fee.
I fight my way to a Chicken Dinner,
I killed 6 men but I'm still a winner.
My mom barged in and yelled at me,
"How dare you game this late," said she.
I said "Sorry Mom," and gave her a shove,
She said "Game, game, game, my love."
thx fo the support #follow4follow
Craig Harrison Jun 2014
We live in a time of uncertainty
No jobs
Climate change
Mass killings
warnings of pandemics
Where is our utopia
where is our heaven on Earth

1900's we had
San Fransisco's earthquake
McKinley was assassinated
First Nobel prize
The Tunguska Event
nothing as changed in my eyes

1910's we had
Spanish flu
The sinking of the unsinkable ship, the Titanic
and World War 1
What else is needed to say about this decade
nothing changed as the human race lived on

1920's we had
Discovery of penicillin
The great depression
and prohibition

1930's we had
Bonnie and Clyde
Hindenburg disaster
Discovery of Pluto
Al Capone imprisoned

1940's we had
World War 2
Mount Rushmore completed
Big bang theory formulated
Israel founded
Nothing changed but who knew

1950's we had
Castro becomes Dictator of Cuba
Laika the dog goes into space
Korean War began
History never changed and neither will the Human Race

1960's we had
The rise of the Berlin wall
First man on the moon
Vietnam War
Nothing changed and won't any time soon

1970's we had
First test tube baby
Tangshan Earthquake
Kent state shootings
Elvis died

1980's we had
Tiananmen square massacre
Exxon oil spill
Nothing changed and never will

1990's we had
Oklahoma city bombing
Princess Diana died
Columbine massacre
World Trade Center bombed
End of the Cold War

2000's we had
Hurricane Katrina
Pluto reclassified
Obama elected
September 11th

2010's we had
Haiti Earthquake
Japan Earthquake
Bin Laden killed
BP oil spill
England riots
Brazil riots
China banned time travel.
We're only 4 years in.

Homo sapiens are nearly 200,000 years old
nothing changed
and never will
Hope you like
From the outskirts of the town,
Where of old the mile-stone stood,
Now a stranger, looking down
I behold the shadowy crown
Of the dark and haunted wood.

Is it changed, or am I changed?
Ah! the oaks are fresh and green,
But the friends with whom I ranged
Through their thickets are estranged
By the years that intervene.

Bright as ever flows the sea,
Bright as ever shines the sun,
But alas! they seem to me
Not the sun that used to be,
Not the tides that used to run.
TSK Oct 2014
They used to say
"you make a better wall
than a window"
meaning don't stand
in someone's way
because they can't see through you.
Yet now I dare not stand
in any one's way,
and more than one
seem to look
right through me
as if I weren't there at all.
Simpleton Dec 2013
I see humans but no humanity
I see a society but no unity
Happiness comes from within
But we all seem to forget

Ignorant, naïve
And judging from incompetence
Fighting for peace
Not respecting history

Searching for truth
But you've lost your way
No more believers
Forgotten how we got here

Looking for freedom
But support the oppressor
Don't accept responsibility
And hope you don't get caught

Because you're not really breaking the law
Your conscience is poisonous
Apparently your doing things the right way
Children are dying from illness
But we're complaining about immigrants

Stop following public opinion
And separating nations
Just because you're not blind
It doesn't mean you can see

Teach your future generation
Less clothes equals beautiful
And white equals superior
Money equals power

Divide between the lesser who are  inferior
Vomit hatred and say its dutiful
Who are you trying to fool
We're dropping like flies

She killed herself because of cyber bullying
And he's tired of acting strong
Fearing to cry and be damned
Abuse, neglect and poverty

Increasing frequently
Morality crisis
Blame the youth and teenage pregnancies
To combat it a genius says let's teach them whilst they're younger

Sounds good right?
What about censorship
Safety and protection
Young minds are susceptible

Ignore the practice and theories
Pride doesn't let you back down
Blame the rap and rock music
Its preaches violence and hatred

Rebel riots and corruption
East and west its affected us both
Greedy bankers
And terrorists or freedom fighters

A time of lost trust
And each to their own
Independent battles
No one is connecting the dots

Its like global dominoes
Inter connected problems
One leads to another
And the root cause is lost
euphoria Aug 2015
i used to believe them
when they told me

nothing lasts forever

but then i met you
and that's all it took

to change everything
Lucero Dec 2014
The lustful gleaming of the ocean sky,
Keeps me walking in a nice delight.
I am high on the river top,
Like a kite trying to dress up the light.

My fears, dreads, and tears,
Are washed away so tremendously,
That my hearts begins to beat with frequency.

I am no longer the naïve, too scared to live child,
That enveloped me into a cradle of sheets.
My freedom came about,
And my life has just rose to a shout.

The people that I find,
No longer frighten me,
Because I am changed, positively.

No longer do I hide inside my windows, you see.
I ride on to the risks that were forbidden to me.
I conquered my rules I made,
And find that connection is key to fate.

Black and white, was so last year;
I am now a full blown rainbow who dares,
To be strong, intelligent, and keen.

For my confidence is finally in place,
Where it should have been years ago.
I know I can, and I know I will,
Be the shining star, I didn’t know to be.
I just finished this poem like a minute ago. This is my current mood. There should be way more people feeling like this than there actually are.
Chloe Elizabeth Jul 2014

By Chloe Elizabeth
You're angry at me but you changed and I don't know this person that I'm talking to right now. Well, not talking to anymore. I will never hear from you again.
Netanya Janel Aug 2014
i'm needy, i'm restless
don't know where my head is
got bruises and whiplash
every move's got a backlash
i can't tell you, i'm thinking
i'm constantly sinking
on the edge, see your face
but things just aren't the same
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