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Ayush Gangwar Aug 10
When I met you first , N i saw your cherishing smile … My heart Whispered to me that ,,

You are mine …

Every morning when the sun shines , it remind me
Your presence because,,

You are mine…

The good time we share , the promises we made , the stories we created , even a book is not enough for you to describe, bcz

You are mine…

The day I need you most , n you come , hold my hand and made me realise that,
whatever the situation will come but ,

You are mine…

I want you for my whole life , you are the one who know me more than anyone in this sphere,
It’s a relationship that i promise to you i never betray , want to hear the same with your so pure n melodious voice,.
Just get me a promise that,,,

You are forever mine…
LexiSully May 2016
This mother of mine is a brilliant ray of light,
Who illuminates even the darkest night,
Who brightens every lonely face,
With a silent, sincere, and sweet embrace

This mother of mine can take the heat,
When she's faced with a problem, she doesn't skip a beat,
We may talk back and make a fuss,
But she still shows her love towards us

This mother of mine admires the trees that grow tall,
She likes how they waver, but never fall,
They wave back and forth and emanate peace,
And show her that God's love for us will never cease

This mother of mine is the strongest woman of all,
For my life without her would surely crumble and fall,
She has taught me how to pick myself off the ground,
I am truly grateful to have my mother around.
Thank you for being my best friend Mom
Elder D Anthony Apr 2017
First of all,
Does my title sound witty bud?

And why cant you talk back me?

You wag and shake like you lack,
A spine.
Yet you're stronger in whole than I,
A sedentary dud.

I feel a certain level of respect between us;
Our eyes.

Sentences lost in deep black stares,
I feel you conscious of myself
And the feeling isnt mutual?

They can say,

That my love for you is in my head
Or something fleeting like a dream;

But, as mans best friend,
And my best bud
I wrote this today for you
My love.
My dog is getting old and finally a stupid little tag inspired me to write about him! Thank you Hello Poetry!
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