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margàrita Jun 2018
your precious smile,
that never failed to shine;
a heaven-sent beam,
that made my heart your realm.

2. your tenderness,
that gave me bliss;
how could someone be
like you, so dearly?

3. your good vibes,
that surpassed all tribes
in giving off the positivity
i need for my stubborn reality.

4. your talents,
that awakened everyone's hearts;
you are my significant inspiration,
you give life to my life's ambition.

5. your humility,
that's filled with sincerity.
while everyone else is toplofty,
you remained lowly.
not everyone as wonderful as you,
could show meekness too.

6. the happiness you shared,
at times when smiling is something
i never dared;
darling, it meant everything.

7. for your meaningful silence,
that gave me a better comprehension.
although your stillness was tense,
i knew in my heart it was never a rejection.

8. for your music,
that never halts to flourish.
music, your depiction of aesthetic;
through you, the melody will never tarnish.

9. for being your genuine self,
you gave me potency to do the same.
shamming is no longer something i'll play, for you taught me how to
end that witless game.

10. for bringing me daily sunshine,
for setting the moon & the stars aligned;
my everyday became better,
and i will treasure you forever.

there are way more reasons
on why i love you for real.
through the passing seasons
i could slowly & slowly reveal
and show you how i truly feel.
as time passes us by,
i would no longer hesitate
and keep my sentiments ensconced.
through the coming weeks, months and years,
as long as we have all the time
i would dauntlessly lay out to you
that the way i feel for you is true.
written with whole heart for my dearest .
let me tell you
that i am true
ㅡ and i always will be.
Karliah Nov 2018
You're the one,
I want to keep,
And hold in my heart,
Till I fall to dust,
Just as hard as I've fallen for you.
I was sad to see someone taking credit for this poem on their page. But I hope everyone knows I wrote it. :/
Zoie Marie Lynn Oct 2017
my poetry is mine again
no longer influenced by you
no longer influenced by what you do.
and i can say that because you will no longer see,
the words i love you typed across your screen.
and i can say that because you will no longer feel,
the agony, the pain, the scars that were real.
because you left,
it's possible to feel.
because you left,
nothing seems real.
we'll never be just friends,
but that's okay because my poetry is mine again.
Everything has always been about her, silly me to think that would change just because she walked away.
Ayush Gangwar Aug 2018
When I met you first , N i saw your cherishing smile … My heart Whispered to me that ,,

You are mine …

Every morning when the sun shines , it remind me
Your presence because,,

You are mine…

The good time we share , the promises we made , the stories we created , even a book is not enough for you to describe, bcz

You are mine…

The day I need you most , n you come , hold my hand and made me realise that,
whatever the situation will come but ,

You are mine…

I want you for my whole life , you are the one who know me more than anyone in this sphere,
It’s a relationship that i promise to you i never betray , want to hear the same with your so pure n melodious voice,.
Just get me a promise that,,,

You are forever mine…
Elder D Anthony Apr 2017
First of all,
Does my title sound witty bud?

And why cant you talk back me?

You wag and shake like you lack,
A spine.
Yet you're stronger in whole than I,
A sedentary dud.

I feel a certain level of respect between us;
Our eyes.

Sentences lost in deep black stares,
I feel you conscious of myself
And the feeling isnt mutual?

They can say,

That my love for you is in my head
Or something fleeting like a dream;

But, as mans best friend,
And my best bud
I wrote this today for you
My love.
My dog is getting old and finally a ****** little tag inspired me to write about him! Thank you Hello Poetry!
LexiSully May 2016
This mother of mine is a brilliant ray of light,
Who illuminates even the darkest night,
Who brightens every lonely face,
With a silent, sincere, and sweet embrace

This mother of mine can take the heat,
When she's faced with a problem, she doesn't skip a beat,
We may talk back and make a fuss,
But she still shows her love towards us

This mother of mine admires the trees that grow tall,
She likes how they waver, but never fall,
They wave back and forth and emanate peace,
And show her that God's love for us will never cease

This mother of mine is the strongest woman of all,
For my life without her would surely crumble and fall,
She has taught me how to pick myself off the ground,
I am truly grateful to have my mother around.
Thank you for being my best friend Mom
Just Me Jun 2015
A friend of mine, not just my mind.
A friend of mine I can not find.

My honesty to blunt.
My best trait.
My honesty so it blunt scares people away.

Am I not bold, mistaken with cold?

My friendship is honest my friendship is real.

Is this not what friends should feel?

Treat people as you want to be treated.

I thought that was the way, but still to few friends find thier way.

No time for fakes, no time for games.

Only time for those who value honesty.

And so till then a diary a pen, a piece of paper, friends till the end.
Dawnstar Aug 2018
Down in the valley of the fleeting stream
Parched Sudanese tongues crying to you
Below, below, the sacred Nile
Pestilence took my sweetheart

She was dark, now she is blue
Like the cataracts dividing the stream
And the tearducts dividing my eyes
Below, below, the sacred Nile

Torn in our tumult
From the bleak savan'
Starve like we all her cherrious face
Now forever blemished

Therefore let us dine on hardtack
Suffer for the things of the marble world
Below, below, the sacred Nile
Where we'll go and prosper

Go receive heaven's reward
Long, long, the vaporous mile
Fast along the toiling road
To the land of reward, we go

I compared her to a flower
Fair a fragrance as ever conceived
To think her smile is a nest for ants
Below, below, the sacred Nile

Change these feelings about me!
I am eager to see her again
But I won't obey the winds
Below, below, the sacred Nile
As far as fragrance is concerned.
A song.
Deovrat May 2018
it all set
finally he left
assign no reason
or argument

to regret
about his act
I never wish
to discuss infact

he is always
in my remembrance
i perceive
his presence  
in every object

he is with me
and lives
in my heart
never to forget


© deovrat 24-05-2018
Astra Nov 2018
Another sleepless night,
Another night of lies,
I harbor my feels that I have to hide,

Why might you ask do these feels stay alive,
I answer with a few simple lines,

I’m a girl, one slightly broken, one afraid of the question and attention,
So hushed are my thoughts and silence is my voice,

There’s one good thing I must say something that strengthens me inside,
And keeps me alive,

That fact that this feelings are all MINE
All right reserved, written by fragilehalo
Callie Richter Oct 2017
I came across a picture of you
It was a picture of you
With some other girl
I looked at it
And looked at it
And looked at it
Funny thing is
I couldn't feel anything
I didn't feel anything
I swear to you, I tried
I wanted so bad
to be jealous
Because you're mine
And only mine
But guess what
That never happened
I never felt jealous
I guess I realized long ago
That you'll be there
Around every corner
And that you'll come for me
Whenever possible
But, pal
You sure as ****
Ain't mine
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