Tryst Sep 2014
Divided we stand,
Each but a grain
Of sun-kissed sand

Together, a beach
Of sun-bleached strands,
United as each

Sips waves like wine,
Proud to stand,
Brothers in sunshine.
First published 15th Sept 2014, 20:35 AEST.
Ashen Complexion Jun 2015
Its weird how you can have so much
and not be happy
whereas a child with a stick
and sand
is the happiest kid in the world x
My position is distant
My path discursive
My equality punctured
Set back, tortured
My corpse is painted
My rainbow is tainted
My bones are contracting
My skin is cracking

A knowledge abductions
Formed with childish seduction
Leaving me
Foam on the Dead Sea
Holding back
The tears of the seldom heard
Holding back
The worst kind of words

I'm heliotropic
Turning, turning, turning
My soporific voice
Is dying, dying, dying
Like a suicide survivor
Submerging ever higher
Schizophrenic priestess
Nepotistic phantom
     I'm sand
Try as we must
The stone will prevail
For we are but sand
On this solid veil

*Once, I was a hard sand stone
Neither had I made a tune nor a tone
I had broken after a strong shock wave
From a waterfall, I had fallen into a pothole but could not settle

After I was moving with a long stream as a rolling stone
Now I have no edge but only passing a phase
A few days ago, I discovered myself as a grain of sand
And day by day, I have been drowning beneath the ocean


@ Musfiq us shaleheen
Reply to the dearest Poet Joe Cole's this week challenge:
this poem is based on life how it has become changed in course of time like a rolling stone to a grain.

(Joe Cole's Challenge)

celey Jul 2015
he was the anchor
she was the sand
and i was the sea.
Lenny M Jun 2015
I don't throw stones at glass houses

I make sand castles

If tides wash my efforts away

I always try to remember

What is meant to be *Shall Be
It's only Natural ,like waves at a Beach its all apart of Progression
Ironatmosphere Apr 2014
They say that time
Slips through your fingers
Like sand
But it’s not really true
Sand is much easier to hold on to
Time runs so fast you could think it was trying to win a marathon.
Marie Christine Apr 2014
the smell of it
of salt and sand
there is no
elixir on this
good/tragic /blessed
earth like it
Sobriquet Apr 2017
So many lines and laments
scribed in ink and feeling,
for the girl who is the ocean

but she is a swell and surge
too dauntless and wild,
for a lover whose bones crave the shore.

She craves the squalls and gusts,
and cast iron skies,
a worldly drift to sate the salt in her skin,
the deep pull of currents in her blood.

She is chaotic but not reckless,
she is fickle, but not feckless.
Love her boldly or not at all
her bones belong to the sea
but she will always return to the shore.
Wow thankyou for the kind words everyone. Feels really good to know people enjoy my words, and my first Sun too!
Amitav Radiance Sep 2014
Through the hourglass
Time flows freely every minute
Precious moments in each grain of sand
Try to hold them in your palms
And it slowly fizzles away
A seashell
within a seashell
within a seashell
maybe i’m the pearl,
maybe i’m the grain of sand
how would you know
what i am?

layers upon layers
of calcified shine
years upon years
of soaking in the brine

till the scent of the sea
is in my blood
and the song of the whales
is my voice

hold me close to your ear
listen to me sometime
i’ll whisper to you secrets
in oceany rhyme

and if you feel my gentle heat
radiating in your palm
know that it is me
telling you who i am

-Vijayalakshmi Harish

Copyright © Vijayalakshmi Harish
random nonsense inspired by my cover photo...
Colten White Apr 2015
Your eyes are pearls,
washed with sweet sea-foam
from sugar-water seas,
and cast upon velvet shores
of sterling sand.
March 22, 2015
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