Netanya Janel Sep 2013

if ever you wonder
if ever your heart should grow curious
for lust and love and spirit
electricity that splits the spine
a jolt of lightening
rushing through wide open veins
baby hairs standing on end
on the nape of your neck
a wave of cold sweat
dripping through your hair
moistens your back
if ever a moment passes
if ever you refrain from yelling loud
sing a melody
scream “i love you”
skip through a crowd of people
and smile
and forget your worry
the temporary madness of yesterday
because you are static, ecstatic
you are wonderful

written by me

A clock ticks time by tirelessly
Gears winding like twines of string
With quaint clicking quickly quieting
Until finally time stands still

Broken glass of a smooth clock face
Gears halting in deformity
Glistening shards like the sands of time
Ceasing in their downward flight

A once beating ticking heart of life
Now is lost within a sleepless night
Once a momentum to continued light
Now falls to the ringing silence's might

Time broken into shattered deaths
Until there is simply nothing left

Maybe you've guessed; my nightstand clock broke. It's not like it was an antique that belonged to my great grandmother or anything. Oh wait....

The day had come when lovers had to say goodbye
Bid a piece of smile and wave a little hand
She thought that their love was so real
Yet ended up being strangers to each

Weeks had passed and you are still there
In her little mind that is full of moments
Moments that you had shared together
Moment that you should have cherished together.

It's been a while since her heart was so alone
And now, she had learned something new
That no one could fix her broken soul
But only she could do it, if she only knew.

Nicholas Morin Mar 2015

I came out as broken glass
Not a bottle, not a window, just glass
And I was told I was Broken.
But what if this is what I am?
I'm sharp and cut, and my pieces get broken smaller,
But that's what I am.

- N. Morin

Simsamore Nov 2014

A broken love
the broken eyes
The reason why my mind is uncontrolable
Convince to the greater good
I try in my mind
but i don't to eyes
I look up to people
but I look down
The truth is unspoken
except to the broken
Cover up the oblivious
at the end
everything stays

Abi Mar 2015

Silence is my loudest cry,
Although my eyes seem to be dry,
What I am trying to imply,
Is that no one see’s the burning red eye.

Hidden beneath a shining smile,
Leaving the room in amazing style,
Is a girl in single file,
Walking alone the next one hundred miles.

When the girl looks up to the stars.
All she sees is a million prison bars,
Trapped and enclosed and no one knows,
The girl of course never shows.

Behind a smile is a broken girl,
Trying to fight this horrid world,
Her emotions soon begin to swirl,
Breaking another broken girl.

Eleanor Rigby Sep 2014

Easily fixed
Hardly fixed
Thrown away



Paul Andrews Apr 2015

Broken recognizes broken.
Two broken souls will find each other,
and hang on for life.
If broken recognizes broken
and I am alone,
am I really broken
have I just not found
someone as broken as me yet?

autumn Jul 2016

The only part of my day
That I look forward to
Is when I go to bed
And lay there making up scenarios
In my head.

I think of comebacks
To 8th grade bullies.
I think of witty retorts
To my mother's snide comments.
I think of intelligent things to add
To conversations I had months ago.

I think of all the things
I was too scared to say.

And in my mind
I say them.
And pretend how things would be different
If only I had the courage to speak.

Faye David May 2014

I'm scared of feeling
Feelings that i can't describe
Feelings that i can never understand
Feelings that i'm afraid to face

I just want to be numb
leena Aug 2014

i'd rather have all my bones broken
than to have a broken heart.

The Dedpoet Nov 2016

All the silence does not mean
You are alone,
It is the world waiting for you
To listen;
And in the darkness you are
Found by the light
Of your hope.

And in the tears of your
Pain you are born,
There you become stronger
And it creates order.

Pick up your flesh as your spirit
And speak your happiness
As if the tip of your tongue
Was the mountain's peak
Speaking at the sky,
The burden is a caged bird
And only the conscious can set
It free.
And sing to yourself so that
You know you are never alone
In your body.

Know that your crazy is beautiful
Because it makes you YOU,
Wear your skin like
Your cozy blanket and cuddle
In the warmth of yourself.
     You are not broken,
But scattered like the night
With pieces like stars shining,
    Open your pain and yourself
To the wound of the world and heal
Whatever you choose.

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