Happynessa May 2016
Within the centre of your being
May you find peace
Every act of unconditional love
Echoes in eternity
Spread your wings and dance
Dreams into reality
If your situation  won't change
Then change yourself
The optimist is often as wrong
As the pessimist
But he is far far happier
Choose happiness
Clindballe May 2014
You fight or surrender.
You win or lose.
You do or don't.
You can't do both so we have to choose.
Will you give all that it takes to win
and fight the battles that comes sneaking up from behind
or will you do nothing
and get beat up till you can't do anything.

*Or can you actually do both?
Written: May 6. - 2014
Faith Gabito Dec 2014
It creeps into our minds and compels us to turn and walk away, even if that means letting go of the things we yearn for the most
Somehow, it manages to whisper lies that we deem of more than the pure truth
The things that we have perfected no longer embrace value, for our words cannot escape from our locked lips and our bodies become more frozen than ice
Opportunities become grains of sand that slip through our fingers
We endeavor to perceive what is in the vast and mysterious unknown
Our views are distorted, and we believe that we are only fools for dreaming of something so great and unfathomable, even when we have prepared for this our entire lives
That something is our future, but there is one thing that possesses the power to stifle us
Jackie Apr 2014
Choose weed. Choose a dealer. Choose your rolling papers. Choose a bong. Choose mind numbingly long conversations about fuck all. Choose home grown. Choose frequent holidays to amsterdam. Choose red eyes. Choose the biggets pizza ever for when the munchies kick in. Choose paranoia. Choose chilling with mates. Choose hallucinating about a giant green hedgehog following you home. Choose watching Cheech and Chong. Choose skunk. Choose super skunk. Choose hiding your stash from the police. Choose spilling dirty bong water on your carpet. Choose a fake jamaican accent. Choose space cakes. Choose your future. Choose weed.
Shelly Woods Oct 2014
You can see the ugly words that hurt;
or you can see the pain that lies underneath.
The perception will be your reality;
but your perception is your choice.
Kevin Hawkins Apr 2014


Who's to say I know best?
Everyday is just a test.

To move or to stay.
To breathe or decay.
To love or abate.
To rebel or obey.
To commit or to stray.

Every kiss begins with K,
but then you factor in fate.
I lead a life of ambition,
with no room for indecision.
But I just don't know what's next.
All I do is try my best.

I can't complain or compare,
The results would be unfair.
I have lots, and others little,
yet life, still gets fickle.

I have little family and fewer friends,
who stay until the end?
I'm not worried or sad.
I just wish that I had:
or given away.

You live and you learn.
You decide and get burned,
but thus is life.
Everything happens for a reason.
We'll see what happens next season.

Time to pick.
Time to choose.
Time to stick.
No time to lose.

Pro vs Con.

"Decisions, decisions."
I knew all along.
The first thing I've written this year that wasn't for work. Just venting the typical thought of a 20 something, "What's next?" Having more opportunities doesn't actually make it any easier. "But I digress..."
toomanywords38 Jul 2015
Let's celebrate indecision!
The weighing of pros and cons
The doubts and what ifs.
Rejoice in the feeling of uncertainty
When all the options seem equally weighted.
When doing what you please doesn't seem pleasing at all.
Suppose there was only one choice,
Now add five more.
Conjure up that feeling of confusion
Cherish that back and forth
Like tossing and turning at night
The uneasiness with which you approach
A fork in the road, which
Sounds more like a headache.
The longer you teeter the more you totter
Until at last! The decision seems made
...Or does it?

If only they made one brand of toothpaste.
Isabelle Apr 2016
My mother once said to me; there are two kinds of men you'll meet. The first will give you the life you want and the second will give you the love you desire. If you're one of the lucky few, you will find both in the one person. But if you ever find yourself having to choose between the two, then always choose love. ----Choose Love, Lang Leav


He asked her
"Am I the first or the second man?"

She just smiled at him and said
"What's the difference, hon?"

"Am I giving you the life you want, or
giving you the love you desire?"

This time she sighed heavily and answered
"You don't always give me the life I wanted,
You don't always give me the love I desired"

He became sad upon hearing her words
"Is that so? Then why are you still with me?"

"Because I chose you, and when I did,
I also chose the love and life that comes along with you"*

And that is all he needs to hear
Smiling, he said to her
"When I chose you Hon, I chose Love and Life too"
Is it a matter of choice? It all boils down to Love after all..
sweet ridicule Dec 2015
lying for freedom
is it acceptable to walk
my bare feet across the floor
is it acceptable to walk
my bare self up to you?

my pathetic mortality
etched into every groove of
my delicately built body
opiates dance around
my mind
take take take
choose your opiate I choose bare hands
on chests and
violin strings
for u
Choose the guy
that emphasizes the importance of language
Especially those pronouns
When he proudly says "my girl"

Choose the guy
that isn't afraid to say "I am sorry, I was wrong"
because sometimes fighting
means you both lose

Choose the guy
who will hold your hand in public
As he wants to make the world see
That you're his alone

Choose the guy
That will listen to your snoring
As you fall asleep on skype

Choose the guy
who won't keep you guessing
for his love isn't a lie
AM Oct 2015
It's impossible for me
to walk into the road I cannot see
and the road where I want to move ahead to
is the one that only leads me closer to you
JP Apr 2015
Life is just a matter of regret preferences.
Choose wisely.
Helsy Flores May 2014
One belongs in the past,
The other is meant to last.
Choose wisely between one another,
Because you will lose the other.
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