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avalon Dec 2017
a different sort of nerves
run up and down my spine
this is new, this is taking
breath and spitting out
a lie, chewing on the
tacky bits of life yet
still forgetting you
will die;
death falls
through the walls
and takes us even
if we cry,
if we lie;
death is deaf to
tacky pleas and pulls
our breath out of the
beneath our spines.
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2015
You looked me in the eye
With the same smile you gave me
A long time ago.
You let me order your coffee for you
I knew which one
It's still the same
From a long time ago.

I laughed about the jokes you told me
You laughed at how unfunny
Mine were
And you playfully hit me
I frowned, you laughed,
I laughed, you laughed again
And said sorry
Just like you did
A long time ago.

The worst of it all
Was that when your hand
Accidentally brushed mine
I shivered
Just like I did
A long long time ago.

-- Eleanor
Peter J Nov 7
Who will be my electronic lover
I’m just a dreamer
Electronic cantaleaver
Love on the highway
A fiberoctive my way
You’re my digital sweetheart
My online paramour
My dialup inamorata
My blogosphere girl
Who will be my electronic love
I’m all loved up on bits
My ram is fully rammed
I want a date on my data
A nybble on my petabyte
Will you be my cyberspace concubine
My superhighway soulmate
My head in the cloud
My extranet extra
Can I surf your broadband
Let me plug and play you
Guaranteed to upload
Don’t leave me buffering
Let me unblock your checksum
Config your cyrix
Cache my codex.......
Hit me up at sexis@www.com
#no sense of adventure! please don’t apply
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