chuckae Jun 2015
(beauty burning out)

I love the word 'burn'.
Like imagine,
Everything's burning,
I am on fire,
You're on fire,
The world is on fire,
And I find it beautiful.
Burning beautiful.
It's the burning out part that's scary.
I just really like the idea of fire, and flames and burning. I dunno why.
Madisen Kuhn Oct 2014
is it new york i love
or do i crave being
near you; crave the
one in a million
chance that if we
were in the same city
we would run into
each other on the
sidewalk while i’m
on my way to buy
flowers and you’re
smoking a cigarette
dressed in all black
and i’d smile at you
and you’d grab me by
the wrists and scold
me for being away
for so long and then
i’d let you kiss my face
as you interlock your
fingers with mine and
you’d never let me go
again, you would
take me with you
wherever you went
and i’d never look back.
april 2, 2014
Ben Ditmars Jul 2014
lightning never
sees its fire burning
the trees

absent and forlorn
as love can be.

I can feel your
thunder on the

we will tame
the ashes, fan the flames,
and the pray the sky
returns to calm
forgetful sleep.

© Ben Ditmars 2014
Inspired by Ed Sheeran
Negra Nov 2015
At the most recent party I went to
I was only warm.
The complete opposite of what I wanted to feel.
And you said warm is ideal. Right?
And I said no. Fuck the middle.
I. Want. To. Burn.
From the kind of dancing that makes your back sweat
Hips swing
From the Afro Latin beats
Whine to the Caribbean dance hall music
Naturally stepping without getting stepped on.
Screaming in unison to the lyrics of a dumb top 40's song.
Breaking my back to some nasty reggaeton
Throwin it back to the 90's classic. OW!
Gettin intimate body to body in a tasteful salsa.
Baby baby baby you make me wana holla.
I want to sweat!
But no one's dancing.
There's too much beer pong.
And I'm warm,
Only from alcohol.
I'm leaving this party.
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
Don't worry darling,
When I push you away,
I promise,
You won't feel a thing.

I'll be the one,
To burn in the fire,
The smoke,
Causing my eyes to sting.

I know it's for the better,
I'm a burden,
Don't you see?

I promise I won't blame you,

Who would want to be around me?
I promise I won't blame you,
I don't have the guts to leave.
NewAgeOfAnarchy Oct 2014
They say, Nero sang has Rome burned.
Now I understand why, there is something so magical about a majestic city be destroyed by it's own foolishness
©2014 copyright Michael Cross
Jennifer Watson Nov 2012
Everytime we touch,
I get this sensation
Running through me.
It starts in the core
And spreads.
It's like the butterflies are biting
And sending a surge through my body.
It's starting a fire,
That's setting my bones burning,
Craving you.
How much is it to ask,
That you satisfy this.
That you turn the other way,
And see the girl that's burning.
Burning for the affection of you.
How much would it cost,
To put an end to this fire
To let the coals cool,
Turning them to ice.
That with the ice,
Time could be frozen
And it would just be you and me
Burning this world to the ground.
chris miller Jan 2010
I'm burning and yearning to get you
I'm stumbling and tripping to find you
I'm muttering and stuttering to addore you
I'm falling and crawling to get you
I"m loosing and winning to stay.
Dark Holes Jun 2014
One night stands. Fuck me.
Tear my soul and butt in two.
Thanks for the herpes.
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2014
I can't see you today
I'm busy burning.

Ria Bautista Apr 2011
Come hither and feel my touch
My fingertips fueled by desire
Exploring every inch of you
Under this burning blue star

Dim the lights, My Love
Keep your eyes shut
And let your body move as it will
To the rhythm of my beating heart

Your voice sounds so tender
Flesh warm to the touch
As I thrust you deep, your dampness so sweet
Come hither and make my yearning complete
Ena Alysopriono Mar 2015
"And We're Burning All the Bridges."

she listens to the lyrics and thinks of what her mother had told her:

"You are their bridge"

*they must be burning me now
First Quote from the song Bridges by The Broods
ZT Nov 2015
The burning feelings we had
Passionately we loved
Like flames enveloping us
till everything turned to dust

I guess we might have loved too much
The spark that we ignited
turned into flames we could not handle

The fire spread

This is just heartbreaking

But no longer Shall I fret
For no longer will my heart break
for only ashes remain

From the once burning heart
From the once burning Love
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