Waves on the ocean
Flowing with the moon-set tides,
Met by seas of sand
A simple haiku
Amanda Kyara May 2014
The waves of the ocean
go back and forth,

and I can't help but to think
that that will one day be us,

Going back and forth,
crashing into one another,

until one day the ripples disappear
and get smaller and smaller

and eventually become flat like our friendship
Marisa Hope Aug 2014
I love the ocean but I hate the beach.
I feel out of place.
I feel it used to be our place.
A place we could run free.
A place where we could just be.
Listening to the waves crash down one on another just like our bodies crashing together.
I may never go back to the beach.
But every time I hear the waves it’s like I’m there again.
Like the waves
clashing against one another
Struggling to keep up,
but aware of the power

Rising up,
streaming down
rushing and hurdling
coming ashore

As the sun radiates
illuminating the water,
I can see crystal clear
there is hope.
My poem from before.
© Cyrille Octaviano, 2014
Shalyn Apr 2015
Let me,
Be the waves;

The tides that will wash your troubled thoughts.

And with every crash of waves
being your happiness and joy,
Your ripples of bliss.

Pushing away crumpled parts,
Cradling your body
in warm currents.

Let me,
Be the waves.

Guiding you effortlessly
Out into the everlasting blue.

The waves, that orchestrates your heart.
Cayla frazier Nov 2014
With every crash of a wave,
My stress is washed away..
K Balachandran Jul 2014
Streaming sunlight, what an intense, insistent lover!
empty catamaran dances in it's sultry embrace,
on the foam bed of gently rocking sea waves.
The dark shadow of this union finds it's kind of fun
swimming deeper, frightening fish roaming in pairs.
Pushing and pulling
Reaching and retreating.
You get where you want
And then you go & fuck it all up.
Coming and going
Leaving and returning.
Your so unsure of your needs and wants.
Arriving and departing
Inhaling and exhaling.
This would be easier without a troubled heart.
Setting Sail and dropping anchor,
Have you made your choice
Or will you hurt her some more.
DD Dec 2015
What's wrong?
I don't belong
here with you,
Never will do.

So I'm gone,
If this is home
Then I'm alone
Remain unknown.

For ever on,
I will belong
Into the waves
For all my days...
Audrey Apr 2014
Midnight waves curl around
Your empty face, my stony heart,
Two people sitting on the beach
The roaring surf drowning us with our lies.
BB Tyler Jun 2015


Cicada Waves

Teach me to Breathe

in the Depths of Breathlessness
Anne-L Mar 2015
People come and go,
Like waves....
Sometimes they stay longer,
Like big waves ...
Other times,
they stay for a shorter amount of time....
Like smaller ones
That is why,
You have to keep moving forward
And try not to get too attached to them
You will drown...
To me, I see
Further than he, but he,
Sees his own seas;
Soft, innocent fleece

Circled under a veil
Of creativity, sets sail,
Wondered aimlessly, but well,
An answerless well, you fell
Never let your vanity bail you out, dude.
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