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Alyssa Underwood Jul 2016
Can it love you like *** loves you, with a love that is better than life?
Can it connect you to eternal beauty? Can it save you? Can it redeem you? 
Can it lift you out of the miry pit? Can it make you clean enough to finally feel acceptable?

Can it delight your soul to the care? Can it take your breath away with its faithfulness to you? Can it paint both sunrise and sunset across the sky to beckon your attention? Can it cause the breeze to blow and gently caress your cheeks? Can it send hummingbirds and wildflowers across your path to romance your heart? Can it parade before you the starry host and call them each by name?

Can it probe you to the depths and fill you with itself? Can it rush to your aid riding on the wings of the wind? Can it satisfy your hunger and thirst with bountiful things? Can it give to you feet like a deer that you might dance upon the heights? Can it arrange every detail of your life to draw you and drive you to itself? Can it pursue you with all the resources of the universe? Can it know you through and through and still desire you?

Can it raise you up and seat you in the heavenly realms and bless you with every spiritual blessing? Can it supply your every need out of its glorious riches? Can its grace be sufficient for you and its mercy help you in your greatest temptation? Can it pour overflowing comfort into you through all of your troubles? Can it reach down to draw you out of deep waters? Can it set you on an unshakable foundation? Can it bound across the mountains to come to your rescue? Can it make you lie down in green pastures and lead you beside still waters? Can it walk with you through the darkest wilderness and never leave you or forsake you? Can it carry you when you are weak or have fallen? Can it let you rest between its shoulders when you are weary or burdened?

Can it ****** you to heaven’s banqueting table and spread its banner of love over you? Can it hide you in the shelter of its wing? Can it be your daily portion and immerse you in the boundlessness of itself? Can it clothe you in robes of righteousness and garments of salvation? Can it give to you praise in exchange for mourning? Can it bestow on you a crown of beauty for ashes? Can it turn your wailing into dancing? Can it flood you with peace like a river? Can it fill your heart with joy in the worst of afflictions? Can it know the way to lead you home? Can it refine you in its fire and bring you forth as gold? Can it capture you fully even as it sets you fully free?

Can it ever truly be your Everything?
ryn Feb 2015
When gentle breezes turn into gale,
     remember that you will prevail.

       You may tear at these pages daily,
in search of peace and tranquillity.
   Planting hope and scattering wishes,
    Spilling blood in smears and blemishes...
       Flying out of the dark on
     wings of birds.
       Bridging the rippling void through
           severed words.


     Be not wary of eyes that speak.
  Be not afraid of mouths that leak.

Know that our scribbles are only
   sacred to us.
       Emotions and thoughts we
           bind and truss.

  What we put forth, we owe it to ourselves...
     Bits of us we've kept hidden in the
darkest rooms; atop the highest shelves.

      are wielder of your mighty pen.
      determine how far or long your
         words would span.

   Your words... They're precious gold.
Many or little; be them new or old.

So let drip your ink with little reservation...
  Let us grow from strength to strength
     as life teaches its lessons.

   Rise up and live on in these here pages,
     For here exist only
               not cages.
Dedicated to writers here who are always apprehensive about posting or think very little of their writes.

Know that your words are gold. And the rest of us as readers are lucky enough be granted access into your mind, heart and life.

Keep the faith. Keep writing. Keep posting...
Alyssa Underwood Aug 2017
Jesus, please set my bound heart free
Let not this world my prison be
Where fear and shame would pull me down
To suffocate and cause me to drown

'Stead loose my soul that it may soar
Heavy, fettered, chained no more
So You can lead me to the hills
Away from where 'perfection' kills

In You alone my worth is found
What joy immense, this truth profound
To know I'm precious in Your sight
My strength, my hope, my life's delight

Surrendered now to Your control
'Tis love which heals my wounded soul
Convinced that I can trust Your heart
Toward me, to You my cares I impart

And selfish may I no more be
But lend me eyes that I might see
The wounds which other souls still have
To give to them Your healing salve

That You might take their tender pain
And turn it to eternal gain
So suffering may not wasted be
But used to set our cold hearts free

Then we who in triumphant praise
More closely on Your face may gaze
Beholding all Your beauty vast
Held tight to You, content at last!

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."
~ John 8:36

"But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."
~ 2 Corinthians 3:16-18

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing
with the glory that will be revealed in us."
~ Romans 8:18


Sung to the tune of
'Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness'
(music by William Gardiner)
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
I would not know that wounded hearts will never bend
Except it's by the gentlest wind
Had You not blown Your love on me

I did not know that arrows sprung with poisoned darts
Could be dislodged from human hearts
Till You began to set me free

How should I know that crushing loss can by its pain
Yield intimacy's most treasured gain
Unless You gave Your Word to me?

I could not know that failures worse than greatest fears
Might actually bless through staining tears
This soul undone by Your decree

But now I know that Love's own touch
Brings untold joy which healeth much
From One Who cleaves so faithfully
aviisevil Apr 2014

Bite into my Soul and taste your dirt
Inflict upon me your rules of hurt
Make a wish in the fountain of blood
Take a sip and you shall conquer the world

Hang me for all the world to see,
Even in my death I shall walk free

Show the strength of your crown,
Let me be chased by your blood hounds
Cut me, scar me, now tell me what you found ?
You walk straight but the world's round

Lock me in a cage so I can't leave,
Even in these walls I shall walk free

Burn my skin to reach my core,
Why break those walls when i've opened that door
Come inside, take away all I know
Feed my hatred by hating me some more

Erase me so I could never be,
Even in my extinction I shall walk free

Tie my hands and give me a blade,
Tell who my enemies are and war shall be made
Whisper to me the words that degrade,
And I'll scream them at the world while you wait

**** the lullabies so I can never dream,
Even in my nightmares I shall walk free

Now take my hand and lead me to paradise,
Fire of **** blowing through the kingdom of ice  
Sit on your throne and try to swallow your pride
this ***** will never be yours for he's the master of his own life

Hang me for all the world to see,
Even in my death I shall walk free
Notes (optional)
You broke my wings
You dragged me down
With every word you let me down
Nearly touching the ground
I knew what I had to do
Escape from you
Yet I kept listening to your lies
Staring death right in the eye
You dropped me down a cliff
Down in the water
I couldn't breathe

Still under deep water
I try to find my way out of the dark

On the edge of the cliff I imagine
You watched me fall with a smirk
I can still see the smile on your face
It was my turn to fly
But you cut out my wings and threw me down
Give me back my freedom
I've been drowning for too long,
Release me now
I would do anything to swim back out
A year ago I found my way back out. Tonight I found this poem and realized how far I have come. You didn't destroy me.
This is what freedom
told me :
You are wise!
Wiser than most
You are magnificent
You are caring & compassionate
You are calm yet aggressive
Only to those
that have used you
Lie to you
Over & over again ; repetitive
But out of all the hurt ,
Pain, & suffrage you endured ,
You still stand strong
& continue to move mountains .

Once was a seed
Now has been sprouting
& multiplying your growth
Into the multiplicity
of your own heart felt words .

You have a gift
You are unique
You see beyond things that you should & should not see .
Though you know who you are
& you know what you want .
It’s easier said than done .

You know
yet still practice it
& it will be done .

You are not lonely anymore
There is no sadness
Love is not an open door
But it can be
Yet choose to be cautious .

You are an angel
You have the sauce
Whether it’s spicy or too hot
You have the flames to burn all the witchcraft & propaganda
Into pieces whether it needs to be cut or died off close by or from afar

Transforming each day
Getting better in every way
It takes work
But hardwork is your middle name .
& there is no sadness
&there is no emptiness
You are no longer a boy
There is no hunger
There is no thirst
Your are no longer the puppet master’s toy

You have daddy issues
You recognized your flaws
You said goodbye
to those couldn’t accept you
& hello
to those that welcomed you
& there they are .

You ; a whole book
The pages get thicker & thicker
No longer hard
to turn the page though .

Maybe  hard to read
Though you still read into people
Even if they or you can’t read in between the lines of what that they may or may not understand completely .

You are love
You are honor
Skin ; chocolate
You are brave
You are famished & full
From the abundance of ***’s love
You are everything
your mother wanted you to be .

The peasants that are here
sit & scold
But you are bold
You can’t hear them
 If *** can do great things with
Helen Keller ,
Ray Charles,
Stevie Wonder,
then you’ll be alright to
Ignore nor here
Nor see their presence
Their non-existent .
So it doesn’t matter if they walk out right now or still listen !

You are optimistic
You are fine as ****
Little do straight men know
Some girls want a bite of you
But since you’re a
*** and flamboyant
You might as well let them know !

You are beautiful
You are honest
And there is no depression
And there is no depression
And there is no depression
You have ***
& there is Forgiveness
& there is forgiveness
& there is forgiveness
You are almighty
powerful & wonderful
**** & plentiful
Blessed & humble
Loved & capable
*** is so Good !!!
You will be great
You didn’t know you had this in you
Until you let *** into your heart
& start to work inside & heal you
& create more gifts & talents
So you can showcase them on other stages & this stage .
You’ve accepted this stage of life

He is almighty
The way
Of my ways
My truth
My life
The healer of my pain
My ghosts
My days
My lies .
He is mine
He is mine
He is mine  
& can also be yours .

If he can help change a Munchenburg
so he can  help others,
Imagine what *** could do for the rest of world.

This was indeed his creation
I’m just using my words he spoke through me as a tool
For new innovations
to come soon
While speaking it into existence .

Ode to the fixing
I feel complete within myself
If I hadn’t stop to help people
I would have never thought to
restore my inner fixing & healing .

Ode to the *****
That used to run deep inside of me
I’ve gotten better with my control of tongue knowing I don’t need to cuss to prove my  point though I just used it as an ode

Ode to me
To me & what I’ve become
I’m undone from the pain
Free from the strain
Negativity poured down the drain
Took a drink of deliverance
Then came acceptance
Swallowed some
Self  appreciation
Then came
Respectable acquaintances

Ode to the fake foolery
I was blinded  by your falsity
Saw the heavy truth
But the weight is off my shoulders
You’re the one that’s
now carrying it boo .

Ode to freedom
Freedom has been key
& since *** has been challenging
my mind & what I think of everyday ,
I thank him because now I can say

I am at peace with myself
& now home at last

Mentally in his arms
while being on this earth
until I can see him at last on
Judgment Day .
When he calls my name
& I’m welcomed into his
heavenly place
I’ll be to hug him
& say

“*** I love you !
looking  back at my time on Earth
You have made feel even more full
& happy to be your son that was able to finish the race with you in my heart & steering me until it was time to come up here & stare you directly in the face .”

My spirit up above is filled with
Freedom in his Kingdom

While my body on Earth
Disintegrate along with
Forgiven sin that has also decayed.

& there is no sadness
& there is no sadness
& there is no sadness

Cuz I
I may or may not have made a name for myself on Earth
But the lord may know my name
Because when I’m done on this Earth
I know I’ve made an extra space
In his heavenly place
& I am welcomed home .

However on Earth,
I think I found my calling
& that calling will remain
in my words.

~Jordan Munchenburg~
There is poet that inspired me to write

That poet is Tonya Ingram

Check out her poem
“ Here is what Loneliness/Love tells you “

She has been the inspiration for this poem & the reason why we all should find self love
& feeling wanted .

All my poem that I write & share is because I went through all of the doubts pains & suffrage .
I found love
& feeling wanted.
I hope you all can find it as well ❤️.
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