Janet Aitch Jul 13
You can't hurry home
It has to evolve
within you
DW Jan 2015
He watches the world through tear streaked eyes,
At the people just living their lives,
There was no one who cared or was even aware,
That their society was founded on lies,
It was the cruelty of man to man's fellow man,
That caused his young heart to break,
It filled him with sorrow to learn that tomorrow,
There was no difference or change he could make.

First there's the teen with no hopes or dreams,
Who holds the gun to his head,
If only we had heard that four letter word,
"Help" and he might not be dead,
But parents ignore a child's implore,
Move along there is nothing to see,
Then comes the day when he's taken away,
Pushed over the edge by the bully.

The starving young pup who lies all beaten up,
By the teenagers too cool for school,
They've come to learn that next it's their turn,
Drunk fathers are awfully cruel,
Or perhaps the poor homeless just hoping for kindness,
And ends up completely ignored,
We can grumble and shout from our comfy warm house,
That most likely, they're all just big frauds.

Then there comes war the thing all Governments adore,
They can line up their pockets with gold,
The war against terror? Or just the oil endeavour?
It doesn't matter soldiers do as they're told,
"An air strike for peace" is the press release,
As civilians are rained on by bombs,
Can they really believe that what's been achieved,
Is greater than the innocent lives that are gone?

He watches the world through tear streaked eyes,
At the people just living their lives,
There was no one who cared or was even aware,
That their society was founded on lies.
Karijinbba Jul 11
Tactics of war elements of surprise all that show so much love shown fifty red and white Roses and my twenty year old letter up on top of them thats how the love of my life dived into my heart and soul to be very sure if I loved him how deep mind body spirit, if I lived in our world of unreality in an old script he forgot he wrote a letter saying he had gotten married and If I would  share him I had no idea his letters had been chronological by design I mis interpreted his message I thought he had a wife already his destiny and he said to move forward to move on not to look back that he was a one woman man. I thought who can live in his love without him oh God how do I die? I wll do best doing as i learned when living at the monastery as a child a terrible amnesic shock is easier
then dying so I put everything to sleep and despair was no more he was just Rhett buttler Clark Gable reincarnation i was Scarlet but in this life I wasnt greedy and i loved the Rhett in him where
did I exist all my life to anyone? I was a shadow he had treated me like garbage and here my true loves other face and the same showing me his
Mask off putting me on a pedestal in a public place he had found no love in me in setting him free in any other place in my world before he thought only bad things of me
I had to FIND his love in his loving DEEDS I was in such a shock I lost it! I hid his love so deep I couldnt even reach it myself I adored him even if he never did i still do I  couldn't show him in words I couldnt ask him for what i thougt i didnt deseserve with him marriage I let all other good people down I couldn't even cry in his beast and vinagar if only he'd given me a Rett to Scarlett type hug and cuddle me as he re appeared  so suddently so loving ever patient God like man yet so stern so public from his heaven to my hellish existance, lack to abundance every womans dream
what dreams may come was my world I got there all for not saying three words he longed to hear me say and couldnt imagine how easy he was to love easy to retain by saying "I Love U" he had no idea I had committed suicide and felt betrayed that in hell one
lives in the immigrant like a  shadow struggling to survive just to stay alife his light blinded me I just could not see that he was my shinning knight to rescue me for the price of one I LOVE YOU
and giving him just my heart of Gold. i
Instead of that bg show to swip me away why not just ask me to marry him? Ah because it wasn't in the script. It was twenty years later bend the rule a little someone please why not tell me let's dance all night with the Violins let's get married to happy ever after.
The chains have now been broken
From this place of no return
Your voice still echoes to this day
In the corridoors of our minds ,
Destiny now stands in wait
You took away our joy
But now the tide has turned
And your world of hate it ends
Your words they have faded
Along with your demands
Now you have gone the pain will heal ,
Those cells of the past now open
We will leave those days behind
You have no hold of  the fears
You created deep inside ,
Your doors have closed for the last time
Freedom is there and we move on
Far away from your prison bars.
That feeling of being set free from oppression
In its many forms .
Matthias Aug 2013
Start with a hook sharp enough to catch many fish.
Move into a broad outline of topic.
Add some examples to peek the interest.
End with a sentence that captures your thoughts.
(Start the way you feel it should be).

Flavorful topic sentence to open paragraph one.
State in detail specific examples and definitions.
Follow with a reference or two,
This keeps suspicion off you.
Keep same format for paragraph two and three.
(Continue on the feel that increases how you started).
(Or retrograde and start a new direction).

Wake the reader back up with thesaurus found words.
State again the reason for your thoughts.
Honing specifically on what you want to say,
Without of course bringing in new info.
End with a memorable sign off.
(End with completing your thoughts).
(Or start a new idea entirely),
(Not leaving enough room for explanation).
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