Maura Feb 2015
You're a real bitch
just to let you know
and I don't want to snitch
but you're such a fucking bitch

just  because you're rich
doesn't mean you own the world
you're making me go up a pitch
because I'm so angry that you're a bitch

people call you a witch
and now I know why
its because you decide to switch
from being nice to a stupid fuckin bitch
Seriously. You are. This is a passive aggressive poem.
Angel Agaton Dec 2015
Gagawa ako ng tula
Para sa inyong mga paasa
Sana inyong basahin
Para kayo'y matauhan at magbago rin!

Sisimulan ko sa simula,
Kung saan ichachat nyo kami at sasabihin 'hi'
At kami'y mag rereply ng 'hello'
At dun na kami aasa hanggang sa dulo.

Dederetso ako sa gitna
Kung saan yayaain nyo kami mag date
At sasabihin nyo pa na seryoso kayo
Pero yung pala'y labag sa kalooban nyo.

Eto na ang huli at alam kong di tatatak sa puso't isipan nyo.
Sana malaman nyo na sa ginagawa nyo maramjng umaasa at nasasaktan.
Dahil sa inyong labis na kahihitnan.
At aking sasabihin na sana matuto kayong masaktan at magmahal,
Dahil sinasabi ko sa inyo, di kayo banal!
Dedicated toh sa lahat ng lecheng paasa diyan!!
Angel Agaton Dec 2015
Sinusulat ko ito para aking matandaan
Ang pangako na minsang sinundan
Ng sakit at tampo ng nakaraan
Pero hindi ito susundan ng sakit at kahihinatnan.

Minsan aking pinangako na magiging okay lang ako
Na lahat ng ito ay malalagpasan at makakalimutan rin
Pero lahat pala ito’y napako,
At napadaan lang sa daan na bako-bako.

Daan na bako-bako, parang tayo.
Di malaman kung san liliko, palagi nalang nakakalimutan at nahihilo,
Kung ang damdamin ay pareho. Umasa ang isa at nagpaka-tanga,
Sa pangako at pag-ibig kung san lahat ay nalito.

Pangako. Sinusulat ko ito para aking matandaan
Ang sakit na dinulot mo sa akin
Mas masakit pa kesa sa paluhudin sa bilao ng asin
At kalian man umasa na ikaw ay mapapa sakin.

Pangako, salitang palaging napapako.
Katulad ng tulang ito, parang pangako.
Paulit-ulit sinasabi, ngunit nalilito at napupunta sa daan na bako bako
Pero aking tutuparin, ang pangako na ito hangga’t sa kakayanin.
Pero hindi kita tutularin, na ginawa ang pangako na parang bang kasing nipis ng asin.
#PrayForJean :)
A pursuit for motivation
In an overweight nation
To become what I have dreamt of
And not what I became of
What I eat
When I sit
For hours with no end
The slob meets its end
A motivation found
At last

-Kathia Mariana Landeros
And their feet move
rhythmically, as tender
feet of Cretan girls
danced once around an

altar of love, crushing
a circle in the soft
smooth flowering grass
Joshua Kirby Nov 2014
Like a steady stream
That trickles through the forest,
I will persevere.
Though my journey is unknown,
I know I’ll reach the ocean.
Nathan Pival Feb 2016
I love the way you move
I love the way you walk
There is a certain grace about you
In the air that surrounds you
Even in how you talk

Your smile lights up a room
Your touch makes my heart
Burn with desire

Just being in your presence
Is time well spent
Feeling that my heart is safe
In your hands
Is priceless

You are the source
Of so much inspiration
It's difficult to explain
You make me want to better myself
Because you deserve the best man
That I can be

You "get" me
And I "get" you
I've never felt more
Understood or appreciated
For just being myself

You make me feel thankful
And I don't take that for granted

I love the way you move
Amanda Jane Feb 2010
well you might still know
that i can't stand white walls,
can't stand for the emptiness to overwhelm me.
that i write notes on blank bedsides
to help get you through the night.
but i know that, instead of erasing them,
you moved out of that room,
made plans to paint over it instead.
because you'd love to bury me,
but you can't bear to erase the memories.

well you might still know
how to make my make-up run,
but make-up comes off, and
besides, I switched to
waterproof mascara anyways.
but i still know how to make you moan,
make your headboard squeak and your floor creak,
or your couch sigh with weight.
not enough to wake the neighbors,
but enough to catch your dad's attention.

well you might know
that i wear scars on the inside of my left arm,
kept hidden but close to my heart;
and that there are a few on my hip,
so that everyone i fuck learns a secret.
but i know you sleep best to rain,
with a pillow over your head,
muffling reality for a vacation of dreams.
and i know you make sure to sleep on the right side,
so that there will always be room for me on the left.
"you're the metaphor i can't create to comprehend this curse that i call love."

the quote here comes from motion city soundtrack's "hold me down."
I know you would have never been my home,

But at least I would have liked to haved tried....
Sam Po Sep 2014
I've moved on.
but she stalks at his profile
all day long

I've moved on.
but she kept the photographs
of their unsuccessful love

I've moved on.
but she always visit the momentous event
of their love and wanted it back

How ironic,
people says they've moved on
but deep inside there's still
something wrong
move on2x pag may time gurl!!!!
#movingon #hard #sad #ironic #AMBOTLANGJUD
Stormy Bailey May 2015
You move.
You shift,
you groan,
you sigh.
Your hair,
you lips,
your eyes,
I am wrapped
your thighs.
And I like it when you move.
oh me oh my May 2014
i thought.

you tasted like lust and you smelt like wintergreen and your hands were feathers and tickled my skin.

i know.

you tasted like skoal.
you smelt like smoke.
your hands felt like regret.
that's all you left me with. regret.
When your gaze scours my curves,
I feel naked, yet cloth pulls tightly.
You go beyond undressing me with your eyes.
Tequila has nothing on the way you look--
at me.

When you speak to me, only me,
The lead of words is turned into
The gold of excitement.
Every syllabe tickles my sensitive stimuli,
Every word seduces my thought,
Until all I can utter is--

Hot breath on my neck drenches
My senses, leaves me breathless.
And when I ask, "can I borrow yours?"
Your kiss rivals that of the french.
So hot, our lips are not our own.
Then your tongue turns into Columbus,
and explores.
Your touch is my master,
Your movement my release.

And when finally,
Liquid love makes my clothing
There is only one word on my lips--
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