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Cné Mar 2017
i must give you a full physical exam
to fully grasp my prognosis and plan
of treatment for you... dont be afraid
i feel confident, no need to debate
i can satisfy
and gratify
your pre-dic-ament
in the richest succulent

as a specialist, to some degree
my healing hands work expertly
but to receive full and complete treatment
you must partake my honey rather frequent
for a better plan of action
i require a full body transfusion
a chemical mixture of center fuses
a delicate blending of our juices
this may require several procedures
over time it provides many features
healing properties of your most vital *****
however worth it, even if, it cost a fortune
to this a can guarantee success
but first you must fully undress

i work with energy transference
your help required for successful convergence
of the best possible results
between two consenting adults

bartering is certainly a viable option
for your long term medical condition
providing equal services for each other
helps maintain balance to one another
Hehehe. For my muse, I bit of fun playing doctor after a rough Monday, possibly a treat Tuesday morning for those halfway around the world.  
So many patients, so little time
Oh good gracious, it's only a rhyme
Akira Chinen Jul 7
Mary made a monster
mankind made a bomb

it’s all a fairytale gone wrong
we took the make believe
and made the horror real

history learned nothing
from all of that destruction
who forgot to read the book
that taught us our place
was not to play
the part of ***

Mary made a monster
mankind made a bomb

the blood keeps spilling
as we still haven’t learned
that peace can’t be kept
by the threat and poor wisdom
of an eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth

who can we pray to
and beg for forgiveness
for the **** we create
when by this point
we’re past knowing better

Mary made a monster
mankind made a bomb

we’re still not the wiser
as we repeat and repent
all of our sins
as again and again
we dress for the part
of playing ***

and as the book ends
may the monster forgive us
for all the things
we have done
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
I used to sing to the morning but it's at the end of the day
I used to sing to the mountains but they all washed away
I think of the lessons I've learned along the way
When my memory fails, they'll all slip away

I had a dream but the morning came to pass
Clouded up my mind with nothing but the past
When you've fallen in love, you'll always remember that
When you fall out, you feel like you'll never get it back

I played to the millions all with empty eyes
I played to a friend who sat and cried
All is forgiven with a kiss and a sigh
When the realization hits that life passes by

I cared enough but it only brought me down
As long as I'm alive, I'll always be around
Send me requests and I'll carry them out
I'll be your friend until all your lights go down
Kora Sani Aug 23
your mind is playing tricks on you again

it's not safe

that girl you know
it's not you
you don't know her

her face is familiar
you see it everyday
you use her to type these letters

she hates you

you don't know why

she's beautiful
but you can't tell
she doesn't want you to know
all the truth's of the world

open your eyes girl
you can't trust her
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