AKA Jan 2014
Mirrors telling lies    makeup
         Painting illusions,
Making caricatures from my face, a
Character in its place, playing
Narcissist    every    day.
If I love me they will come,
If I love me they will stay.
This part masks insecurity,
If I say I love me, won't they?
Pretending to love myself so others love me.
Jackeline Chacon Feb 2015
He played me piano
       He played me a song
       He played me a note
          Quite a bit wrong

       He played me here
       He played me there
       He played my body
     Like notes everywhere  

     I can't look at a piano
      Without dying inside
       You did things to me
            I have to hide

        He played me piano
        He played me a game
        He played my heart
           Oh what a shame

        He played me here
        He played me there
        He played me good
        Then pulled my hair

       I can't look at a piano
        Without crying inside
         I was falling in love
             I had to hide

        He played me piano
        He played me a song
        We played an affair
          Oh so very wrong  

         He played me here
         He played me there
         We played piano
Amber Dec 2014
At first you are ecstatic
Look what you found in the attic
A toy!
& you are just a boy.
So you play,
With me all day,
A month & a year goes by.
But I'm out of your mind's eye,
Collecting dust on the shelf
See he got a new toy for himself.
All shiny & red
I knew I would dread
The day he didn't want me
It hurt but it had to be.
He threw me on the curb
Not to be disturbed
Until one day
Another boy will go out of his way
To play...
Because I am just a toy.
Adriean New Jul 2014
I miss being a child who
didn't give a care for the world
except playing outside.
I remember playing in the back yard
all day till it got dark & momma yelling for
me to come in for dinner & to shower
before bed.
I miss not worrying about anything
except what stick I wanted to play with.
Growing up is hard. Make the best of it now.
Rebecca Holland Oct 2014
I hope i'm fooling everybody
With my fake gimmick of a cover up
And I hope it doesn't highlight my lack of beauty
But the only thing i fear it highlights is the lie that drips from my fake
*"I don't give a fuck."
Michael Blace May 2014
the yellow sun
was shining down
on grass and sand and waves
it was a place
where children went
to laugh
and dance

as molly ran
and wandered off
she found a magic thing
a deep blue house
carved out of stone
in which the wind
would sing.

the other children
climbed about
and gazed into
the cave
and johnny said
“i’ll lead the way”
(because he was most brave)
and tad and tommy
followed him,
for they were big
and strong
while alice chose
to stay outside
but molly tagged along.

the dark was very chilly
and the silence, very wet
johnny shivered and looked back
but couldn’t leave
just yet.
now molly didn’t notice:
and wonder
filled her eyes;
she found a solace
in the stillness,
in the pitch black sky.

when suddenly, there came a rustle
from a hundred winged things
as dark as sin
with deep red eyes
just like rusted swings.

tommy was the first one out
(his long legs made him fast)
then john and tad
ran into alice
and tumbled on the grass.
and when the world
had settled down,
the quiet had returned
they saw that one
was not around
and they became concerned.

but don’t you worry,
little molly
was fine as fine can be
as she uttered boldly to the dark:
“you never frightened me"
Tyler Loeslein Nov 2012
Band-aids on boo-boos, kiss the pain away,
Being their older sister, I know the words to say,
To make the crying stop, to cease the tear flow,
Raising my little brothers, really helps to show,
That my purpose here in life, is to someday be a mom,
But until that day comes, injured brothers I will calm.
K Balachandran Jul 2013
Phones, shapely, laughing beauties of yore,
once patiently rested in cradles , what elegance!
waiting for the prince to come, give a kiss
break the spell, remove the curse!
Gone are the days of pampered babies,
no cradles for phones anymore,
cell phones, the petite beauties we all care for now,
are born grown up.

The baby in the cradle now
sobs demanding the slimmest of cellphones,
once able to lay hands on it
the games continue till the eyes droop .
Cradles get vacant now too soon
the petite phone rings with out
any rest day and night.
Phones of new generation, need no cradles anymore,
and the touch screen babies of present  day too leave cradles soon.
Jeannette Chin Aug 2011
We catch the sunset
while eating
breakfast: ignoring
mothers, ignoring
landlords, skinning our knees
and skipping supper,
using the kitchen with some
improvisation, forgetting to stir
the pasta, blotting bacon
with coffee filters,  
flinging linguini on the walls
and the ceilings (for
if cooked it will cling
but if raw it will fall).
“Is that pasta on the wall?”
“Is it purple?”

Outside a boy
in a dress shirt and a girl in
a paisley skirt walked past
the window, holding hands
and clutching palm
Sunday leaves.

Then the strand of linguini
began to detach itself from
the ceiling, like a break dancer,
with flimsy limbs,
and when it dropped
it fell through the air
like an Olympic
diver, twirling and curling
with two ends clung
to one another
and then unfolding
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Undoubtedly all great players know                                                                      Their roles accurately ...                                                                                           No one goes beyond                                                                                                 One's role anytime ...                                                                                               All roles are planned greatly                                                                                    To suit themselves ...                                                                                                 Any violation of one's role ,then                                                                              It will inevitably lead to one's end ...                                                                       Crossing red lines is not allowed anytime ...
Kevin Eli Sep 2014
Bad like a habit, we had to have it, I can't stand it, it's just like gold to a bandit.
Well you take, what you get, when you do what you do.
It's okay, I won't give up on you.
Don't you fret, bout the mess, you don't have to wear armor.
No more, no more my amour.


And when all is said and done, and we are both long gone,
Lord knows you were the only one.
And when all is said, then undone, fights we lost, or we won.
They'll know we just liked having fun playing with guns.
Playing with guns.

Put it down, pick it up, breathe again, take a plunge.
Holes in these eyes, and this skin, I see you naked, now don't give in.
And you fell how you fell, I understand that you feel down.
Freedom and prison don't mix very well, do they now?


And when all is said then done, and we are both long gone,
I can't wait to see what we become.
Old souls, ghosts or angels, supernova-omegas.
They knew we just liked having fun playing with guns.
Making big bangs playing with guns.

Having fun playing with guns,
We're just having fun playing with guns.
Having fun playing with guns,
I know we're not the only ones.
In memory of Lacey Weitz, the love of my life. 02/26/90 - 03/25/16. Rest In Peace my angel..
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2014
Moonlight glinted off my hair
And had turned yours to silver.
As we danced round and around,
We became stars that didn't
Belong in this universe.

But I'm sure in another
We're still laughing and playing
In the moonlight underneath
The Japanese Maple tree
Like the children we once were.
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