Fredrick Fannin Dec 2014
Oh what a fight, push shove duck Dodge.

Miss count dance prounce, Oh what a fight.

Bob Weave trick up my sleeve, Oh what a fight.

Toss turn ive awaken, It was just a dream But, Oh what a fight.
I love to dream.
Fon Jun 2014
The worst fight
Is the one
Against feeling
The more you keep resisting
The more it grows deeper
And now my coffees cold
Your backhanded compliments are getting old
We got in a fight tonight
you stormed out
you kicked over my bike
Eris Jan 2015
You are meant to fight
Your body fights for its right
Its right to function
So don't try to stop its synchronization
If your miniscule parts haven't given up yet, then why should you?
Facy Meemster Oct 2015
we fight
I know it isn't right
but we fight
name a couple that is one hundred percent alright
Paulina S Mar 2014
If you want something, you fight for it
If you want success, you fight for it
If you want that girl, you fight for her
You pour your heart with all your strength
With all your love, you fight for her
No matter what, you fight
With real, honest, pure, clean and harmless passion
You fight until your last breath
And you never, never give up
Fight for what's good
iznolan Jun 2014
move on
is not easy
but trust me
you can go through it
because everything
happens for a reason
a reason to make you braver
to see the future.
schadenfreude Nov 2014
he saw her dancing
in the night, enjoying
with lights, flickering
to the music, singing

she caught his glance,
smile at him in stance,
so he joined her and dance
because he cant lose the chance

they were so caught up in the night
they fell right in love at first sight
they knew the odds and are ready to fight,
because they know what future holds is bright
just a simple poem
LN Apr 2014
Stop scarring your own skin
Tearing your thoughts apart
You are a masterpiece of wonders
Rebuild yourself and be whole again
Write out your demons
And tear the paper instead
She promises she wont fall

because the fear is to strong to let down such walls

she touchers her mind with thing that could

but in reality understand that impulse will be misunderstood

for she stabs and she fights because she know that she should

the wounds will heal to scars but the memories are as strong as wood

cold used to pierce her skin in the night

but she's grown numb to the world

for now she is a prisoner and must fight.
Rockie Apr 2015
You want to fight? Fine.
Swing your punch, hit my face,
Nose getting bloody,
Eyes swelling to the colour of purple grapes,
The hate of your punch clear
In the arrogant way you stand.

You want to fight? Fine.
You'll never beat the fury out of my words.
Taylor Shelton May 2015
And then he told me that the only solution was to stand back up and fight
but I felt that I was only losing and I was right
Piercing through whatever was left of me
but not even he could see me die that night
and now everything is falling just because of one fight
Crazy Beautiful Nov 2013
I'm Not Sure If u Would Ever See This
Or If You Would Even Care...
But I Think Of You Always & I Miss You Being There
Even though You Hurt Me Deeply,
And There Is A Sadness In My Eyes,
You The One Who Completes Me Even With All The Hurt & Lies..
I Imagine Conversations I Know We Would've Had..
Things We Would've Done..
The Happiness We Would've Felt Inside
I Know Someone Else Will One Day Take My Place
But I Will Never Forget Your Beautiful Face...
You I Could Never Erase....
Its Been A Crazy Beautiful Fight....
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