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gather and collect
and then offer your sympathy
feelings deflect our sorrow and antipathy
life is brimming with good deeds
i remain steadfast in all that i seek
sweet love is among us now
her eyes and hands
feed the mouths of two rivers
i chase winter into her bed
our eyelids lift as we drift south
and lots of people desperately
cling to their doubts like old lovers
arizona Apr 15
You admired the way
she made your life full.
You felt a calming peace,
a longing for shared purpose.
Passion emerged blood thick
in your body
and her hands fit
in all the right places;
A sacred journey
bound by no restrictions
You, piercing eyes staring without focus
**** covered statue symbolic of
You, unanswered prayer
Steadfast in composure and
Soft apologies.

You, butterfly wings and empty envelops
Shredded from each edge
No longer holding promise
Or capable of flight
So instead, promise spills from me.

You, easily excitable smile.
You, patience.
You, stone.

You, reckless atmosphere
Tumbling through my lungs.
If only my lungs were built like
Two bodies in conversation.
You, broken English and the exact
Wrong thing to say.

I, one single body.
I, pious and shredded and refilled.
Pyrrha Sep 13
Carefully the needle penetrates into my skin
With every new puncture the thread follows along

In and out again and again
Till it reaches the end and finally
A harsh pull, a few tugs

Then the string is snipped free at last
Its been completely sewn shut

Only after you closed me up
Did you ask me how my day was
How I was feeling

But what could I say
With my mouth sewn shut?
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