Carey Jan 2014
Everyday is hard for me
the thoughts the feelings
the desire and longing to it the end
and when will it end
How will this end
How can I go on like this

the lack of sleep is getting worse
the thinking and dreaming of dying and death
that live in my head
the hurting and pain never lefts me
Death is easy and life is hard
Hard to fathom such an illogical part
Because mentally I’m not ready to live in this mentality
I’m emotionally flawed like original sin
Always cursed to live another hustling binge
While constantly being shuttled like cattle
Treated like sheep
With every lie told I weep
When will we awaken from this long sleep?
Living every day like a hustle
Another world is cut off
In the everyday struggle
An ode to the poor and shrinking middle class, the marginalized, the African American, the woman...
NeroameeAlucard Nov 2015
Lil ghetto boy
There's more to the world than the hood
There's places to play besides a broken down park
There's places where it's safe to go out in the dark
You can do anything on this earth
You can change the world forever

Lil Ghetto boy
There's more to read than reports of everybody getting shot
You shouldn't need to throw up a set to walk safely around, you should not
Don't let your beginning determine your end
Lil Ghetto boy, you have me as a friend
Donna Bella Feb 2015
I'm so used to getting used
I now offer myself
It's a sad thing
Very depressing
They say they need me
And I'm there
But when I need them
I never recieve an answer
I'm not the pillow you can flip over and use every night
I'm not the toothbrush you use everyday
I'm not the water that you drink
But I am me
And I should not be used like an everyday thing
Drakeslilbro Dec 2014
The government
Or the new slavery system
Imprisoning our people
Not physically but emotionally
Innocent people killed
Kids too..
No need to riot
There's nothing we can do
All we can do is sit here
And watch our world go to an end
Its a battle we are not going to win..
We all die eventually, this is just speeding up the process.
kuehtart Nov 2014
silly little girl,

crying over a guy

whom won't return her love

& slowly, dies
mah first eva poem HAHA OK HI
Hannah f Jul 2014
Tired physically.
Tired emotionally.
Tired of bullshit.
Tired of money.
Tired of shitty drivers.
Tired of shitty people.
Tired of headaches.
Tired of back pains.
Tired of anxiety.
Tired of depression.
But most of all,
I'm just tired of being tired.
Tim Emminger Apr 2014
Everyday is a new day
A chance for a new start
Everybody makes mistakes
That's what new days are for

Everyday is a new day
The slate is wiped clean
Today you can change who you are
Forget the past, today is what you live for

Everyday is a new day
A chance for you to be who you want to be
Everyday is a great day
A chance for you to change something
Angela Poems Aug 2015
Everyday I fight my loneliness.
Everyday I tell myself I am strong.
I can survive on my own.
I don't need anyone.
I don't need you.
I don't need you, I want you.
I want you next to me.
I want my heart to stop hurting.
I want you to tear down my walls.
Storm my castle.
Take me over.
ryn Aug 2015
Awake this day...
And never fear.
I believe...
everything would be much clearer.
This day more than most...

For this day...
And everyday forward,
the sun would rise in haste to propose a toast...
to the undoubtedly most significant people... 

in my heart...

The moon would pull on the tides...
My thoughts and well wishes on waves they ride,
racing to farthest reaches of your recluse.

Just so this day you'd know
More than most days would show...
That my belief will withstand the fires of a hundred guns.
That my love would blaze with the fury of a thousand suns.

Know that,
this day the planets and stars finally would inherit their orbit true.

This day...
And everyday forth...

the universe would and must revolve around you.
For the writers who've left...
Ankit J Chheda Nov 2012
7 billion people on this stupid earth,
The one I want I can’t have,
Even as it keeps spinning making me dizzy,
I realize there is nothing I can say to keep you to me,
I can only say why I love you so much and do with,
Trying to keep count of every moment when in my head you’re in,
I wake up to the thought of you and smile,
As the morning sun blinds my eyes,
Between the times I talk to you and not,
When the big bulb shines bright,
Happens a disturbance called life,
The day slips away into the night as you’re in a dream,
Things not of you melt away,
I linger on the edge of sleep as your memories make my heart beat,
In the dark whispers sound in my sleep,
Each beat is born of something I love about you,
Heartbeats tell their stories of how you steal them from me,
They want you close so the stealing would stop,
So there can be new life in me.
Rachel Lyle Jul 2014
Now when the empty creeps inside-
I cannot escape it.
It's ravaged,
And- silly I,
I think I can eat it.

But it is nothing; how can I eat it?

There must be a way.
I can taste it some days;
Thick and slimy on my tongue.
Down in my belly.
"How did it get down there?" I wonder.
"I never took it whole."

"A bit here and there." It replies.
It is-so-consuming.
"How did it become this way?"

I've been growing." The voice replies,
as it slurps along.
title inspired by Extraordinary by Liz Phair; think it works nicely with this piece.
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