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s Dec 2017
when you ask me if I'm bored
of listening to your story,
I ponder what boredom means to me
and why I'm grateful for mundanity.

you colour my life
in every tone of grey -
in a nourishing, poetic,
underrated way.
grey - the soul
of every colour in the world -
invisible and aligned
like all things well designed.

or maybe because grey
feels like routine,
and you’re the everyday
that's to come
and that has been.

you're where I set my bar for normal;
you're my Sunday night pyjama informal.

You’re my common sense,
my reality check,
my perspective lens,
my goodnight peck;
and even your grim phone voice
& plotless stories on sleepless nights
are part of the palette 
I've come to adore,
painting magic
in monochrome.
Daniel Quigley Dec 2017
A halogen glow
Condensation drips
Winter pressing on the glass
This tired bus rolls on
Bring me home once more.
Sarah Isma May 2018
Day by day you'd pass me by,
and at a time i'd think
it's a norm seeing you smile
I said hi but today
you replied with my name
For a second then,
i never realized that my heart would beat
a little bit faster than it usually did,
I never thought
How good it sounded coming from you
and i never realized
how everyday was like that after,
i'd be falling slowly,
a little bit deeper than i should be,
deeper in love with you
of course there is this boy, in which i think may become a series, where we met and i thought he was handsome but i thought id never get anywhere with him but as time goes by he started talking to me, and acknowledge me and until one day, he said my name, far from the crowd- just to make me say hi to him back. I feel like im starting to swim in dangerous waters now
Rabbit Jan 7
You're a dream come true
Like a secret rendezvous
As I Chase you through the hallway
Desiring you through and through

I adore your every essence to the depths of my soul
That's why it's so often
That these words can so easily flow.

I'm inspired by your sight
Can only imagine what it feels like to touch
Butterflies in my stomach
As my heart and blood begin to rush.

Love our time together
On the phone that we get to spend
It's all worth it to me to
Get to know my true friend.

Homie, lover and some more
Is what I hope that you will be.
Unimaginable, stupendous,
Amazing, and complete
Is what you are to me.

So overwhelming beautiful
In every single way
A spirit so lovely
Blessing us with your presence
Just a few words can make all our day.

Come up from behind you
As I softly kiss you on your neck
Listening to Chris Brown
On everything else, I'll take a raincheck.

I stare into your eyes as I
Connect with your mind, body, and soul
We grab each other and two bodies
Embrace and connect as they become one whole.

Unity, communication, trust,
Love, respect, and honor.
A relationship worthy
of a handshake from a father.

Rose petals at your feet,
Foot massages on a daily
Let me treat you like the goddess
That you are you are
and If you haven't figured it out by now
I want You to be my lady.
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