Toni Sep 2014

I'm beautiful
You've told me all evening
and will tell me all night
but will I still be beautiful
in the morning?

Chloé Apr 2014

Morning world
Morning sunshine
Morning sadness and happiness
Morning people who we love
Lets keep it simple dear people :)

Keep it simple :)
RayRay Feb 2015

I love you so
For all the life
That is breathe into me, when I wake up
For all the cool breeze at 4am
That seems to send a refreshing chill to my spine
For all the calmness you bring
That seems so peaceful before all the madness wakes up
For all the time spent
Till my alarm clock fails to wake me up

See you soon,
You beautiful.

Fon Apr 2014

Early Sunday morning
I woke up
To see your message
Barely open my eyes
I read
Your text
And smile
Not the morning person
But I would love
To see sunrise
With you
By my side

Austin May 2016

Clock arms erect upward
while the sleepers lie in their beds
thoroughly wet dreams
soak the dirty thoughts in their heads
Mothers obsessed with 7:00 am alarms
rush their horny teenagers to designated stops
while a rising yolk shines bright
in eyes of sleepy pupils who wait for
a Twinkie on wheels
to shuttle them to institutions
addicted to #2 pencils

Jason Mar 2015

Good morning,
Good morning,
The day's just begun.
May yours be filled
With much laughter and fun!

The original works and writings of Jason Deegan.
All Rights Reserved. ©2015
Bee Jun 2014

Brown bean in a cup.
Perfect couple with warm milk.
The scent of morning.

Ashley Somebody May 2014

You were the morning
When the sun returns with hope
Now night confuses.

niamh Jun 2015

Gleaming morning dew
Kisses the flowers awake
Intimate mornings

The morning light spills upwards and floods fast over me from the horizon.
Its power and beauty, astounding.

I simply wake.

My problems begin when others do the same.

Good day

I feel old
Cerebral Fallacy May 2015

Those little streaks of light
I gathered carefully in a bottle
A few drops of time
Dollops of love
Shaken and stirred
Gently holding your cheeks
Drop by drop
I feed you
Your lips consume
You bloom
You are the morning

Rustles and bustles
Of a lovely morning breeze
That shines crystal rays.

Rani Olivia Jul 2014

His voice,
Was like a relaxing Sunday morning.
And just like the day,
I couldn't have it on replay.

- Rani Olivia
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