Abi Moss Aug 2014

Insecurity isn't an attention seeking excuse.
Its something we do without noticing and other people get concerned..
I don't understand.

Everyone takes insecurity the wrong way. And it bugs me.
Crystal June Sep 2014

it's not easy being the superhero
in fact
it's hell
because while you're out there
saving the whole goddamn world
who is going to save you?
those selfish bastards need you
but you need them more
and they'll never know
sometimes the superhero
needs saving too

Alexis Apr 2014

She looked at how
Everyone was so sad,
So in need of help,
And thought,
"Maybe I could do something
To help!"

And then she realised,
Laughing bitterly
That she couldn't even
Save herself.

LoveIsReal Oct 2014

It hurts,
I want it to stop,
I wanna stop hurting,
Please help me stop hurting.

Eilis Ni Eidhin Feb 2015

When the world turns upside down
Because of a computer virus
Who ya gonna call?
The magical IT department.

On horses of cabled veins
They charge to vanquish
The evil that lurks inside
The internet.

White flags blowing in the breeze
Always on hand and
Well educated
But miserable in their own way.

help me to see
the light, for
the darkness is

Copyright 3-2-2015 Elizabeth Lawrence ©
No Hoots Gang Jul 2015

Big black man standing at my door,
he's going to steal my floor
It's time to go to war!
Boom goes my gun!
I better run!

asmall Oct 2015

You're asleep in my arms,
drunk and unaware.
But help me Lord,
for I could hold you close forever.
-it's 4am and you're drunk // a.s.

Lee Banks Aug 2014

I remember when I wanted to be
Anything and everything somehow
Now I’m starting to think:
Was that jus childhood or I am different now?

I haven’t achieved anything yet
I’m ordinary and average
I’m no one you’d remember
The world is not my stage.
Still, why do I feel I don’t need any help:
When it’s obvious that I do?
All those people giving me advice,
Why can’t I just listen to you?

Why does it take so long for your words
to sink into my brain?
Why can’t I see how much I lose
And how little I gain?

Why did I make myself this way?
Why can’t I make myself change?
Why can’t I just do it?
Why am I so strange? 

Why are there so many “why?” s in this?
I need to stop making excuses
Stop procrastinating and delaying
I should just get down to it.

There are things I need to do
I need to learn how to talk
I need to start listening now
I need to crawl before I walk

Today, I feel like I’m worthless
Tomorrow I’ll feel fine
I need whatever I’m feeling now
To stay inside this brain of mine.

I’m too young to be worthless
Too young to keep on crying
Too  young to even feel this way
Too young to stop trying

I just need to find the will again;
The will to do something great
Find it, Keep it and never let it go.
“I am the master of my fate” (Invictus, William Henley, 1888)

Kiera b Mar 2015

It's so dark here!
It's so scary.
No matter how much I run,
I can't find the exit.
Someone help me!
Someone help me!
Is there anyone who can hear my plea?
Who's there--?

Lost in the abyss made out of darkness in this world
ajp Jun 2014

your love was
but it was also

em Sep 2015

My depression plays a game of red light green light.
I'm ok until I'm not.

this is a begining to something, idk what yet, but something, i needed to get some stuff out. probably gonna post more tonight. comment where I could go with this
Simon Eliasen Aug 2014

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