Katelyn Arnold Jan 2014
if, somehow, you could see how high & dense your fortified groves has gotten
you wouldn't be asking me why i'm trying to get to you like a giraffe gets to the
leaves in the trees, because your barrier is like barb wire tangled around your
wrists and, almost like a failed lobotomy, you're as mad as a hatter, and the
ribbons that tied us together tightly unwoven it's knot, and i'm so careful in
finding the pieces of worn bricks to tear down and not break you in the process
the fear left me restless, without a doubt, you get helpless after a while and
start believing that sandpaper and silk are similar, but they aren't textured the
same in reality, yet who even really knows what is wrong and what is right?
maybe the puzzle pieces get worn over time and they're not even considered
to be pieces to a puzzle anymore, it's like putting together a falling apart pie

- kra
Melody W Nov 2012
And come Springtime, I will be gone
having flown away with the last sparrows
still cradling October winds, hearing not
the desolate sky that still chastises us,

What have you done?

But here in this stone-echoed fortress
I pause now, carve tallies with dull instruments
and care not when my lungs threaten
to cease their movement, fallen soldiers of old

A gleam of a smile,
carrying the briefest of stories
from ages ago, and aeons away

you shall not know,
you shall not know
Phoebe Hynes Mar 2015
Understand me.
Understand me.
Understand me.
I’m standing in front of you.
Understand me.

I stood before you,
And you never understood.
Stephanie Lynn Sep 2015
in a world where we pray to be united
within the grasp of wholehearted humanity
standing tall
we sink in the dirt beneath our feet
and holding our heads up high we sing with the utmost pride
a song of which becomes a chanting notion
setting the tone for revenging entities
growing weary of the unwanted waste we toss our visions in the sea
without daring to take the promising chance

how are we to stand together
in a castle built to crumble in its past?

and yet we become the fools
lost in the fight and lost in our grieving
we walk the streets with our banners and our anger
without understanding what we are feeling

let me take you back to nineteen sixty three
when we marched on Washington
and we were lead by a King
what merely started as the seed of a dream
became the prelude to never ending history
yet with each milestone comes adversaries
and we still cry the tears of our fallen fathers
we still cry to be free

but remember my brothers and sisters
to be mindful in your actions
for blood does not wash blood away
and because the tongue can be a sword
be mindful of every single word you say
the whole world is unjust
be emotional if you must
but the time is now to be reflective
to be knowledgeable
to be respected
because the hearts of our sons and daughters
still need to be protected

the sun my still set orange
and they moon may still shine white
the day may still end at quarter to
the moment everything is night
and in each passing day are you going to become the change that is needed to win the fight?

are you going to do what's right?
(C) Maxwell 2015
AJ James Oct 2012
In school I never understood
No, I never could
what the point of it was.
What is the point?

I learned about math and science;
Good God, why am I so defiant?
So call me lazy.
Tell me my IQ is below average.
Well here's an image:
I'm actually smart I just hate
being a slave
to the system.

I almost missed 'em.
But they caught me
and now they got me
and all that I intended to defend
is left on the side of the street.

I'm rebelling
while they're trying to compel me
to stay put in my seat
like a fucking robot.
Well, I will not.

I gotta break outta this prison
but where's my bailsman?
This is my decision
and I've chosen
not to be broken.

My mind will escape unscathed
while yours will continue to be lathed
by those mechanical words
that they feed to you like birds.
And what's worse:
Is that you eat it.
You accept them.
You swallow down that indiscretion.
What a burden
but I don't feel sorry
for you tainted mind
because you chose it
when I warned you
that they'd change you.

And now you've become a slave to their holocaust
and you're so lost.
You can't even think your own thoughts.
It's despicable.
And it's not permissible.

You're stuck in their Utopia
and you're praising their allah.
Well God knows, it's not right.
So you gotta ignite
all your original thoughts and morals
cause honey they aren't your idols.
They are so pretentious
and utterly blinded.
Stuck under their bibles
but they aren't angels.

Break free from the system
come join my anthem.
Let's start a rally
and get more allies.
Join me in my plea
to be all that we can be.
To stand for what we choose.
I promise we will not loose.
Calhoun Poetry Feb 2015
Do you even know what you stand for?
Do we even know what we stand for?
As the latest inequalities between races, classes, and genders sweep by my generation, we stand one-by-one

I wonder how many rose because the person next to them did
Thinking of You Aug 2015
She always had a way of standing above her circumstances.
Even in the way she dressed, it was like she was going somewhere better later. Yet above her logic and even above her poise she held within her a jar of emotion locked inside for the one worthy. The jar was hidden and no one knew just all that hid underneath the soles of her Jimmy Choo's. And my God she was brilliant, and my God she could make it on her own; but she didn't want to.
Kim Sep 2015
There is a sense of timelessness in the twilight
Of time standing still and extending into the infinite
Of sadness and hope
Of yearning and satisfaction
Of unrest and peace
Where time has no meaning and
the mundane melts away into the symphony of colours in the sky..

..and your eyes follow the fading light and your soul knows its purpose once again..
Willow-Anne Nov 2012
One of the easiest ways to be happy
Is to let go of what makes you sad
So how could letting go of you
Really be that bad

Our relationship has gone downhill
Things are getting out of hand
You've pushed me and you've hurt me
Now it's time to take a stand

I'm sick of being walked on
And so sick of being used
And whenever I'm around you
My self esteem getting bruised

Something has got to change
I'm through being shoved around
So I'm saying what is on my mind
No more backing down.
Nicole Ashley Apr 2015
He didn't know where he stood
I'm walking backwards on a tightrope
Upside down and around
I asked
Can I stand with you?
I'll be your
We could stand with the stars and the moon
I knew where he was all along
Martin Kroyer May 2014
Standing by the riverrun
a lone a last a everything
the mass was floating and unfolding
I was the engine she was the chorus.

Twisting about the bend
One fell one fall one everything
the mess was unfolding and holding
I could only touch her if she was nune.

Looking past the looking-glass
Her nerves her curves her everything
the miss was touching and forever
I be gone and be all by the riverrun.
My opening poem to this site.
MdAsadullah Dec 2014
Amongst Orientals and Blacks I smothered.
Presence amidst Mestizos was absurd.

Amongst the Arabs stranger I felt.
Choked amongst Whites and Celts.

Amongst the Eurasian lonely I was.
Feeling of an alien 'tween Desis 'twas.

Standing amongst stones I was pleased.
Felt comfortable, felt relieved and eased.
Aaron LA Lux Dec 2016
Standing Rock

The pipeline is the bloodline,
of an Empirical Two Headed Dragon,
The Divided States of America used to be united,
can someone please tell me what the heck happened,

Standing Rock just might be the last stand for anyone that’s still standin’,

Standing Rock,
is not a photo op,
it’s not a festival,
it’s Indians and Cops,

more correctly,
it’s Native Americans and Corporate Hitmen,
it’s the crossroads,
where environmental defense intersects with big business interests,

it’s getting intense,

water cannons and flash grenades,
mock democracy and a Trump presidency,
military disguised as cops,
and cops disguised as military,

as the original defenders of this land,
continue to make a stand,
at Standing Rock this is not a photo op,
this is indirect imperial tactics meets Direct Action,

highly ironic,
that I write this on Thanksgiving,
the day before Black Friday,
tell me what you do that’s worth livin’,

Quite fitting,
that I’m writing this on Thanksgiving,
a “holiday” in a way,
but really just a heist by villains disguised as pilgrims,

well then,
where does that leave us now,
several hundred years later,
at Standing Rock having a powwow,

have we gotten here,
and how,
as so little changed we’re,

still in this sticky situation,
battling hearts that are as black as oil,
still sucking the blood out of Mother Earth,
still battling Two Headed Serpent Dragon as it coils,

the pipeline is the bloodline,
of an Empirical Two Headed Dragon,
The Divided States of America used to be united,
can someone please tell me what the heck happened,

Standing Rock just might be the last stand for anyone that’s still standin’.

the Sacred,
with Love,
over Hatred.

Water Is Life.

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

In Solidarity
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