Amitav Radiance May 2014
You are a sailor
Drift way from the harbor
Pull up the anchor
That binds you down
Set sail towards the horizon
Take off the blindfold
And hoist the sail
Let the wind be your guide
Sun and the Moon your compass
Steering through uncharted waters
Sometimes calm weather
Or, inclement weather, rocking your ship
Tackling the deep waters with alacrity
Unfathomable depths, yet the ship sails
Cutting through the waters
The saline water, which is a part of you
Seagulls guide you towards the shore
Anchoring at the preferred destination
Every grain of sand cushions your feet
Welcoming you to the island of bliss
Cut off from the mainland
Yet, helping you connect with yourself
Now it’s time to unwind
And join the party after a successful voyage
Ready to set sail for another expedition
As a sailor, cruise till the end

© Amitav (Radiance)
Amitav Radiance Jun 2015
Ships won’t be anchored forever
Rusted anchor will break free
Its weight will help sink deeper
With a loud clunk, noise will dissipate
The ship will set sail once again
No weight is heavy enough to overcome
Steered away to distant land
Searching for newer shores and destinations
Away from the land of constraint
Ship will sail safely through deeper waters
Navigating through inclement weather
Forces of nature will test its strength
For the ship shall find the happy shores again
Higgs Mar 2013
a magic journey,
And dive inside a dot,
Following the footsteps,
Of Benoit Mandelbrot.

Painted by the numbers,
From his quadratic brush,
A secret world is opened up,
As deeper down you rush.

Kaleidoscopic valleys,
A psychedelic shore,
Bifurcating, replicating,
Branches to explore.

Marvel at the beauty,
Too rich to comprehend,
Plunge towards infinity,
But never reach the
Inspired by my love of fractal geometry.
WHOOSH* she goes
On the low seas, carried by the high winds.
Ankles anchor, Knees tack, Back yaws, Wrists lock, and Thumb sagg.
Holding on to a harpoon in
my dingy, flopping against
Glinting, Honed, Double-Edged waves.

"Light, Ho!
It's the Eye of the Storm.

Fatigue steers me into its heart
My anchor prodding me,
To continue or to
Inspired to use some nautical terms.

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elle May 2015
you were my anchor
a source of strength
as I refused to sink

you are my anchor
tied around my feet

but i must set sail now
let loose of the ropes
& please, *just let me go
Wise and responsible Leadership
Cannot emerge from a Culture of Suppression.
The Stage was set for the Fascism of Donald Trump
By the suffocating Political Correctness
Of the Liberals
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Let's set sail
and float without fail
even if we go blind we'll read whole books in Braille
and life will never get stale
we'll drink tea and we'll live free as she and he
her and him let's do it on a whim
you'll be thought of before me
I'll even sign a decree
or a contract
it's love when we come in contact
and I believe it as fact
so let's make a pact
to set sail and never come back
Vishal Dogra Oct 2011
Now, the Sun is again setting;
with fading beams a frenzy knight who shone & lit the dark with awful might
That shine is now punning and the Sun is again on verge of setting.
Shall the dark win the light?
Shall thou live in the night?
‘O’ Sun don’t forget thyself truth of fighting the dark to bring the light

Why leave hope?
thou sow those seeds and reap that crop
that Sun again shine – the purely white
who can win over the night;

So the Sun may again set in
Innocent Nov 2014
If it's to be
It's up to me

Everything in me wants to flee
To the top of the tress
Where I can live and be free

Connect with nature
Be a baker, teacher or a Sergeant major
Rule the kingdom
With baby Lincoln and a trio of fearsome pilgrims

Swing from branch to beach
The sand, the water and the sea
Is this where I'm meant to be
Siting under a coconut tree drinking Chablis

Sunning with sea creatures
Feeling like a cheater
The heat and the sun
Making this a home run

Knowing it's where I'm meant to be
Me and all my heart is set free
erin haggerty Dec 2009
over and far away
across the sea
the ghosts i see
they see through me
silent mockery casts
around my steel composure
decays my hope by
truth's overexposure
i seek shelter
in my contradictions
i seek power
in my prided perceptions
raindrops on starboard recall
beat me to mud
i am blinded by
what is misunderstood

they hold me to every word relayed
always remind me with a nod
that i'm always searching
for those lost at sea
always returning
to my journey
to the dead

they're comprehendible
never moving
never touching
just between
real love
and imperfection
i coast these waters
at my own self speed
i long for something
which doesn't exist
cassie sky Oct 2012
These oceans are swelling with passion and grief
Emotions tucked away tightly in the coral reef
Protected by the old, wise octopi tribe
I’ll swim right past them to get inside

When hidden among the deepest blue,
Your light still shines on brightly through,
Radiating a path for me to travel on.

Once I find you in the wake of dawn,
Take me sailing into the sunrise,
Set still the tide with those glowing eyes,

Once these waves do curl and break,
My heart will be all yours to take.
without the memories of playgrounds--
the smell of too many American Spirits
the taste of chocolate wine
the cold of holy river water
the sting of heartache and hangovers and broken toes
the glow of midnight fires built too high with entire trees
the feel of tears on my sun-scorched collarbones
the sound of e.e. cummings and the poems from our adolescence being read over baking bread at three in the morning
rushing back to me.
i still remember our fears of shadow people and the
too loud screams of vag rock
over men(i should say boys)
who we centered our summer around
when we weren't busy being goddesses.
& there isn't a day i don't see a swing set
or hear the beginnings of Johnny Cash song
when i do not think of you
and hope
that the world will not change you
that the world will not change me
and we will one day
have a practical magic houses
and hostas
that i glare at
while i make tea in the mornings.
To Nicole Rene Bowers.
That Girl Oct 2012
Another ordinary day
Or so seems from the
Outside I portray
I'm so content on the outside
While my whole inside is
Dark and grey
My enemies reflect magnify
And measure my flaws
My friends are hurting from the pain that cancers cause
It's not just one
It's so many building up
It's time to fix all this
I've had enough

I try to take matters
Into my own hands
Refuse to listen to
Gods perfect plan
I try to perfect my self
Craving for escape
And when I cave in
It's not even worth the taste
The numbers don't match up
And this is getting tough
It's all these things inside me
All bottling up
I've got to fix this all
It's getting so rough

I peer into the eyes of uncertainty loss an hurt
I try to stay open
when others slam you out
I can see what your going through
I know what hurt is all about
I want to show who
Is helping me
But when I'm falling fast
What example can I be
Fix this please!

No one getting any sleep
Im losing fire inside of me
I need some oxygen
I need to breathe

You're losing hope again
The smiles are just pretend
You need a rescuer
You need to be set free
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