Matt Apr 2015
Trust is like an onion, you have to peel of the layers slowly one by one. If you cut it'll only bring you tears.
Atul Apr 2014
I only love her,
She loves me too.
We do meet in future,
The date is unpredictable.
But in the meantime,
I age everyday.
She does too,
But slowly.
She stays sweet,
Turns much sweeter.
Much more than sugar,
She's my sexy sugar babe!
Another poem for my darling love
My HP Poem #611
©Atul Kaushal
Linger Apr 2015
Like a creeping moss
Excitement slowly fills me
I will surely burst
We're about to be together for the first time in over a month! I am so far beyond excited I think I've transcend basic human emotional capabilities xD I love you so much and Friday is going to be awesome!
ic Mar 2014
be bold
be brave
the world is being hold
by the slave
that is worn out and old
digging his own grave.
jeffrey conyers Jan 2014
Somethings wind so slow that you get hooked by the spin.
But you know the second where?
And the second when?

Things that's good you don't rush.
You soak in the moment to enjoy the feelings.

A kiss that's rush leave no impression.
More likely, it will get a reaction.
Cause it will be void of satisfaction.

But a kiss that's planted slowly will be felt.
Every moment of touching one another lips.
Will leave a moment you seek not to forget.

But enjoy slowly.

Who want to be rush in the moment of your loving?
Where you begin to forget about the thrill?

You can't achieve your joy, if you're racing like the hare.
But you can if you decide to act like that turtle.
And move slowly.
Sean G Jun 2014
I tried to fix you,
Because that's what I do.
I look for imperfections and cracks.
And as I tried to put your pieces
Back together, I
Noticed that I was
Chipping away.
I am more broken than you.
Instead of putting you back
together, I should have been
saving myself.
Dhalegi Raat Aayegi Sahar Aahista Aahista
Piyo Un Ankhdiyon Ke Naam Par Aahista Aahista

Night will end and the morning will arise, slowly, O’ slowly
Sip in the name of her eyes, slowly, O’ slowly

Dikha Dena Usse Zakhm-e-Jigar Aahista Aahista
Samajh Kar Soch Kar Pehchaan Kar Aahista Aahsita

Show her the wounds of your heart but slowly, O’ slowly
With thoughts, understanding and accuracy, slowly, O’ slowly

Abhi Taaron Se Khelo Chandni Se Dil Ko Behlao
Milegi Uske Chehre Ki Sahar Aahista Aahista

Play with the stars and appease yourself with the moons light
You will meet the morning of her face, slowly, O’ slowly

Yakayak Aise Jal Bhujhne Mein Lutf-e-Jaan Kuni Kab Tha
Jale Ik Shamma Par Ham Bhi Magar Aahista Aahista*

What is the pleasure of life in burning so suddenly?
Burnt too I was on a flame but slowly, O’ slowly

— Translated by Jamil Hussain, Sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Woody Feb 2016
The moon passes by
like six months without a letter.
Joyce Jan 2016
So early this
Sunday morning.
Birds are singing.
Big church bells
I hear ringing.
My bed feels so cozy.
Pull my blanket over
my shoulder.
Turn around before
I get colder.
Love this slowy waking up.
Drink my coffee while
it's nice and hot.
The sun is shining through
my window.
Shines and give my skin
such a warm glow.
Time will pass along the way.
Wishing you all a sunny Sunday.
ic Sep 2014
your eyes are
glimmering oceans
and i am slowly
drowning without
anyone to save me,
this swimming lesson
was fun but you pulled
at my feet from underneath
and took me with you
under the surface,
whose waves are sending
shocks through me,
making me feel completely
taken away by the tidal
waves of your rapid heartbeat.
Kripi Dec 2012
broken pieces, are all getting joined back, slowly, slowly..
all those incoherent notes are now joining together, slowly, slowly..
the hazy face of mirror is playing, slowly, slowly..

A little life has lost its childhood,
it slept covered with the dirty sheet of fear..
helpless, alone, mute, it wept in silence..

These tears running for years, are stopping, slowly, slowly,
the eyes which were closed till now are opening, slowly, slowly.
The hazy face of mirror is playing, slowly, slowly..

I lived in disregard of myself always,
I drank the poison he dissolved (in my life)..
Hiding in the cover of silence, he committed a crime..

That lock put on the tongue, is opening, slowly, slowly..
There is no mistake of mine, I am getting to know, slowly, slowly..

                                                                                                                        -ram sampath
but i am getting to know,slowly slowly..."
Chris D Aechtner Mar 2012
I think in Japanese,
write down my thoughts in English,
then twist it all back into sushi:
a tasty bite to eat.

My mind is like origami
folding thoughts into meditation;
meditation unfolds
into a crisp sheet of city lights.

I love you big much,
love you big time;
I love the way you giggle nervously.
It must be amazing to find everything so funny.

Big city, sake sunset;
a karaoke moon rises
over a robotic, neon inception.
Transformers, Transformers:
autobotic-neurotic Bumblebee
comes to the aid of Samurai Prime.
"Autobots, transform!!"

Bored of the bright lights?
Weary of the snappy-happy gaijin
doing photo-photo
while they look for a sweet sakura-panpan?
Then take a leisurely stroll up to Hokkaido,
where there's less sucky-sucky,
and more bow-down-low-austerity
alongside the 108 gongs a-bonging.
Chant a few prayers,
speak with the sacred cedars,
take a dip in the hot springs
with some smiling monkeys,
and watch snow fall, together.

Nippon, you offer everything.
I can eat 20 times a day
without gaining a pound.
There's always more room
for miso, chanko nabe, shabu-shabu,
gyozo, okonomiyaki—
I am going to stop writing this list
so that I don't drown in my saliva.

I refuse to look back,
refuse to go back to the boredom
of white picket fences and hamburger dreams;
I want to stay here forever.
I love you big much,
love you big time;
totemo ureshii da.

March 1st, 2012
Hooflip Aug 2014
It's always going so slowly
I’d make a snow angel
But I’m afraid of the frost bite
Want the sun to come down
Make it all alright
Is it alright?
Is it okay?
I heard a branch broke under you
I know you’re a high climber
One timing
Two timer  
Watch yourself, little girl.

I broke into a birdsnest
To get a couple feathers and fly
To get a couple feathers and fly
I broke into a birdsnest
To get a couple feathers and fly

You broke your word
You broke my neck
I broke myself
Tried to get you back
I awoke in hell
Know what satan said?
Said "you're better off dead"
So I knew I had to live.

I broke into a birdsnest
To get a couple feathers and fly
To get a couple feathers and fly
I broke into a birdsnest
To get a couple feathers and fly
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