aarti dhillon Apr 2015
An unkind calmness that took away the solicitude
An unkind calmness that made everything a roun
An unkind calmness that mixed the altruistic with egoistic
An unkind calmness that took an evil tack
An unkind calmness that made solitude more ween
An unkind calmness that made white a black
An unkind calmness that after a fruitful bliss became a dark pandora
An unkind calmness that became worthy of unkindness !!
Dona Mayoora Apr 2014
I see two people
so in love with each other
schmoozing numinous dialect,
only a purest of heart can fathom.

I see a kiss I hear it too,
I see eyes pinnacles
lips singing
and heart sinking in love.

Now, do not tell me
I’m seeing
a teaching of Venn diagram
on the display board,
and my explanation for
A intersection B is ludicrous!

Please do not tell me
I’m wrong.

It must be poetry
I'm seeing,
and I'm in love with it
more than anything else.

/*Orginal poem published in Mayalayam, translated by poet. */
Set A                             Set B
       _____________        ______________
     /                           \    /                             \
    /                             \  /                                \
   /                               \/                                  \
  /                                /\                                   \
|                              / A\                                  |
|                             |  n |                                  |
|                             |  B |                                 |
  \                             \  /                                  /
   \                             \/                                  /
    \                            /\                                /
     \ ____________/  \_______________/
The twilight turns from amethyst
To deep and deeper blue,
The lamp fills with a pale green glow
The trees of the avenue.

The old piano plays an air,
Sedate and slow and gay;
She bends upon the yellow keys,
Her head inclines this way.

Shy thought and grave wide eyes and hands
That wander as they list -- -
The twilight turns to darker blue
With lights of amethyst.
Dana Kathleen Oct 2015
We spent months building
together but by the time
I realized it was your pantry shelf
I was already sitting on it
as a bag of sugar but
I gradually turned into salt
so you stopped wanting me
and I forgot I was living on your pantry shelf.
Until one day you cleaned out
your pantry shelf and I thought
I was lumpy old brown sugar
to be thrown out but months later
when you wanted to use me I realized
I never left your pantry shelf.
I was just baking soda in the back corner
and I’m still living there and don’t know
how to take myself off your pantry shelf
without your help so I guess
it’s my turn to use you.
Let's party until the Sun turns blue
It's my favorite color, just like you
Who needs drugs
When you have feelings inside your veins
Hayley Cusick Nov 2014
I want to wander among the leaves
that have fallen so carefully around me
they haven't hindered who I am
but they have showed me a new path
and I want to find where it's twists and turns end
beneath the snow and throughout my bones
I'm lost on this new path to an uncertain home
and I'm left without a reality to ground me
only to rely on something so far outside of me
I feel so alone with this emptiness that surrounds me
only filling each hole when I'm threatened to drowning
goodbye my darkness, my close friend. you used to mean so much but now it's the end.
Jonny Angel May 2014
The wind blows
chilling me
& a rising sun
warms my face.

Rain falls on my lips,
my naked body
& I get turned on.

It's that easy,
what Mother Nature
does to me.
andy fardell Nov 2011
woken by the stir as mother nature
turned her coat...
wind blown in the new as leaves fallen
fated will.....
twigs scatterd without a care.. branches beaten
all is fair
winter taketh soon be there
frost still wanting freezing out
winters hardeness...
birds still singing
what a song..
time of year this must be wrong
autumn closing feel the cold as
mother nature turns her coat
LoveLy Mar 2015
When your smile turns to a frown.
We used to glance at each other with such hope. Hoping someone would act first.  Now I glance at you hoping to meet that glance one more time so I know I should act. Now, I look away quickly just hoping you don't see the crying hidden behind the fake smiles I use to walk down the hall.
When your smile turned to a frown I realized I was just a fill between her and the next.  I realized you never liked me at all.  And I realized I fall too hard too fast.
When your smile "comes" to me again...this time I know to walk the other way.
Crazy Beautiful Nov 2013
When your heart turns cold it causes your soul to freeze
It spreads throughout your spirit like a ruthless feeling disease
The walls that once were down now stand firm and tall
Safe from hate, love, pain and joy until u feel nothing at all
Death seems like tranquility
Sleeping is never pleasant if u even sleep at all
You forget ideals and turn off the reason to make sure the product gets sold
You don't understand how I behave
Just wait till your heart turns cold!
Infamous one Aug 2013
I'm not one to say much that's why I write
I've been one to hurt others with my word
I prefer to: inspire make a difference
they the ppl you hang with reflect you
id rather be alone
I play it safe instead of putting my confidence in the wrong ppl
Friends are forever but seperated by life
Thankful for what I have but its not what I want to be doing
I worry for the future and hoping to break through instead of living in regret
Anon C Aug 2013
Serene erosion how could it be
a natural force turned so violently
awaiting the day that brings all to their knees
will your master then bade you well
awaiting an entity that will never come
merely impending darkness amd that is all and it will ever be
skin as white as my blackened soul
it's a metaphor didn't you know
ink painted from head to toe
I imagine the taste is that of the mountain air kissing ocean waves
I'm in love with a ghost
I found the moon hates the sun
the moon hates the sun, the rabbit is still white and the hatter still mad
the oxygen still tastes of mountain air and ocean waves
I shall just be on my way, good day
Tom McCone Aug 2015
light, you trickle through
my life; bursts of
blooms from all angles.
leaves sit still on
the sky. right pause. waiting
up for
a bit later, each
movement. daydreams
of topologies of sun
patches on your skin.
closer, love, i am
walking, in, through the
columns of this theater.
no actor in the hallway,
just your light, around

just your soft waves,
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