There were some Mountains.
Storms raged.
Stone split.
Time wore on.
And there great heights,
were reduced to tiny Grains.
Millions of tiny Grains.
Heat and air.
And then Glass.
So much beauty.
From such beauty as before it.
And in reflection of the beauty it is gifted to.
Here is a glass of water from my well.
It tastes of rock and root and earth and rain;
It is the best I have, my only spell,
And it is cold, and better than champagne.
Perhaps someone will pass this house one day
To drink, and be restored, and go his way,
Someone in dark confusion as I was
When I drank down cold water in a glass,
Drank a transparent health to keep me sane,
After the bitter mood had gone again.
Lunar Feb 2014
two fragile hearts made up of glass
everyone could see right through them both
only they themselves couldn't see the reality

both fell for each other
and whatever falls
will end up breaking

now those two once-glass hearts
shattered into a million emotional pieces

now those two once-glass hearts
will never find their missing parts

now those two once-glass hearts
have turned into nothing
but back into crushed sand
Nicholas Morin Mar 2015
I came out as broken glass
Not a bottle, not a window, just glass
And I was told I was Broken.
But what if this is what I am?
I'm sharp and cut, and my pieces get broken smaller,
But that's what I am.

- N. Morin
Lawan Nov 2015
The dark corridor did nothing
But intensify her gaze

I could tell my eyes were so transparent,
She could see through me

With her glass eyes
I still remained composed. I fought for every single information I gave away
Alvira Jul 2014
Trust is a lot like a glass
Some take strength to break
Some are plastic and almost eternally strong
and some shatter into little shards within an instant
Can we pretend that it made sense?
Lunar Apr 2015
Crushed pieces
Of two glass hearts
Didn't find their missing parts

But instead
Found each other
And fit perfectly in place

The first molded with the second
In the heat of the moment
Held from head to toe

A perfect masterpiece
From sand to art
A love so high from low
Part 2 of glass love
Chris Apr 2015

She polished the lens with a smudge of her finger
Still tiny traces of memories linger
Held to the light so the streaks they were showing
Wiped it again all the while just knowing

Darkness collected the corners she wept
Placed in the box with the love letters kept
Tied with a ribbon and sealed with a kiss
Stuck in a closet no longer to miss

Something was blurred in the sight she was seeing
Another time and a place often fleeing
Wanting the one with the smile unending
Lost in this room on the whispers now sending

She did not breathe, no not one breath of air
Sitting alone in the dark she did stare
Wishing on dreams out of focus and light
Wondering if it was day or was night

Opened a curtain, the sun was deceiving
Blinding the truth that her soul was believing
Calling reflections of love’s shining fashion
Thought back to days filled with feelings and passion

Took out a hanky and with just the right touch
Cleaned off the smears she had hated so much
Looked to the sky, she could see every part
*For she was the girl with the looking glass heart
I’m in my prime; at the cusp of my development.
A few more years of growth makes decay a lot more relevant…
Glass Elephant,
Glass Elephant,
Irrelevance, benevolence, compassion, or malevolence;
I’m one of few who sees it sums no difference.
Glass objects.
Or Elephants.

Striving for motion, with motive elusive
Each thing I endeavor is far too exclusive
I need something inclusive, objectively singular
A sinusoidal wave with a mean lacking integers
Peace in zero and equilibrium inclusion
Glass Elephant
Glass Elephant
Delusions, Delusions
Sam Jan 2015
Your lips made of broken glass

Leave me bleeding

As I try to utter the hushed words

'I love you'
Some say the glass is half full;
others say it is half empty;
I say it is half full of liquid
and half full of air.
June 10, 1998
Dhaye Margaux May 2014

you can't fix me
once i am broken
so take good care of me

RH 78 Feb 2015
New technology
          Evolving circuitry
                       Shiny quality tactile
                                                  Need it
                                              Want it
                                          Got it
                   New technology
   Swipe swipe gleaming
          Add the apps for gaming
                                              Have it
                                                Played it
                                        Dropped it!
                             Cracked screen
    That's what happened to my
            new technology.
Has this happened to you?
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