NeroameeAlucard Sep 2015
Guess what day it is
That's right! It's Sunday!
That fun day of the week
That's very very unique
I can finally let my lustful fantasies loose
Basically today I can be a freak.

So let's down to the nitty gritty
What shall I lick first? Lips or T-ties?
Shall I kiss you gently? Teasing you all the while?
Or shall we jump to the chase
And we make love while you're wetter than the Nile?

What position first? Missionary or doggy style?
Or maybe something crazy
We haven't done this in awhile
Or maybe we can take notes
From a book called the Kama Sutra
Believe me, there's a lot of ways I wanna do ya
Felicia Apr 2014
Maybe that's why I'm hated.
I've been told my personality is difficult to get along with.
Sal Gelles Oct 2014
you killed everyone in your head
including the loving person i knew,
growing up with a best friend
that ended up being my mother,
and the past twelve years i watched
as you died and the heartbreak
you caused all who loved you
and by denying the help they gave you
by denying the help you needed
to accept reality the way *we
have to,
and so as you've killed us all
and isolated yourself to the point
that i'd had to write your eulogy,
for you couldn't accept your life's detachment
from everyone, ties you severed yourself,
and that me being the only one left
left me with no choice
but to bury you six feet deeper
than the demons i created on my own
because I can't take care of yours too
in the fifth circle of hell
after I've escaped purgatory senses
and discovered my freedom's as a man.
I hope they can forgive you and you can get your wings.
I'll cry harder this year watching It's A Wonderful Life alone when that bell rings.

I am alive—I guess—
The Branches on my Hand
Are full of Morning Glory—
And at my finger’s end—

The Carmine—tingles warm—
And if I hold a Glass
Across my Mouth—it blurs it—
Physician’s—proof of Breath—

I am alive—because
I am not in a Room—
The Parlor—Commonly—it is—
So Visitors may come—

And lean—and view it sidewise—
And add “How cold—it grew”—
And “Was it conscious—when it stepped
In Immortality?”

I am alive—because
I do not own a House—
Entitled to myself—precise—
And fitting no one else—

And marked my Girlhood’s name—
So Visitors may know
Which Door is mine—and not
Erali Pisce Apr 2015
He is good.
He suprises me with how good he really is.
He makes me,
Can you believe it?
Sometimes I can't.
He loves  me.
gender fluid,
that I am.
I didn't really think that was possible.
Not because I am not deserving of love.
Just that I am different.
He loves my different.
He is in love with my different.
jeffrey conyers Feb 2013
I asked you.
Do you love me?
You replied, I guess.
That spoke more then you know.

I asked you.
Wouldn't you love to be rich?
You replied, yes.
That you surely knew.

But the question's that meant the most to me.
You treated it lackadaisical.
Yes, no spirit at all.

And now you're wondering, why you're alone?
I would say call Tyrone.
Like Erika Badu.
But he can't affrod a phone.
Let alone a home.

So this I guess.
Have affected your world.
All because you didn't give the right answer.
When asked.

If you turn it around and ask me.
I state it with truth about the way I feel for you.
There won't be this I guess.
Because you would only hear three words of truth coming to you.
I guess.
Well maybe I will.
Then again, I guess I won't.
Then again.
Casey Nov 2014
We kissed so much
I would come home hiding my swollen lips.
And you sat with me for my first psychiatrist appointment,
and told me everything was going to be okay.
So i engulfed myself in you,
and ended up drowning.
A simple chemical imbalance was too fucked up for you.
I would get home and the only things swollen were my eyes.
Why would you tell me you would teach me how to swim,
and then hold my head under the water?
Samm Marie Moore Jul 2016
When I get in one of my funks
And specifically tell you
"I need you, right now"
You're supposed to come running
I thought we were going to make this work
But I'm not sure I can trust someone
Who used to always
Come to my rescue
And now ignores my cries for help
I can't be that girl anymore
I won't be that girl anymore
I never thought I'd be the one to walk out
When you so easily can
kiera Jan 2015
my eyes hurt all the time
like i've just been crying
i think i'm just tired
its hard to focus on what anyone is saying
nothing is satisfying me
what am i working towards?

i can't do anything except
listen to music and stare
at nothing

the things i used to be good at
are no longer my talents it seems
i've let things slip away
i mean look at this poem!
it's a shitty mess
no effort put into it
but you see i just can't right now
i'm all strung out
i don't really feel anything
Redshift Jul 2015
you haven't known me long enough to have the privilege of being rude to me
at least put a label on it before you get offended when I put down your demands for attention
like I owe you my time and affection
if there is anything I've learned over the past year and a half
it's that I don't owe anyone anything

so cool your jets fuckboy
this ass isn't yours yet.
Pandora dO Oct 2012
His humour is sarcastic,
his belly is never full.
His life is filled with jokes,
his days are never dull.

He hates all the spiders
that are living in his house.
He doesn’t mind his friend,
a squeaky little mouse.

He always makes fun of the dog,
who doesn’t seem to have a brain,
and he despises “the world’s cutest kitten”
because he thinks it’s a real pain.

His owner is at his wit’s end,
he doesn’t know how to get
this big, fat, orange creature to
finally act like a real cat.
Because what cat eats lasagna
at every chance he has?
What cat has a teddy bear,
instead of on his arm a lass?
© 2012
One of my favourite comics! (I know, the rhyme isn't perfect..)

2013 edit: added some typical stuff, finally, noted by DieingEmbers that it was missing.
Nandini Apr 2014
Sometimes I wonder what went wrong
The pain of being alone keeps haunting
Was it destiny that created the crater in my life ?
People call it choices I guess ...
People write about ...
Being unwanted
But I Knw I'm a lost cause gasping on mortality ...
Signing off .... Ciao
Stephanie Amadio Jan 2017
As I've seen it
I want to reach
There's something of it
I wonder what's inside

Wonderful wonder world around
It takes time too
Gigantic paper of knowledge
I've fought it myself

Glimpse of the pages
Silent voice of mind
The turning of text
Heart that connects within

Such a long way
When is the time?
I've never stopped to
How can I know?

Words lost their way
An emotionless beautiful thing
I see your different
Can I handle you?

They want you so badly
As I really am
Someone seems to understand
Maybe I'm no special

You will be faded
Like your memories yesterday
You will be forgotten
Like you left mysteriously
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