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Josh Nov 2017
Neatly coating the floor in thin white trails, woven into floorboards like cotton twine, sunbeams snake their way across hardwood.

Books scream to be read & my yellowed pages ache to detail my experience as a widowed reader of time.

Magazines pile, while my simple hands grow a day older.

Heat on my neck.

The driver of time exhales grandiose,
tells me to travel while I'm young,
visit regions on this globe that grow green with age,
listen to honest trumpets before I gray,
wade in pools of clear urgency.

He said:

"Find a walking stick out beyond the ether
laugh with veracity, poking fun at Saturn & the Stars."
What will the future hold? Only Time will tell.
Jaycee Jan 2015
As she walks through the doors,
So confused and afraid.
She takes a deep breath,
and reminds herself,
Just what to say.

She knows that she can make it,
right through the day.
But she's still afraid,
That they'll see her..

And she knows that they hate her.

Once she gets up the stairs,
She swears her heart is screaming.
She can feel her lungs pulsating,
She's thinking about running out.

But she knows they'd all see her,
So she keeps on walking along.
Mei B Jul 10
One day I'm going to explode.
All of this hate my heart can't hold.
Don't act like you don't even know,
You're the cause of this.
Throwing accusations back and forth,
causing misfits.
Just by existing you start destruction.
Whenever you open your mouth to speak it
feels like a disruption.
Overall, I'm just convinced you're a suction.
All the good energy drains when you're around.
Because of these actions, it's harder for redemption to be found.
for the fake friend in my life that was always working against me...and failed to prove she changed. good riddance.
The pain
has faded.
I don’t need it to end.
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,
at least a little.
I can see the optimism in
I can see Everything,
and I thought that was enough
but maybe it's too much

because nothing’s going to change the fact
that I see myself as a walking dead girl.

I can now bare the pain
in my head.
But the pain is still there.
I’m still in the tunnel.
And even though I’m doing better,
I don’t think that it’s

If I once was supposed to
kill myself
then maybe
I wasn’t supposed to

The pain
has faded.
I don’t need it to end.
I’m happy,
at least a little.
I’m fine

But nothing’s going to change the fact
that I see myself as a walking dead girl.
KitaRaizal May 2014
Shadow Walking
Hard Love
Broken Lover
Dark Knight
Deep Curious Eyes
Strong Willed
Hard Headed

~ ♥~>Batman<~♥ ~
BJ Donovan Mar 5
Jack Daniel's

We bought a broken dog
and took him to our broken home
to live with this broken family.
We tried to fix him with broken
training. I was too broken to get
it right. The more I yelled the more
broke he got. I had a drunken insight
one evening walking him in a full moon.
He reminded me of me in my childhood.
I saw things through his broken eyes
and held him close. I promised I'd fix us.
I adopted myself from a dog shelter.
Jaycee Oct 2014
Everyone is staring
You're trying so hard to stay standing
But your heart is racing
Instead of walking straight
You start wobbling

Your eyes begin to strain
You start feeling as if you just gained a lot of weight
Your heart sinks as you run away
You have to hide

You musn't let them see
The you that is scared to be seen
You feel like you can't even breathe
Your lungs are tightening
As you sink down against a wall
and take into the fetal postion

Just cry, maybe someday it'll be alright.
Kora Sani Aug 15
I'm a walking paradox

Two legs
two arms
and one fractured soul

I'm a conflicting contradiction

I want him to pay
yet how could someone
be so broken
to not understand
they broke someone else

and how can something so heavy
leave its mark on me
yet can be just another day of life for you

because its not just that day
that haunts me
it's every day that followed

where I relive
and you forget
your heaven
my hell

but how can you forget
something you may have never known
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