Amanda Jean Oct 2016
I'm not trying to say I did nothing wrong
I'm just trying my best to be moving on
I feel weights that are lifted and I'm holding them high
I realize my power
I am a part of the sky
No movement is wasted
Not even my hair in the wind
Everything everywhere has a connection
They say God is to blame
God be the blessing
God have mercy on us for we are nothing
But they don't see that God is with us
We are to blame
We are blessings be
We must have mercy on everything
You see something wrong?
Don't just pray
Be the change
Tell everyone what is wrong
Use your voice and speak out against it
If you're only thinking and praying do you really think there will be changes?
The thought is something
The intention better
But what really matters are the actions that you're putting out there
If its all in your head then does it really matter to anyone but yourself?
If I write out all my sins, if I count them all up
If I repent and repent and never change my faults
Then am I truly forgiven?
Can I convince myself that I am?
If I understand my sin, I can justify it, right?
Its the logic that saves us, right?
Its the left brain, the reasoning, right?
But what if I'm a sinner?
What if I can never do enough good?
Not helping enough no
Not loving enough no
If I try to do more
Will my sinning ways stop?
Will I be able to,
No matter how much good I do,
Will I ever get out of the dark?
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
As beautiful as the famed city of Atlantis
Gloriously flourishing in her perfection
There is a place where my soul and heart is
A perfect place without grief or deception

Where my heart is always merry
And peace blossoms like the cherry
The sun smiles at me gently caressing
My body as the birds sing melodies-
So beautiful they keep me guessing-
The beauty of future melodic memories

Like the Cedars of Lebanon
Beautifying the palaces of Ethiopia
Purity, love and perfection adorn her every season.
This place is within me; this place is Utopia
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