Cali Nov 2012
days like this, gray sky
over coastal grandeur,
I sit and look out across
the rubble of a city,
the rubble of our souls;
what a fucking mess
we have made.

the gulls loop and dive,
screaming, into the
winter lake, and all
the classical music
in the world couldn't compare
to the dull sorrow
of this moment;
such a beautiful contrast
of trash and gold.

we are all, every one,
searching for something
beautiful, something
to hold that won't turn
to stone.
Memories Soul Dec 2015
In the darkness
In the quietness
My voice spoke in the wind of winter
In the midst of the air
My breath living in some place quietly
In the blue sky
The water flowing to the earth
In the grey sky
The black smoke return to the sky
The stars shine in the midst of darkness
The stars will be lost again
When the black fade.
Adia Heart Aug 2014
The colours bleed through
The skies and into my skin,
Memories - someday.
Thoughtful Aug 2014
thoughts are stars that collide together and shoot hot fumes
thoughts are the unseen side of the moon
thoughts are the miscellaneous objects held in the hands of gravity
thoughts are discovered constellations
Eliza Oct 2014
It has been far too long
Since I looked up at the sky
And noticed how blue it was

Instead of just seeing the clouds
That were scattered here and there.
Sydney May 2014
Melancholy skies
This morning
My shitty day
Mari Anjelyn Dec 2014
Clear, bright skies I see
They fill my heart with glee
Somehow they reminded me
So much more than you and me
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2015
When I met you the soil was wet
Underneath cloudy skies
And so were your eyes.

Now it's the summer,
everything is dry
You must say goodbye.

Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
Are flowers without petals
Simply ugly weeds and nettles?
Do the leaves
from the trees
On the breeze
ever settle?

Are the songs without words
Ever truly properly heard?
Or do their sounds
float around
Toward the ground
in the dirt?

Is the blue inside your eyes
A fallen piece of all the skies?
Or could it be
a trick to me?
It's not funny
or at all wise
Sam Miller May 2014
The sky is dark,
not pitch black but a deep
and dangerous blue.
Dark enough to hide the stars
but not enough to hide the clouds
looming above me.

My heavy boots thud
against the sidewalk
and they thud harder when
I walk against the howling wind.

I feel it blowing through my sweater
and chilling my bones as
bare-bones tree branches wave
above my head.

The darkness wind and chill
all point to the end times,
where green grass will never return
and the sun will never again
show its bright face.

Nights like this
are a spiritual experience.
The air speaks to me
in ways the sunlight never can.

I feel the apocalypse every time it storms.
Katie Nicole Apr 2014
all is lost; hopeless.
until from out of the skies
our redemption comes.
Anand Jun 2016
The scorching of the sun diminished
Black clouds fluffed up the skies
Thunders and lightning hit the drums of change
New winds have traversed in
And the trees danced to their gushy choir
Pearls of rain drops fell down to earth
And the sands have welcomed them with joy
Behold! I have arrived.
The monsoon said.
Corey Apr 2015
The blue skies have been begging me to run away with them.
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