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L Smida Jan 2012
I am crazy enough to want to be with you.
The craving is cruelly immense.
I am crazy enough to love only you.
The feeling is truly intense.

I am crazy enough to perfectly see you.
The flaws are secluded.
I am crazy enough to not see the lie of you.
The pain you cause is excluded.

I am crazy enough that no pain hurts me deeply.
The wound is convinced to never be shown.
I am crazy enough to forgive you for whatever reason.
The issue is decided all on her own.

I am crazy enough to trust your every word.
The persuasive tone defeats all doubt.
I am crazy enough to think you don’t do it on purpose.
The subliminal actions are pointed out.

I am crazy enough to say they're not real.
The truth is something I refuse to believe.
I am crazy enough to not care about myself.
The heart continues to be worn on my sleeve.

I am crazy enough to do anything.
The one you once loved will always be here.
I am crazy enough to admit that person is me.
The instant you call, I'll immediately appear.

I am crazy enough to drop everything to get to you.
The things I’d do are unthinkable.
I am crazy enough to save you from any danger
The effort inside of me is unsinkable.

I am crazy enough to let you use me.
The hope helps me think otherwise.
I am crazy enough to give you everything I have.
The hurt, I know, will oversize.

I am crazy enough to not care what happens to me.
As long as you are happy.
I am crazy for you and the joy you bring.
I hope this doesn’t sound too sappy.

I am crazy enough to keep on trying.
The damage can be somewhat repaired.
I am crazy enough to risk failure.
At least I showed you that I cared.

I am crazy enough to walk in the pouring rain.
The coldness of the weather won't stop me.
I am crazy enough to think I'm invincible.
The pieces that are left wish to agree.

I am crazy enough to prove to you how strongly I feel.
The energy inside is a fresh supply.
I am crazy enough to face the deepest darkness.
I can save you in a blink of an eye.

I am crazy enough to put myself out there to protect you.
The shield of my body won't let anything through.
I am crazy enough to wash away all your fear.
The touch of our fingers is the cue.

I am crazy enough to want to be crazy forever.
The comfort of your company is top of the line.
I am crazy enough to be crazy for you.
The way I am, is the master's design.
David Ehrgott Nov 2014
My mommy
Sold me
She was cold
and Lonely

inheritance I didn't have
Her drug/pill habit took all of it
So sad

My mommy was so sick
she took the world
around her with her

She did things that rhyme with slick
butter things
that make a twitch

In college school
she found a ray
Her cowboy hero
had found his crazy

My mommy was that crazy
So beaten, unloved/enslaved, insane
My mommy was so crazy
So crazy So crazy

So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy
So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy
So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy
So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy
So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy  So Crazy

My mommy was so sick
she took our family with her
killed all of them
So sick

"There's no good dyin' alone."  she said
"There's no sense livin' alone."  she said

My mommy threw all of it
Never saved
She only spent

She bet her roll
on all of it

and fed them death
She died with them

My mommy was so sick
she took the world
around her with (her)

My mommy
Sold me
She was cold
So lonely
David Ehrgott Apr 2016
You crazy fool
You can have me
You crazy fool
You crazy fool
I'm just like you
You crazy fool
You crazy fool
You're just like me
You crazy fool
You crazy fool
You crazy fool
Oh, you crazy fool
You crazy fool
You ran to hard
You crazy fool
You crazy fool
You died to hard
You crazy fool
You crazy fool
I can't have you
You crazy fool
You crazy fool
You crazy fool
Oh, you crazy fool
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh..,Young Ston, OFTR..
They say I'm crazy, They say I'm lazy,..they call me crazy, they call me lazy,..Ayee,Yeah..They say I'm crazy, Yeah they say I'm lazy, Uhh, they say I'm crazy..I'm amazing, They say I'm lazy, I'm amazing, They say I'm crazy, They call me lazy, They say I'm....
Crazy..(I'm amazing7)
They say I'm crazy..they call me lazy, They call me crazy..They say I'm lazy..They say I'm crazy, ***** I might  be..Uhh..Yeah..I'm (amazing
(so amazing2)..amazing

Uhh, No Kanye West **** tho dawg, Good Morning tho, Yeah the birds is chirping so loud in the Atown, but I ain't worrying or stunning them hos, no,no..,Ayo, I'm wit my big brothers we mobbing, & we rising up to the top without selling our souls, **** all of that Occult ****, forget about being a Freemason, I'm keeping it hundred, & they only keep it 33 percent, them ******* so scared to even ever show they faces true colors & rep they gang man while they out in public,.. Not me Imma stunt Yeah,..Imma stunt for OFTR *****,..Imma scream my gang so loud to the top of my lungs, Yeah ***** Imma shout..While I'm smoking on some crazy amazing bud mane, I'm  spitting facts from my spirit & soul man, ayo them ******* *** rappers ain't who they say that is noo, not (really
2)..homie, they only betraying us mane, Yeah they so fake man, they so gay Yeah freaking faggets, stay the **** outta my face & stay the **** away from me homie, before yo body be filled with maggots..

Aye, I builded my own corporation by just having hope man & praying Yeah..I'm motivating all of my young ****** to stop, following after these **** ******, they ain't keeping it true they rapping lies, & that's not the code. Ayo even the president & his whole committee stay lying to us too, we as the people need to do something together soon, so lets overthrow these false prophets & fake leaders as soon as possible dawg, Uhh..
**** the government, **** America, man I'm going in,.. noo OFTR we won't stop, Noo we can't stop,man.. We can't be stopped either my nig..Uhh, **** Society, **** the police, **** everybody that's hating, **** all the fakes too homie, Aye man **** a friend, **** having a ol lady too homie noo I don't need all of those distractions around me Aye..
Imma always stay true to myself mane..Yeah ***** (Yeah2)..Uhh I got my family, &  I will  ride on any ***** ***** who ever disrespect one them & shoot some **** up,Yeah , that's what my Daddy taught me my *****...Uhh,Yeah..I'm riding to the end for OFTR man, OFTR we all stars..we so amazing,..Yeah we (so amazing3)..

Aye man yeah these ****** stay hating, they hate me..Why because I'm amazing, so amazing.. Aye man, yo ***** wanna come over to my place get faded & get ******..Uhh Imma beat her up..I Chris Brown dat **, call her a Uber then send her *** home packing,.. ain't no sleep overs wit me *****  Noo , you should already know that OFTR noo we don't love these **'s, noo we don't trust em too..Uhh
I be too busy to be sexting & picking up my phone but ***** **** I do give out the best quickies tho **,Yeah..I'm on my grind for the whole day, Noo I can't sleep, Yeah I'm doing whatever I gotta do to feed my family & developing my business into a multi billion dollar industry, but I ain't bending over or ******* ****, forget that sweet Starship type ****.., Yeah **** all of dat , OFTR we got our own agenda man, keeping it real & funky, everyday, Yeah Uhh..I'm getting so stronger everyday..I'm smoking on that strong Hulk smash ****, please don't interfere wit me or else you will be MIA, Aye mane..,I'm so amazing..Uhh.
I'm on my sonic Flow, I'm going so fast, I'm rolling some more grass while I drive man, I been drinking too ****, my ***** I might even crash,..Yeah I'm crazy but you can't call me lazy mufucker, you just looking in from the outside man, who the ******* think you is..Uhh

Only my Heavenly Father can judge me mane,
(Nobody else , Noo2)..*****, Yeah Young Ston a King , Yeah..Uhh Young Ston a g, Yeah Uhh.., Young Ston the man **,..I keep going in, & I ain't pulling out, let's go..Uhh..Yeah
They say I'm crazy, they call me lazy, but they don't know that there is a weapon that's been inside of me, bout to get me so paid ***** paid Yeah..Yeah..(I'm about to get paid man
2)..(I'm about to get paid Yeah3)..
/Yeah..(so paid
2)/3..I ain't being (no slave2)

They say I'm crazy,...
They say I'm lazy, they call me crazy, they call me lazy, they say I'm lazy,..They call me crazy..Uhh..***** I'm amazing, Yeah..(I'm amazing2)..Yeah ***** (I'm amazing3)..Yeah ***** (I'm amazing3)..I'm so amazing, Yeah..

I'm amazing everybody when they doubted on me my *****, They  said I couldn't do nothing but just be a problem, well **** they was right about one thing, Yeah I didn't have a job for a long time  mane..young *****, I usta just sit around the house dream about my future & write hits all day long mane,..Aye but I always had a plan to go out to get what is mines homie..Aye this world so **** evil they gott a ***** like me set up for failure already but I will achieve, & smoke a J wit Farrakhan to discuss being invole  in the Future Revolution for my people..Aye Yeah man..

These demons won't block my vision, man they underneath me Yeah dawg, Yeah I like to roll up Yeah I like to drink alot my ***** , so what, I live my life so you should live yours..Uhh my ***** live it up..Uhh,Yeah Young Ston these busters said I would never ever make it too the big leagues but now they all following after my foot steps  mane.. dawg these succers all around me, & stay tweeting me asking for a **** handout bru, hell naw get the **** up outta my zone, Im not ever associating myself or ever  doing business with ***** *** fakes,..Yeah..Aye.. ***** ***** stay on yo route, don't hop in my lane dude..

You lames copying after each other in Atl mane & I'm doing my music my own way ****, I was the greatest already without nobody even knowing about me, Imma living legend, I prosper forever Yeah, Uhh..Young Ston I'm amazing , so amazing, Yeah ***** I'm amazing, so amazing.. So amazing, so what they can call me crazy dawg, I'm so far away from the haters mane, I'm so elevated, Yeah they can call me crazy all they want ,but no they can't call me lazy, because *****..I know what I am..

I'm amazing Yeah Cuhz.. (I'm amazing
3)...Yeah (I'm amazing3)..(Yeah I'm amazing3)..I'm (so amazing2)....
Ayee..Yeah they  say I'm lazy, They call me crazy, They call me lazy, they say I'm crazy,..
/*****.., Yeah (I'm amazing
Haaaa,(so amazing
3)..I'm (so amazing3)..
***** I'm amazing, Yeah ***** I'm crazy,but I ain't even 5 steps close to being lazy..Uhh I'm amazing.. (So amazing
4)..Young Ston
Renard Jackson Nov 2015
I made you crazy?
You drove me crazy
and yet I dont know how I made her crazy
It wasnt fair for her to be crazy
Im not sorry for making you crazy
I wish you could take my place and  not be crazy
tell me a way show me a way and make me crazy
Your heart hurts cause you made my friends crazy
Change? I dont want you to be crazy
Someone help me, help her, she's crazy
take away his pain that made her crazy
I dont like how I made you crazy
But I didnt do it on purpose, I didnt even know I was making her crazy
I wish I could take it all back and she leave me crazy
I'm crazy
I am not a crazy person mate
Ever in my life
I like having fun with everyone
It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor
I want to have fun yes I do
Crazy people say I ain’t cool
I personally I call myself
The coolest dude in Canberra
I want to go out to shows
And really have fun
I have to do well at that
To keep my mojo in tact
You see I ain’t a crazy person
No I am not
When people say I am
I say I’m not
I like footy I like music too
I like watching dramas yes I do
I hate begging on the street
Like a crazy person does
But sometimes I give money
If they really am suffering yeah
But sometimes the beggars
Are just feeding their addictions
Which makes me think I am a crazy person
If I give them some cash
Cause I ain’t a crazy person mate
Ever in my life
If I be a crazy dude
I will get into strife
I should be normal mate
Don’t think of being crazy
It makes me just a tad fucken lazy
I am not a crazy person mate
Ever ever ever mate
I am no crazy person no
I like having fun
Crazy crazy crazy for being a ****
But I know people put labels
On everyone they meet
But if you must label me
Make sure it isn’t ****** crazy
No I am not crazy never never never
I am normal if there is any such word
Timm Dowling Apr 2014
It’s crazy how what I’ve learned is not from homework or tests,

but from simply being present and learning from life’s jests.

It’s crazy how tough times form the strongest ties.

And it’s crazy how the hardest cries lead to the loveliest highs.

It’s crazy how a look says more than a voice,

and how it’s our heart that always pulls when presented with a choice.

It’s crazy when people can connect with just a simple glance,

and when you truly fall in love there’s no risk in taking a chance.

It’s crazy how a message can hit you straight in the heart,

and do the same for others even if they’re in places miles apart.

It’s crazy how a game can transcend cultures and races,

uniting nations and peoples of all colors of faces.

It’s crazy how religion can restrict spiritual revelation,

but science proves divine meditation improves human elevation.

It’s crazy how world leaders are elected by wealth,

while the purpose they share is distant from human kind’s ultimate health.

It’s crazy when you realize all the worlds’ problems and see the solution clear as day,

and everyone around you can relate to your thoughts in some way.

It’s crazy how the answers were within us along.

It’s crazy when we realize we’re all singing the same song.

It’s crazy when we say something so profound,

that everyone around,

stops and listens,

knows its truth,

and in that moment,

that crazy thought

becomes the real you.
A Slow Heyoka May 2019
crazy days
crazy places
crazy nights
crazy faces
turn around
crazy ways
crazy haze

colour smothers
colours fading
careful don't stomp
on my crazy paving

crazy dudes
crazy girls
crazy fates
crazy pearls
make it crazy make it good
I wouldn't want anything else
in this crazy neighbourhood
Written on July 07, 2006
Hey crazy lady
Hey crazy lady
Why are you saying ******* to me
I have no idea of who the ****
You ****** are
I call you crazy because
For the simple reason
Only crazy people curse all day
Especially when I love my life too much to worry about **** like you
You are a crazy lady
A very crazy lady
Can’t seem to stop swearing
You are very crazy
You need the psych ward, mate
I am normal very normal
I don’t yell at anyone oh know
Not like you, who yells all the fucken day
I want you to get out of my head
And get out of my life
Cause you are too crazy
To ever be like me
It doesn’t sound good when you yell
You look like your crazy
And you need a bit of psychotic medication
To clean out your mind
You need to give the world a break
You ugly little ****
Because nobody wants to hear you yell
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
You think you are expressing your feelings but really you are crazy
If you think you need to be
As fucken angry as you are
You see you love to curse
At your life today
I get tired of hearing it
Just ******* today
You might be poor
You might have problems
But really you are crazy
Who needs help today
I wish you will go away
And leave me alone
You see your voice is annoying like
I was being attacked by a clone
Like is Star Wars you are an alien
Who is in strife
You see when you yell like a crazy lady, you don’t understand that
I really do love life
I wish you will go away
So I could think about life
I the way I would like
So crazy lady
So crazy lady
Just shut your trap today
I don’t want you to yell at me
Cause I don’t even know who the
******* are
kara lynn bird Jun 2013
you're crazy
he would say
and he meant it.

crazy because
our lines didn't cross...
the intersection
that we were supposed to meet
always seemed jammed
no progress
no moving forward
the ways we were supposed to touch each other
never felt right.

two loose ends
never meeting at the same spot.
lost children
among the midst of our lives
no path to lead us back
to where we were supposed to have started.

we met eachother with anger
angry faces
misplaced traces,
lots of frusteration
and denial,
and nervousness,
instead of...

he would say,

you believe in angels,
what's wrong with you?
you'd take the whole universe
in one breath...
you're out of touch with reality...
you believe in dreams
and seach for symbols
as if some symbol
is going to give you the answer.
life has no map,
i am your compass
and there is NO direction.
you get up
and take the world
one person at a time-
bleeding out your heart for others.
you talk to strangers
and think you've been places
you've never seen.
and yet,
you get up
and you live
and you do it again
and again-
you think this is normal?
you think you have it all figured out-
you're ******* crazy.

as the clock slows down
and i catch up to the fast pace
of my beaten heart,
as the world slows to a halt
and i catch my breath
after inhaling sparks
from fallen stars and daydreams
i've never been more certain
i am indeed...

crazy for allowing him to capture
the best parts of myself
place them in a jar too tiny-
on a shelf that's too big,
and mislabel them
with a big *** sign that read

i've never been more certain
that i am indeed...

crazy for playing lifesaver
on an already sinking ship
crazy for talking to angels
in the middle of the night
crazy for grasping faith
during moments
when the whole world feels
like the collapse of
a black hole-
in the middle of spring
when everything is trying
to start over.

crazy for living
my life on the inside of his tiny jar
on a shelf that's too big
listening to him scream
getting mixed up daily,
a television broadcast
which gets inturrupted
by an emergency test


this is only a test,
and if the results show it

i'm crazy.
Maya May 2013
Crazy Daisy,
living life day by day.
Crazy Daisy,
throwing her life away.

Crazy Daisy,
falling down the stairs.
Crazy Daisy,
losing clumps of hair.

Crazy Daisy,
choking back tears.
Crazy Daisy,
hiding from the mirrors.

Crazy Daisy,
vomiting up her lunch.
Crazy Daisy,
taking a punch.

Crazy Daisy,
bruises down her spine.
Crazy Daisy,
losing her mind.

Crazy Daisy,
suicidal and strange.
Crazy Daisy,
acid's eating away her brain.
Megan May 2018
We were always crazy kids with crazy dreams.
And we never changed.
Crazy kids.
With their crazy ideas.
Ideas of world peace and of no hunger.
These crazy kids they say.
But I’m one of them.
A crazy kid with her own crazy ideas.
Crazy dreams.
Dreams full of nothing but the future.
Crazy girl. With your crazy thoughts.
Stop for a second.
They’ll say give up.
Don’t do it crazy kid.
Don’t ever look back.
Or down. Or away.
Crazy kid with your crazy thoughts.
What will you think of next?
I want to progress... I want to change things.
You took me out, and thought I was different
Because I was crazy
You told me you've never met anyone quite like me
Because I was crazy
You said you had fallen for me
Because I was crazy
You told me you'd never leave, that I was the only girl to affect you the way I have
Because I was crazy  
We discussed future plans and named our unborn children, you'd never felt so alive with anyone else
Because I was crazy

But then we started to bicker
Because I was crazy

You grew more distant
Because I was crazy

You no longer wanted to hang out multiple times a week
Because I was crazy

You wanted to see other people
Because I was crazy

You've now fallen in love again and have blocked my number
Because I was crazy

And I blame myself losing your love
Because I was crazy

And all I can do is lay here and cry over old photos and hand written notes
Because I am crazy
I know this is nowhere near good or well written. This is just my 2AM high thoughts.
Brittany Falk Dec 2014
Crazy were my feelings for him.
Crazy, how blind I was to his lies.
Crazy, how stupid I was to believe them.
Crazy, were my efforts to sustain a relationship that I knew wouldn't last.
Crazy, that everything was my fault.
Crazy, how jealous he got.
Crazy, the saddness I felt.
Crazy, were the actions I took to alleviate the pain.
Crazy, how selfish he was with my love.
Crazy, that he finally knew what he had once it was gone.
Crazy, that I care no more.
& the craziest thing? ... How quickly he moved on.
Bo Burnham Mar 2015
You think I'm crazy?
HA! That's real funny.

If I were crazy, would I have written a twelve-hundred-page novel without using a single vowel?
No. 'Cause I did. And I'm not crazy.

If I were crazy, would I be able to predict the future by dropping empty tuna cans into an open drain in my backyard?
No. 'Cause I can. And I'm not crazy.

If I were crazy, would I love to slit your ******* throat just to watch the color drain from from your face and onto that cleanly pressed collared shirt of yours?
Yes. I would love that if I were crazy.

But I'm not crazy.
Jenni Littzi May 2019
I’m addicted to the way you keep me
At arms length, but I keep on reaching
Got me addicted to you, what do I do?
When you go ghost, I want you the most

I have gone just a little crazy
With the way you cause me waiting
With how you’ve treated me lately
I know that I am wrong for staying  
Your actions have consequences
And now you are going to get them
A good girl placed into your world
It’s a fact, turns bad, that is for sure
It’s your charm and it is your lure
But you’re oblivious, making me crazier
So crazy, crazy, crazy, I have a lot to stir

I know it’s not smart to play the game
But I can’t help it, I’m not even ashamed
You got me playing by all new rules
And I have been acting out like a fool

I have gone just a little crazy
With the way you cause me waiting
With how you’ve treated me lately
I know that I am wrong for staying  
Your actions have consequences
And now you are going to get them
A good girl placed into your world
It’s a fact, turns bad, that is for sure
It’s your charm and it is your lure
But you’re oblivious, making me crazier
So crazy, crazy, crazy, I have a lot to stir

Just give me your attention, now and then
I promise not doing so would be a miss
Bring my sanity back, stop acting whack

I have gone just a little crazy
With the way you cause me waiting
With how you’ve treated me lately
I know that I am wrong for staying  
Your actions have consequences
And now you are going to get them
A good girl placed into your world
It’s a fact, turns bad, that is for sure
It’s your charm and it is your lure
But you’re oblivious, making me crazier
So crazy, crazy, crazy, I have a lot to stir
Kai McC Aug 2013
I sound crazy whenever I make sense
I sound crazy because I'm so tense
I sound crazy when you're not here
I sound crazy because you're not near
I sound crazy listening to the voices in my head
I sound crazy because I don't know what I said
I sound crazy talking to  the doors
I sound crazy
                  ­                    because I'm screaming at every noise.
And I wondered if I was for a moment.
Then I realized that I know crazy.
Crazy doesn't question itself, its never wrong.
Crazy hides the towels, crazy screams for hours.
Crazy forgets conversations and ignores medical conditions.
Crazy gives its money to its girlfriend before its kids.
She makes more then our whole household
Crazy forgets the important things like promises.
Like groceries for a month or caring about other people.
Crazy wouldn't bow its head to a grandparent for soap.
Crazy wouldn't been seen begging friends for food.
Someone has to feed your daughter
Now next time you call me crazy please remember,
I am not crazy, but my god I've been raised by it.
Maybe. Possibly.
In spite of what crazy's costing me
I can see no reason NOT to be
just a little bit crazy.
It takes a lot to amaze me,
but I'm amazed for days
at the level of insanity
disguised as vanity
that I see, individually portioned
smothered in bigotry and
dispensed freely, thumped
out of various ancient tomes
and called Sovereignty.
I was crazy once.
Invited Jim Jones out to lunch,
and I threw him a couple bones
dared him to spike the punch.
And his reply was hazy,
like a busted eight ball.
Something told me that guy was crazy.
But what was really gone
was how they all gathered on the lawn
to egg him on. Didn't dawn
that they were going to go
too far til they were gone.
Nobody caught on.
Yeah, just a little bit.
I'm what happens when the fan
hits the ****.
I've hit this **** and that, a bit,
and held the smoke of a thousand
miscreant rips, scales tipped
til we slipped out of the tray,
a gram shy but well on our way.
Hey, put that **** away,
the NSA is on the phone today,
and they hear you coughing,
keep coughing that way
and they're going to put you away
in Guantanemo Bay,
and there you'll stay,
for forever and a day,
or until you roll doubles,
or have the money to pay.
Monopolizing the cheap properties
with new hotels every day.
That's a matter of opinion
and in this day and age
opinion is public dominion.
Digitized before our eyes
and with a simple keystroke
we've broken the fourth wall,
and every imaginable flaw
has come to be our downfall,
gliding through reality
at breakneck speeds
then crashing into the firewall,
before we fall, right down
into the cold, hard ground
around the feet of what used
to be called discretion,
that is now open confession
coupled with cries for attention,
but don't mention criticism,
that's a schism! and we all want
to go down in flames together,
thick as a brick, but brains like a feather.
Yeah, but what can you do?
Look inside your mind,
I bet you're a little crazy too.
We're all just outright animals
in this ***** human zoo.
I'm a **** chimp, it's true,
I ain't monkeying around with you.
Just chilling, killing time,
instilling madness in the rhyme
to keep my mind refined
or just stick a finger in it from behind
stroke the cortex, bless it all,
now I'm blind!
I must be out of my mind.
It was a mistake to think
I could take a headache
out without some serious
long term repercussions.
No more discussions, as I've
left myself with a fingerprint
and a concussion.
I'm feeling a little lazy...

Why yes, utterly
Insanity, freestyle.  Don't ask for meaning.
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
Jesus thank you for this crazy love
That overcomes and transcends all things
Even death itself
Jesus thank you for this crazy love
That brings me to my knees yet lifts me up
Even when I fall
Jesus thank you for this crazy love
That gives me hope and joy and peace
Even in the dark
Jesus thank you for this crazy love
That pursues me and seeks me out
Wherever I may go
Jesus thank you for this crazy love
That heals the ***** and the lame
Even raises the dead
Jesus thank you for this crazy love
That I can’t earn and don’t deserve
You give it anyway
Jesus thank you for this crazy love
That finds us waiting here
Even at this hour
Jesus thank you for this crazy love
That changes and arrests me
Even as it frees
Jesus thank you for this crazy love
That you would pour your very blood
To save a wretch like me
Jesus thank you for this daily bread
That satisfies and keeps me fed
Along the journey
Jesus thank you for this place of rest
And in all your goodness you richly blessed
Your precious child
Jesus thank you for the God you are
That you are always close and never far
Even in your greatness
Jesus thank you for this crazy love today
Help me show this crazy love to all I pray
Especially those in need

A Apr 2014
Poets are mad,crazy because they can speak of their lovers lips and how those lovers collar bones curve perfectly so you may drink from it.

Poets are mad,crazy because they can speak about bones and how they can dance through your skin to reveal you are weak,frail nothing but fragile memories.

Poets are mad,crazy because in a pub full of people a single leaf that may try to escape winter would catch their eye.

Poets are mad,crazy because even in their sleep words swirl and dent themselves in their minds.

Poets are mad,crazy because whenever the wind blows,whenever the lips of someone loved moves they un code them and wrap them round their lungs.

Pets are mad,crazy because they cannot breathe without a pen,or a computer calling softly to them.

Poets are mad,crazy because they can write about things they have never experienced but still they come out like coins of silver.

Poets are mad,crazy because they can write about cemeteries and how ghostly streets  can be on the 26th of december.

Poets are mad crazy,because someone mere may just see the sun as a yellow piece hovering above,but they see it as a golden orb that signifies all life and love.

Poets are mad,crazy because no matter what they go through,no matter what they lose,no matter who they meet and what they experience,words will always be their first lovers and first friends.
We are all mad here
tina lombardo Dec 2018
being crazy is hard i feel like crying
being crazy is hard i feel like dying
being crazy is hard i feel like running away
being crazy is hard i feel like laying
being crazy is hard i feel like talking
beng crazy is hard i feel like nothing
being crazy is hard i feel like i don't belong
being crazy is hard i  feel like sleeping
being crazy is hard i feel like dreaming
being crazy is hard i feel like .....
being crazy is fucken hard
Sawyer Jan 2017
We’re crazy!
Crazy, convoluted, and confused.

I’m a poet.
I’m crazy!
My head is so full of random ideas,
So full of thinks that have never been heard,
Thoughts that have never been put into words.

You’re a poet?
Of course you’re crazy!
You write with a depth that cannot be measured
So deep you can’t see the bottom.

Oh, poets.
Yes, we’re crazy!
We’re crazy, convoluted, and confused.

As poets,
Yes, we know we’re crazy
And random and misunderstood

Hey, poets.
Embrace the crazy!
We’re crazy and crazy is good.
Viseract Aug 2017
I'm not a sheep amongst the flock but a wolf amongst the sheep
Not a carcass left to rot but the butcher slicing meat
Because someone gotta survive, and its gonna be me
You can pull the wool over my eyes but you'll end up losing sleep

See you can lie to my face but i can sniff out the truth
Not everybody's buying *******, we are wiser than our youth
I may have a young face but my soul is in pursuit
Of old age, divine space, that's ruthlessness for you

See my stamina is boundless and i have that pack mentality
I can toggle between the two, loyalty or reality
You can make all these promises, but you cant promise me
That you're not another poser because you reek of it to me

Imma howl at the stars just to keep you awake
Outside growling at your window just to drive you insane
Because you messed with a wolf and thats a fatal mistake
Now I'm putting pen to paper just to put you in your place

You, dont know what you're in for
You, aren't getting away
You, are already falling
And now, in your head, I'm here to stay

You, me, crazy
You, me, crazy
You, me, crazy
You dont know what you're in for, and now you're going crazy

The possibilities are endless like the power of Infinity
You stop dead in your tracks like you just had an epiphany
You can't lose the trail when i **** my head, listening
Your voice trembles with fear and I'm feasting on the signaling

Your muscles race with adrenaline, a system overdrive
To face what you can't see admist the shadows of the night
All your senses quickening, preparing for the fight
Because you're in the corner now and there's nowhere left to hide

Hands shake, an earthquake, i hear the drumming of your heart
Jesus Christ, any faster and it could tear you apart
An explosion from the inside, you glow in the dark
From the heat that you expel like the embers of a dart

Eyes wide, pupils large you know this is your fate
Wishing you could go back but you know that it's too late
You meddled with a wolf and now you're filled with doubt
Things are getting serious: head down, claws out

You, don't know what you're in for
You, aren't getting away
You, are already falling
Check under your bed because the monster's here to stay

There's so much left to do,
And so little time,
With nothing left to lose
It's time to set things right

You can't play, Chinese Whispers
With me, because, I hear everything

You, don't know what you're in for...

You, me, crazy
You, me, crazy
You, me, crazy
I've got so much in store, enough to drive you crazy

You, me, crazy
You, look, wasted
You, me, insanity
You don't know what you're in for, and now you're going crazy
just a song i wrote for an EP
Robin Carretti May 2018
No time for having

All friendship
 Click-bank it

so thanks

Just mail it
My mind
like a

E- Allen Poe

Polluted by
Naked Gun
My heart was
fully loaded

"My Psyche"

Glossinidae so
****** "Red"

Women Wartime
she knits

in her bed
He was more
about the

Split Banana
Plain Monkey
Crazy on Sunday

on Fridays
Yes we have no
Postcards laid
T-L-C cared for

But Gina
Crazy bridge
Like Lazy
Or Brianna
Bella Bella

Leaving notes
with few
good men
Nicole with
her Kidman

hard paper
Snip here
Pulled into his
All cliche's
The fondue
French talk
face to face
Jack snapped

In front, words
Her words
of roue'
Catch up with
Pretty but Petty
"Billy Goats"
Titanic ships

Cottage home
bacon bits
Salad postcards
The holy land of
Dancing like an

of all
in vain
Your so
vain I betcha
you think
about ya

"Psyche Monday"
Coming to grips
(Girl Friday)
(Man Friday)
with his lips,

The Postcard
((What Moves))
on my hips
jam and
my biscuit
"His Girl Scout"
Being pursued
So ironed
longed for

"Spa dream"

Crazy in love
being flirtatious

But she doubted
My psyche
wanted more
after you
Civil war
Loves don't finally
meet someone
They are in each other
all the time-----

Double crossed-Star

Trying to pass the bar

Fair lady or the

Postcards came with
Bombs stay funds

So Psyche
The future
Be smart
Like a rope and
silvered computer
The chain- chain gang

The train blue-skying
Crazy skywriting
A strange device
(UFO) now BOO
requiem in a dream
Royal lips
A plus postcard
Deeply within
The hundred's
of lovers tongue
Going once but twice,
The Postman stamps
"Auction house
My postcard
Peanuts and
Charmed by Charlie
The Tarot elephant
Double talk Parrot
the postcard

"Hallucination Beware"
Strong accusation to

An app "Activation"
Star Wars  may the force
be with you one and
only card
British fine tea guards

The love red tip
The new
new black
Mary Mack
Stamped and
Smashbox eyes
like crazy lunatic

(Dora Explorer)
New Orleans
Nasty stickers
Richness of bourbon
Sweet Caroline
Graphic art turban
8 sides
of the moon


My hair
You mailed
words short
Styled pixieish

Dots.....crazy points

Oh! Gosh
Crazy Gorilla
"Queen of Sheba"
I rather walk my
Shiba Inu doggy

Miss baby jane shoes
French connection my
La Femme
Oh La La
I refuse to be
loved like
a postcard
love is frozen
and stamina
Postcards back
in the future

((Wonder all drama))
Psyche ward she got
Stacks of postcard
Her wrist got cut
Cold cuts
Irish Spring soap
VIP Postcards RIP
Replacing her hip
Her crazy lips kissed
the postcard
her bodyguard
Those maneaters
and deadly hitters
Mega babes babysitters
To be so loved and read

Postcards speak to us
Crazy Bitch__ is in
The innie or outy
Paper towels Minny
She cleans up
her postcards
When the postman rings

Pass it on

Has it troubled you
papercut you
Was this postcard
your  card

All you?
Postcards are so nice when they get delivered but when they come to your mailbox that's another postcard. The postman becomes crazy twice so out of wack Psyched heart beating hard,
My mind going crazy. . .

That outfit, those heels,
My mind going crazy. . .

How do I contain this?

How do I stop it? heart beating hard,
My mind going crazy. . .

That outfit, those heels,
My mind going crazy. . .

How do I work?

How can I think...

Without you in my life? heart beating hard,
My mind going crazy. . .

Crazy For You

crazy over you
That outfit, those heels,
My mind going crazy. . .
crazy over
-* you. *-
amt Feb 2012
How long can I keep the happy face?
Until I fall into disgrace.
If life’s a rubber band, how long can I stretch?
Until I break down full of stress.
Crazy day,
Crazy Life.

How long can I hold back what I feel inside?
How long will it be,
Till I can no longer hide?
Crazy day,
Crazy week,
Crazy Life.

How much longer can I look calm on the surface,
While exploding inside?
How much longer can I put off this mess?
Put up with the stress?
Crazy day,
Crazy week,
Crazy month,
Crazy Life.
jeffrey robin Sep 2015
crazy woman


Crazy woman

( she still
                Loves ! )

She loves

She loves everyone

( what a crazy




Her tenement stare

Finds you

Down on your luck

Out on the street

Only 2 steps

Ahead of the police


Such a crazy women

She looks down

She comes out

To offer you


Crazy woman

It's a crazy woman


You might praise her

Angelic Kiss

or you might simply call her a Communist


She's a crazy woman

To act sanely in a world like this


she's a lover

She's a lover

She's a lover


Come on. Now

Why don't ya be

Dipansh Jan 2017
I know I'm crazy..
Cuz, so said the doc
I'm sure, I'm crazy.
I love you and here's my ****.
But first, the daisies.
They're, I am, only for thee.

Said I was sweet
But no way in hell.
Slammed the door
What was I thinking?
Why'd I ring the bell?

Oh, the heartache, the agony.
Stupid, stupid, stupid Billy..

What'd I do? Can't go on living..
Think! For once... For once.
Razors! Yes!! Get 'em. Cut 'em.
Wrists lay limp and bleeding.

I tried to fly, far far away..
Landed where the cuckoos lay..

We sit in a circle. We're expected to talk.
Nurse in tight uniform, can't help but gawk.

Billy? Start the discussion, today?
N-no Mam. Got n- nothing to say.
Day after day after day after day.

In comes, the crook Murphy.
Nurse Ratched hates him..
Born a miscarriage, he liked to say.
Been away, said he, for a long time.
Girl he ******* was 15, going on 35.

Stole our cigarettes, turned the music down.
There's a game tonight, n I'm going to town.
Course, he didn't.. Fountain's too heavy.
Least I tried.. Did that much, I tried, didn't I?

They all hated him.
Envied him, but wouldn't say.
See, they'd all volunteered.
While Murphy, he really was crazy.

He became my mentor and i his protégé..
I laughed. I played. Had fun. I gambled.
I even stood up to Nurse Ratched.
That was the first time. **** it felt good.

Murphy knew. And told me too..
I wasn't crazy, don't need to stay
I didn't need doctors, nor lil pill gray.
I needed, a warm body, to make love to..

But how? And Nurse Ratched?
Why bother her? Why tell her?
She'll call a friend.. She'll call my mother..
She won't get it, Murph. She never does.
Billy, my boy, has she ever, the Big Nurse?

My friend was leaving. Party ensues in the cuckoo's nest.
Drinks, music, pretty ladies.. Crazies were in wild wild west.
Murphy whispers, she laughs. Heads my way, takes my hand.
I look back. Thank him silently. Craziest, kindest soul in all the land.

I wake up naked.. I'd made love. It was a new day.
Nurse Ratched looks at me. Like embers, her eyes were lit.
Aren't you ashamed, Billy? I was happy.. No, I say.
She says she's worried, how my mother would take it..

Emotions hit me from all directions.
Fear, guilt, shame all at once....
I beg her, Please don't call my mom
Have mercy please, won't you, Big Nurse?

All these days, I thought I was crazy..
In comes Murphy, makes me happy..
I wasn't crazy. I needed love, I was hungry.
Murph, was going out. He was a free bird.
He saw the whole thing. He didn't. Heard me cry.

It was kind of him to try on my behalf.
He's just a kid, he said, to all the staff..
But, I knew no one would cut me some slack.
Ratched wouldn't budge n I'd face the flack..

I'd had enough of this ****...
This life, this ****** pursuit.
I ain't crazy. Cuz Murphy said so, goddamit.
I lived, blissful, ecstatic. For just one night..
Wasn't that enough? Wasn't it alright?

I cut my wrists again, deeper this time..
No more drama, no pantomime..
I lived n I loved. Tis time for me to die.
I'm not crazy.. Not crazy. Or am I....??
This poem is based upon the character named 'Billy' from the critically acclaimed film, 'one flew over the cuckoos nest'.  Events, dialogues aren't true to the film. It's the first draft and I may rewrite it later.. Please comment.
Anna Wood Jan 2012
Life is crazy
A good day or a bad day
Lost thoughts you'll never say
Life is crazy

Love is crazy
Your heart, the essential token
Maybe whole, or maybe broken
Love is crazy

School is crazy
A million eyes; just one look
Another lesson in your book
School is crazy

Poetry is crazy
A simple thought and nothing more
Without it life is quite a bore
Poetry is crazy
Sadie the crazy lady
Who killed her granny to be close to her mummy
She also killed her grandad
Without lifting a finger when the old guy fell made
It look like an accident
it didn’t stop there she was evil
She showed people about
Her version of death
By burning a candle to a piece of paper
Then Ben who is her desk neighbour
Brought action figures for show and tell
Sadie just burnt them and threatened
Ben by putting the burnt action figure in her locker
That really scared him
He thought Sadie the crazy lady
Should be locked away in Gaol
But Sadie the crazy lady
Killed the mental health workers
By accidently on purpose locks them
In a burning room
Sadie the crazy lady
Drew a picture of Ben being hung
By the neck till he was totally head
But the way Sadie the crazy lady
Could do that is killing her teacher
And made it look like an accident
Yes Sadie the crazy lady
Having fun killing everybody
But she wanted her mummy and daddy
To know nothing about what Sadie was up to
Sadie the crazy lady
Started to figure out a way to **** Ben
But this was going to be hard
Because her house was the only
Place she could do it
And Sadie will be going out
So Sadie the crazy lady
Saw a happy man walking by her
She said to him ******* *******
Or I will fucken **** you
You don’t know me
I could really harm you
Make you jitter so *******
Away from me
And let Sadie **** Ben in peace
Sadie the crazy lady
Was killed by Ben in self defence yeah
When her funeral was on
Sadies mother blamed ben
For killing her little girl yeah
And Ben went to court and
Was locked up for 5 years
And Sadie the crazy lady
Was laughing and saying
I am causing earth grief

Sent from my iPhone
Renae Nov 2015
You made me crazy
I never loved someone so much
I would travel over mountains over seas
You made me crazy
I left everyone who loved me
Until they no longer knew me
That's crazy
I see my crazy
My children have no strong bonds
Their love is unattached
Yeah that's crazy
After all I gave myself up for you
And you trashed me
Such a tragedy
We were meant to be
My love went
Grace Jordan Jan 2015
Its five am with so many thoughts through my head that my tongue cannot articulate and my only hope is my fingers on a keyboard.

I'm yawning and I'm tearing up but not from pain oh not this time, just from sleep deprivation caused by my love and affection and affliction against slumber.

Not far from now I'll likely nap on the couch, sincerely because I have nothing better to do, but for now I will write deliriously in hopes to make sense out of my late night or early morning musings, whatever you prefer to call this time of day.

My hair is soft and my eyes are heavy, heavy with the weight of the world and myself and all the madness surrounding me.

Why do I wake so early, why do I let things get this far?

Because I'm crazy. I could always go back to sleep, but I'm crazy. Maybe not exactly a bad crazy but the type of crazy that keeps you on the end of your seat and keeps butterflies in your stomach and keeps air in your lungs. I'm the living, breathing crazy, the fun crazy, the crazy he loves, and I don't understand it but I accept it.

That's the crazy thing so far about this year, I've been kicking the bucket when it comes to overcoming the crazy. I just seem to accept it more. So many things have happened outside of my control, and it stirs up the crazy, but there's nothing I can do. I just have to breathe that in and out until I am filled with it. Sometimes there is simply nothing I can do. And that's ok.

The trees are dark outside and I'm tired and alone and my eyes need resting and I'm still crazy.

But all of that is acceptable, as long as I manage to rest my weary heart and, just for a little while, sleep at 5:30.
Amanda Scott Mar 2012
Maybe I'm crazy, for feeling this way.
For wanting a change, not wanting to stay.
Maybe I'm crazy, for screaming this out.
For opening up to the world in one shout.
Maybe I'm crazy, for the things that I've done.
For good or for bad, whether lost or have won.
Maybe I'm crazy, for the way that I see.
Seeing life in the way that I want it to be.
Maybe I'm crazy, for not following the flow.
For taking the direction that I want to go.
Maybe I'm crazy, for standing alone.
For wanting to be the person I've known.
Maybe I'm crazy, truthful or not,
This life that I'm living is the life that I sought.
Not to be normal, for money or fame,
To die as a person with an honorable name.
Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe you are,
For daring to think, that I wouldn't get far.
Bryan Lunsford Aug 2018
It is within an unusually warm and early spring night,
Here, where I begin to feel something ever so unusual while looking deeply into this goddess' eyes,

With her eyes like a pair of diamonds sparkling in the sky,
It's at this moment–in this part of the night–
Love simply didn't need a reply,

With candles lit,
As it's surely to her delight,
And with rose petals all over the bed–
That, surely, was to her surprise,

Though, right now,
Can you really blame me for having this nervous butterfly-feeling whirling around inside?

For this will be the first-ever night that I'll get to hold this beauty tight,

And for such a divine beauty,
Surely I'd make any sacrifice to make sure her every whim and need is perfectly sufficed,

Yes, with our feelings for each other that couldn't be more pure or refined,
I already know, without hesitance, our love would satisfy any god's most delicate appetite inside,

And although, this world may never know how I truly feel inside,
I, myself, know with certainty that I love this woman more than anything I've ever loved in my whole life,

Yet, with nothing more than the sound of crickets chirping within the night,
I proceed to lay this beauty down–
Here, pulling her close to my side (where I tell her)
"I love you, angel, good night",

And even though our love never did need a reply,
She said
"I love you too, sweet dreams baby, don't forget to hold me ever so tight",

And thus with this crazy, whirling, butterfly-feeling, again, that I begin to feel take over inside,
She rolls over unexpectedly and surprises me with a kiss to seal any other reply–
To only roll back over and close her eyes,

Oh, and in the midst of her every action–every move leaving me mesmerized,
She decides to move an inch closer to me,
(Where I wrap my arm around her thighs)
As it's also nearly simultaneously that I hear the clock's stride finally hit midnight,

With a chime that struck once–
Then struck twice,
I begin to hear a set of chimes strike–and strike until they chime twelve times,  
(As these chimes come from this evilly wicked, horrid and heinous clock of mine)

Yes!–with this clock being a clock that through time I have come to slowly hate and despise!

Though, this tower of a clock reminds me of its presence with not the tics nor the tocs–
No, only when the minute hand climbs and the hour's hand meets another notch,

As only then, within that second of the minute, does my mind's thoughts get crossed and rocked–
With my thoughts that become locked within a box
(As it'll be for the next sixty minutes)
I'll just lie there and remain distraught,

Oh, and you ask why?–
Simply because of this chiming noise that won't stop!

With these reoccurring chimes that take my sleep and make most nights a loss–
I can assure you that if I don't go to bed by one or two o'clock,
Any sleep for me will become more and more implausible by every tic of the clock,

Yes, nearly impossible–
For it'll be with the next four or five hours, I'll just lie there, roll, and toss,

Though this is a different night!–
As I'm reminded with our legs crossed and with our fingers interlocked,

Yet, here as I begin to feel the warmth of her body block and fend off any kind or sorts of lingering winter's frost,
I also sense that numerous candles are still glowing bright,
(With the sight of their ambient light flickering off of the bedside's wall from abroad)

And, within this room filled with sentiment as I hear not a sound at all,
I smell the candle's aromatic scents,
With the atmosphere within the air being ever so calm,

Until that is, I hear another chime of a ****–
With it sounding like a melody that's gone ever so wrong–
It's with this tower of a clock, right here, that has just let me know it's now the hour of one o'clock–
And one o'clock, right on the dot,

With only one lone chime that I heard–as everything then simply paused and stopped,

Though, within my mind and with these thoughts that refuse to stop,
I reassure myself–
Knowing that the time is only one o'clock,

For I know I still have an aplenty of time to close my eyes and make these endless lines of thoughts stop,

So to this brilliant mind of mine,
You know that it's clearly time to let these thoughts wander off,

Just close your eyes and let your mind stop–

Though, didn't I just say enough with your thoughts?

Oh, and I can see you might think a lot,
But clearly and obviously you're not thinking about squat!

So just stop or I swear to god,
If you don't stop with these god awful thoughts,
I'll have no other option than to smash and squash your head against these bricks outside of this wall and then leave you there to rot–

For if you don't stop this exact instant then I am almost certain your beautiful woman will become a loss,

And I'm sure you don't want that to happen again, now do you?

So just stop with these thoughts–
Quit fooling around and whatever you do–
Oh, and whatever you do,
Don't let this beauty see that crazed loony side inside of you,

Just fall asleep now and you both can wake up tomorrow around noon,

Yes, just close your eyes and count these sheep jumping over the moon,
And count them jumping one by one–then two by two,

Yet, between one and two,
Surely I knew I was bound to come unglued,
(With the loony that came right out of me as I hear a tune)

With a chime that struck once and then twice,
It left my mind to know not what to do,

Though, that doesn't mean I am confused,
With the duo of chimes that struck–
Only letting me know it's now into the minutes of the night that come directly after two,

And though,
As I begin feeling as if a disaster was nearing in soon,
Still, I knew not what to do–

Because I know nothing as I'm thinking of nothing and just fading away within the scents of her perfume,

(Where I begin fading away within this serenity and hearing not a tune)
I feel the weight of my eyelids begin to feel like a caving-in roof weighing at least a ton or two,

And with just one of a few wondrous thoughts still wandering on through,
I wonder
"Could this be sleep that is nearing in soon?”,

With this feeling of a wonderful tranquil sensation subduing and leaving my whole body consumed,
(As I'm weary and with clearly not a thought left in this room)
I take one last deep breath
(With my lungs swelling like a balloon)

And within a dream is where I have just entered into–:

Yes!–As I'm awakened and with the insanity within in me being let loose to roam throughout this room,
My mind, then, begins to shift back and forth (like something caught drifting between a typhoon and a monsoon)

Where realizing as I view that I've opened my eyes too soon–
With it being this beauty here of mine that is the one who is creating this horrendous little tune,

And feeling, as I hear–
With every single breath that she breathes rattling the room–the walls–and even the shingles upon the roof,
I feel my mind, here, completely coming all the way unglued–
For all I want to do is make everything within this room mute!

Yes, that's all I want to do!–

For I’m sure I wouldn't even be in such a foul mood if I wasn’t sleep deprived,
And if this beauty here of mine and her snoring roar weren’t the main culprits of keeping me, my mind, and this night alive,

Though, hearing with her roaring of a snore that is beginning to drive me crazy inside–
Yes, as she snores, there!–just an inch or two away from my side–
I hear with her snore only growing more and more–

As I, then, within this second, try to ignore a chord of chimes striking once, and then striking twice,
(With this clock striking three times to remind me once again of the time)

–With this night now being at least 3:03, 3:04, and could possibly even be 3:05,
I know this night is at the most three or four hours away from seeing the sun shine bright through my window blinds,

Oh, and surely I already know I probably would just close my eyes–
Yes, that's probably what I would do!
But this little beauty here of mine is worse than any set of chimes,

And surely indecisive,
(As I move the pillow over my ears while I'm consumed by an irritating form of fright)
I move my body a little to the left and then a few inches to the right,
Where I hear her demon's rumbling from inside,
And screaming as if they're trying to come out and fight–

(Which is where I begin thinking)
“Is waking her up really that much of a crime?”

For if she knew she was snoring at such a high decibel level,
Then I'm sure she wouldn't even mind,

And thus with my decisions that couldn't agree more with my mind,
I decide to slightly lift her head and wiggle her,
(As I nearly tickle her left side)

Whispering to her as I say,
"Baby, wake up, I just had the worst dream of my life!
Oh, baby, wake up, I just need to see those sweet little angel eyes!",

Though motionless–
There, as I try to keep my insane and crazy side inside,
My whisper begins to intensify to a scream
(As she refuses to open her eyes or give me a reply)

I continued to scream–SCREAMED!

"Oh, why, oh, why won't you open your eyes!",

And with her snore being the only reply that she could give me,
It literally drove me crazy inside–
Thus driving me as it drove me to climb on top of her body,
(Where I grab her nose and squeeze)

As it's within the silence and in this exact instant,
Instantly and unbelievably, I see I've hit a stride that I couldn't believe,

Yes, mesmerized!
And content beyond belief–
With her snoring, here, that has finally ceased–

–Casually, I proceed to climb off of her body
(Wherein realization I finally can go back to sleep)

And in the silence, again, as I hear not a peep,
I roll over, close my eyes, and before I could even count one jumping sheep,
I hear a roar once more coming from this treacherous little beast,

And surely with not a second more could I go without sleep,
(As this pillow, right here, has just become my best friend, and the most plausible way to get any sleep)
I decide to move this pillow over her face–with my exertion at first lacking any tenacity,

But what I'd end up hearing would be like a growl or a roar of a wicked beast,

With this sinister snore of hers only increasing more and more with every tic of my heart's beat,
I begin to feel my thoughts shift toward the sentiment of either insane or crazy,

(As my hands push with more and more of an intensity)
I begin sweating–feeling the smothering warmth of her body's heat,

Though, simultaneously as I hear her heart throb and knock an unstoppable and irregular beat,
I begin putting even more weight upon this pillowcase
(With a galore of my sweat dripping upon these sheets)

And surely I have to know,
(For it should be as obvious as could be)
That if I put any more weight upon this pillowcase,
I'd likely break through the toughest of the most unbreakable concretes,

And thus coming to the realization–
With this crazy side of me that has taken over and been unleashed surely not being me,

It's here, against the greatest of restraints
(As I'm barely able to climb off of her body)
I climb off and begin waiting within the silence–

Waiting and hearing not a peep,
Where seemingly prompting myself to say,
Here, as I speak!
"Good night baby–sweet dreams",

Though, I'd hear not a reply–
As a reply was something our love never did need,

Yet, as I roll over to climb under these sheets and close my eyes
(Where simultaneously it all has seemed)
I have fallen fast asleep within a dream while holding my sleeping beauty tight–

Holding her as I squeeze–
Holding her!–
With her heart that holds not a beat–.
Danielle Freese Nov 2014
I ******* need you. I need you more than I've ever needed anything in my entire life and I know staying with you even though you're in love with morgan will hurt me like a ***** every single ******* day, but I can't be without you, I can't. I can't ******* be without you. I just hope that you will try and that I can help you try to get over her, and that eventually you will. Even if it will take years. You're my world. I'm so in love with you. I don't know what else to do. You're all I have. You're all I want. I've never tried so ******* ******* a guy before in my entire life, and I'm not going to just going to throw that away. I can't be without you. I don't know if I can do this, I don't know if I will be able to do this, but I know that I can't be without you. I just can't. We have been through too much. And right now my goal, my only goal, is to help you get over her, so you can stop hurting, and so that you can be in love with me, the kind of love where you know you're in love with me. Not just thinking you are. I don't ever want to stop being your girlfriend. I really don't. You are my life. You've been my life for the past 10 months, almost a year now. And I know this makes me sound crazy, I know it does, but I don't ever want to stop being your girlfriend, with the exception of me becoming more than that. I love you. I love you so ******* much and I'm going to continue to ******* say it for I love you as long as I feel the need to I love you because I feel I love you the need to tell you I love you every second I love you of every ******* day and I've never I love you felt that way before about anyone. I just hope that you still want to be with me, even though I'm so crazy. And I'm sorry. But I seriously can't lose you... I refuse to lose you unless you absolutely want to break up with me, because I don't want to be crazy and make you stay with me. God I already sound crazy. I don't know what to do Lorenzo. I'm saying what I'm thinking and what I'm feeling but I'm scared it's going to make you think I'm crazier than you already think I am and that you won't want to be with me, but I don't want this to be another note in my phone that I don't send you. I love you. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you im sorry I'm crazy my fingers just couldn't stop typing it because I just couldn't stop thinking it. I'm so paranoid. I just want to be with you. Just you and me loving eachother and no one else. I want that. I want happiness for both of us. I love you I love you. God I meant to stop typing this so ******* long ago and even though I'm doing this a text I might just email it to you because I know your phone will probably just keep vibrating all night because of all my parts of this message coming in. I'm sorry for typing so much there is just so much on my mind and I'm so sad and I can't sleep and I want you here so badly and I want you to tell me that you love me and I want you to hold me and kiss me and make cute noises when you look at me and I want you to lay on my tummy and just I don't know I feel that if I put my phone down and stop typing that you're so far away from me, but I feel that if I keep typing in close to you and like I'm talking to you even though I'm only writing a message to you, and not having a conversation. And then again I'm sorry this is so ******* long because I know how much you hate long things like this because you don't want to read them, but I really really really hope you read this. Or at least skim through it really fast, I don't know. Like I don't know why I'm even typing out instruction type things for how could read it when this is the end of the message, or maybe it's the middle, I don't know how much longer I can keep going but I feel like I can keep talking to you forever. But anyways why am I telling you that now when I'm not even sure if you will be reading this far? I love you so ******* much. I don't know how to explain it. I know I've said all of these things before but you know me better than anyone in the entire world, I've told you things that no one in the entire universe knows but you. And I love you. I wouldn't be typing all this out if I didn't love you so much. I know I really don't need to say it, because I know that you know that I love you, but I really just can't stop thinking it. I can't stop thinking it and I'm just typing down whatever comes to mind. I just want to spend time with you. I want to talk to you and cuddle and just hang out without any shows playing, I want to play batty cake with you and take pictures with you and I want to cook with you and make forts with you and I know how much you hate cheesy stuff like that by I like it because it makes me feel loved. I love you. I love you so ******* much and I'm sorry I'm saying it again but like I said I can't stop. I really can't. I have no idea how much more room I have in this message, but I promise I will at least try to stop once I can't put any more characters into this chat box. I'm already at 5183 characters, and I'm sorry this is so ******* long and that I'm repeating myself so ******* much but I want you here and I want to be there and I want us to be happy and I want to work as a couple for a really long time. And I want us to be a couple for a really long time, or at least for until we don't want to be anymore, but I can't think of when I wouldn't want to be. Talking to tonight about the kaylee thing and just talking tonight in general made me feel like we took a step forward in our relationship and that we got even closer than we were before, and we were already pretty close, but then this whole thing came up and I just don't know what to do. I want everything to be back to normal, I want us to be happy I want us to hang out everyday and I want you to tell me that you're in love with me. I know I'm crazy. I'm seriously so crazy, but I'm only crazy for you. I care so ******* much and I want to be cared about back and I want to be told I love you by you and I want to live with you as soon as we are able to and I want you here right now. I love you so ******* much. So ******* much and I'm so ******* broken now and I hope I don't die in m sleep if a broken heart because I want you here so ******* badly and I'm going to hold captain tyeddy beat all night and just cuddle him and cry myself to sleep and try my hardest to get out of bed in the morning, and maybe I will ditch school and walk to your house, because you're worth walking to. I'm sorry if some of this stuff doesn't make sense im getting tireder and tireder and I'm still so sad just please love me, I want you to love me and I want you to be happy and I want to be with you and I can do this even though it's gonna hurt I believe you can get over her if you really try. I believe that you can. I want to help you and I want you to be mine and I want to be yours and I'm so sorry I just don't want to stop typing this because I feel like I'm talking to you and I feel like if I stop that I will have lost you and I know I've said that already but I mean it and I'm so paranoid. I don't know what to do. I can't stop typing but I'm so tired and my eyes are so ******* swollen that I can barely see but I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you so much. Your my prince and I'm your princess. I love you. I love you I love you. I'm going to send this now, I hope you get it. I don't know. I'm going to send it as a text and an email just in case you can't get it on your phone because it is too long and I'm sorry about that. I love you so much I love you so much. Please reply when you get this and I'm coming over tomorrow to hang out with you as soon as I possibly can. I love you. You're my everything. **** I keep saying my goodbyes but I can't stop typing. I'm sorry... I will send it now. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you and I'm sorry that I'm crazy, I love you.

— The End —