Bo Burnham Mar 2015
You think I'm crazy?
HA! That's real funny.

If I were crazy, would I have written a twelve-hundred-page novel without using a single vowel?
No. 'Cause I did. And I'm not crazy.

If I were crazy, would I be able to predict the future by dropping empty tuna cans into an open drain in my backyard?
No. 'Cause I can. And I'm not crazy.

If I were crazy, would I love to slit your fucking throat just to watch the color drain from from your face and onto that cleanly pressed collared shirt of yours?
Yes. I would love that if I were crazy.

But I'm not crazy.
Crazy Beautiful Nov 2013
"I think of you when shadows slant,
Because that's where beauty cries.
Difference wanting to touch but can't,
but at least the angle tries"
Crazy Beautiful Nov 2013
I was jealous of every girl who ever
hugged you..
Because for that one moment
They held my entire world
Tears are like kisses,
The only real ones are the ones you cant hold back
Never make someone your everything,
Because when they are gone you have nothing
You will never know true pain
Until you look into the eyes of someone you love,
And they look away....
The scars are nothing compared to the pain
That put them there
Goodbye is only painful
When you know you can never say hello again...
Bear D Apr 2014
the man
the crazy pen,

why isn’t
oni Dec 2014
they called me crazy
for refusing to pick flowers
for saving spiders from the kitchen
and for talking to birds rather than humans

they called me crazy
for clawing at my wrists
for eating my own words
and for tearing out my hair for allowing myself to feel

nothing ever satisfies
when you worry about the endless amount
of "they"
and "them"
and what "they" think

nothing ever satisfies
when "they" meet your demons
and "they" make a home
in your own fucking ribs
NewAgeOfAnarchy Oct 2014
Some say I'm crazy for my ideas, I believe I'm unique.
I wear strait-jacket like fashion and they study me like a detective.
I got my mind right and my head on straight, I see illusions I think they may be real.
I hear voice in my head; they are speak with wisdom, but are chaotic.
I'm not crazy just unique.
copyright 2014 Michael Cross
Poetic T Aug 2014

                                                               ­          Inside

slythersnake18 Jan 2015
They call me crazy
Not the soft sad sighs crazy
No, I’m the crack-snap-crash
Crazy, in your face crazy
But then again, aren’t we all?
Craig Harrison Sep 2014
It's crazy
I try to pull away
but I don't seem able
I promise myself no more
but when I see you I forget about everything
It's crazy

Sometimes were like a river
constantly traveling in one direction
other times
it's like a tug of war
trying to pull away
I promise myself no more
but when I see you I forget about everything
It's crazy

I don't know how
but you some how creep into my mind
I only have to close my eyes
and you appear
I try to pull away
but I don't seem able
It's crazy
Miss X Apr 2014
I see horny girls
lusting after my boyfriend
I see them sending winks
and hearts and showing
some extra tanned skin
lace bras and bright red lipsticks
and heels higher than my self esteem

Maybe it is jealousy
Or maybe it is reality
One thing I know for sure;
I'm definitely going crazy
Jenovah Sep 2012
Who are you?
You're not the same person you were two minutes ago.
I just don't get you.
You're compulsive, and corrupted.
You're easily addicted.
You have friends in your mind,
but in reality friends you'll never find.
You're simple yet, confusing
like a Rubik's cube.
With all your twists and turns.
This pain you put upon me
has left me with cuts and burns.
Will we ever learn?
To get along
and fix these never ending battles?
Your bipolar versus my anger.
Some days, to me you are a stranger.
Who I thought I knew has suddenly disappeared.
Your disease is something I've always feared.
Illness invaded your mind,
and has taken over who you once were
Leaving all your past senses blind.
Dhaye Margaux Mar 2015
She's so crazy, a crazy woman
Crazy in love with the chosen one
Her heart is missing, where is it?
There in his chest,  it perfectly fits!
Crazy in love
David Ian Go Mar 2014
My mind is in a state of panic,
My world just turned psychedelic
Like all is lost in pure confusion
It's like my mind is in delusion.

Now, all I see is black and white,
All I hear are moans and cries
I come to ask myself, oh why?
but all I say are stupid lies.

This might sound crazy, yes it might
but I have no choice, I wonder why.
I might be in love with someone I despise
'cause all she says are beautiful lies.
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