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I don't sleep!
I can't rest!
I can't think!
I only hurt with the thought
of you breaking my heart!
You are the only man for me!
I don't ever wanna be
Without you, without me...
Can't you see?
Or don't you know...
Just how much I love you so?
That I will love you forever?
Babie, don't leave me ever!
Without you...
My heart is breaking!
Without you...
I am aching!
Without you...
there is no "us!"
Without you...
There Is No "US!"


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
arizona Aug 21
The night is being swallowed
by the waning moon and
I find myself in the darkness,
hands tracing infinity in the dirt.

I’m afraid if I stand above
the water’s edge for too long
I, too, will pursue the taste
of enduring freedom

The trees acknowledge
they will be born again come spring,
so I fuse myself to branches,
certain and destined for my rebirth.
a little on the dark side. loved the imagery. I think "rebirth" has been the theme in many of my recent poems.
Mark Edwards Jr Apr 2013




Umi Dec 2017
When the Devil falls he brings us pain
As if it were Acid to rain
Just like that, I give in, there's nothing I can gain

Such a falling devil, who lands on my heart
And then decides to tear it all apart....
And all of that simply because I have lowered my guard

I cannot put myself to rest, this life is a hell without an end
And while this demon consumes me slowly and wants me to bend
I am witnessing the loss of my one friend

What is happening, am I crazy, am I mad ?
But that shouldn't be bad...
If I seal myself away, this devil won't make me sad

I don't want to be evil I don't want to be twisted...
But its my fault because I have not resisted...
Maybe I have become a devil
Maybe this is my downfall
No, theres no need for you to bring me into the judgement hall

Just throw me into hell...
I know I deserve it well..

~ Umi
Hollow Steve Aug 17
Faded eye
Numb skull
Empty veins
Uncontrollable blow

It rolls inside itself
Then swallows itself whole

Wallowing inner ache

Can't see
Only looking

It falls within
It's numb

I have no place left to see
What could have been
My life held in

I can not see
No longer me

Everything fades
Farewell my dismay
I'd rather be dead,
than this deep in my head.
I hate
that I can only lay here
and dread.
The things that she does
when I'm not in her bed.
I can't fucking stand it,
I won't find relief.
But my love isn't a lie,
and I know from this grief.
I can't say a thing
to try to change her mind.
And maybe in time,
I'll never be fine.
The love that I long for,
that I want to be mine.
Is impossible to have,
so I'll stop wasting my time.
I should just fight for her heart
or give up my obsession.
I don't care about learning
any stupid fucking lessons.
I want to be yours
and you to be mine.
Beleive what I'm saying,
cause it's about time.
I don't wanna miss my chance,
or else I'll regret.
Having fallen
so hard for her,
without trying my best.
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