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I don't sleep!
I can't rest!
I can't think!
I only hurt with the thought
of you breaking my heart!
You are the only man for me!
I don't ever wanna be
Without you, without me...
Can't you see?
Or don't you know...
Just how much I love you so?
That I will love you forever?
Babie, don't leave me ever!
Without you...
My heart is breaking!
Without you...
I am aching!
Without you...
there is no "us!"
Without you...
There Is No "US!"


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
arizona Aug 21
The night is being swallowed
by the waning moon and
I find myself in the darkness,
hands tracing infinity in the dirt.

I’m afraid if I stand above
the water’s edge for too long
I, too, will pursue the taste
of enduring freedom

The trees acknowledge
they will be born again come spring,
so I fuse myself to branches,
certain and destined for my rebirth.
a little on the dark side. loved the imagery. I think "rebirth" has been the theme in many of my recent poems.
Sarah Isma May 11
Day by day you'd pass me by,
and at a time i'd think
it's a norm seeing you smile
I said hi but today
you replied with my name
For a second then,
i never realized that my heart would beat
a little bit faster than it usually did,
I never thought
How good it sounded coming from you
and i never realized
how everyday was like that after,
i'd be falling slowly,
a little bit deeper than i should be,
deeper in love with you
of course there is this boy, in which i think may become a series, where we met and i thought he was handsome but i thought id never get anywhere with him but as time goes by he started talking to me, and acknowledge me and until one day, he said my name, far from the crowd- just to make me say hi to him back. I feel like im starting to swim in dangerous waters now
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