daisies May 2014
I'm sorry.
I'm just worried.
What's going on?
I can't go on.
How do we met?
Don't you get mad?
With all the miserable things that I've said?
I want to apologize.
Let's get these questions maximized.
We didn't meet each other by accident,
*but we are meant to go on the same path.
I'm leaving my school so soon. And my friends are travelling back to their countries. This question strikes my mind; "how do we meet?"
turbul-sense Jul 2015
meet me where our souls do
where the breath you've held is freed
where your old soul finds

where me and you become 'we'.

meet me
so i can tell you how i love the dance your hair does,
how i adore the curve of your shoulders,
how i hold on to every word you speak.

meet the way you make me explode into tiny pieces of colourful glass
meet the way i am constantly overwhelmed with the art that is you

meet this.
bonjour. enchantée.

for sarah
Crossyde Gimp Jun 2014
She stands at the door to your heart knocking, steadily
Not seeking out your head but obsessed with your conscience,
Curious to dominate every burn of your passions,
And seek recognition wherever you register your presences.

She seeks to work in your work and gain expression,
She moves with her entire family of Love, Respect and Tolerance      
In all your dealings with those of your kind;
She demands you let her take the lead if you don't mind.

"Oh! if only they see how much they need me", she cries,
"Then humanity would not be ruled by these many lies".
Make haste and open the door don't further delay,
She sees your desolation and seeks to brighten your day.

She stands at the door to your heart please listen,
This reviving call must not escape your sense of reason,
Redefine and restore human values is her major quest,
Meet Dignity; give her your best and she'l fulfill the rest.
Seeing how great the hunger for bloodshed, and crimes of all sorts, has dominated man's heart, there is a need to for mankind to redefine and re-commit to the protection of human dignity... Only then can we make this world a better place.
WistfulHope Oct 2014
Meet me
At the place
We laid in
The long grass and
Could see Boston
On the distant horizon.

Would you travel
From lake Michigan,
For one last dive in
The Atlantic with me again?

Meet me
At the place
You teased me saying
You hated the hill and walking.

Meet me
At the place
I teased you showing
More skin than I intended.

Meet me
At the place
Where the lights aren't so harsh,
And I gave you all my stars,
Letting you trace constellations
One by one,
Until you could map me -
Navigate me.

Would you come
Meet me there
Once more,
So I could try to
Give you all the things
I could not before?
I have to stop this.
Amitav Radiance Oct 2014
A smile attracts a smile
Two hearts
At a confluence
Holds true
Hand in hand
Moments stroll away
Lips speak volumes
When souls meet
I like the way your laugh, and when your wear my hoodies.
I like the jokes we have, and when you sneak up on me.
And when the kids take all our time, and we don't even have a dime,
sit back, relax, and close your eyes.
Meet me in my dreams.
Romance is a cunt.
Ashley Garza Jun 2013
Meet me in Valhalla
When the battle's done
The cries of enemies long slain
Have faded one by one
Hold my hand, brave brother
As our glory's crowned in blood
The sword strikes deep but still
Our souls will rise above the mud
O warrior, our destiny was
To fall in foreign lands
Within our veins flow rivers strange
Our mouths pour forth with sand
We do not fear the bitter dark
That waltzes round our eyes
Hold my hand, brave brother
Led by the Valkyrie we die
We march on toward golden shields
To fight under burning suns
Meet me in Valhalla
When the battle's won
Overhead the tree-tops meet,
Flowers and grass spring ’neath one’s feet;
There was nought above me, and nought below,
My childhood had not learned to know:
For what are the voices of birds
—Ay, and of beasts,—but words—our words,
Only so much more sweet?
The knowledge of that with my life begun!
But I had so near made out the sun,
And counted your stars, the Seven and One,
Like the fingers of my hand:
Nay, I could all but understand
Wherefore through heaven the white moon ranges,
And just when out of her soft fifty changes
No unfamiliar face might overlook me—
Suddenly God took me!
Baby ladybug, how I'll love you when we meet,
From your newly thinking head to your newly tapping feet.
How you'll fly out in the sunshine, pick a petal for your seat;
Lovely baby ladybug, how I will love you when we meet.
For my new baby niece, who's been on her way for several months and is almost here. I'm so excited to see you, sweet lady!
Ashen Complexion May 2015
The waves moving in and out like a goddess stroking the sand
The clouds rolling across the sky with ease
The bright sun warming us up for the cold water
The beach is my favorite place
Especially when the red and purple is painted across the sky like a visual lullaby
When the air turns crisp
When sky fades into darkness
And you can see the refection of stars shining off the gentle water ⭐
Where I'd rather be
Simon Soane Mar 2016
Between all the light breezes
we could meet,
the spaces where breath
breathes in joy
and be glad that this is it,
and movement now is our thing;
a magic of moment.
In peace may you leave the shore
In love may you find the next
Save passage on your travels
until our final journey to the ground
May we meet again
this is not mine, but from the CW series The 100 a Sci Fi show that i highly recommend
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