Chloe Elizabeth Jul 2014
Sometimes, I cry
and I don't even know
what I'm sad about

I'm just crying
about being sad

By Chloe Elizabeth
Alana S Sep 2015
my tears aren’t forced
they flow in that
dark tunnel that she
dreamed so long ago
she wasn’t ready
to take her first steps
I wasn’t ready to
take mine without her.
Little things bring her back
like empty bowls or the tower
of books she’s never going to read.
People have been calling this a
trauma, but they’ve forgotten the
loneliness of life’s journey. She dreamed
a tunnel and added bright lights
and dusted the floor with powdery snow
she traveled far yet I can
only see the trails of
milk puddling around the lost key that she
dropped under blankets
of memory and phrases of
I-promise and tomorrow. I’m growing up as
she falls down. She wasn’t
perfect but that’s why it
was so easy to love her.
My journey’s ongoing, and the
deep undercurrents of pain and
grief are pulling me through
that tunnel.
I’m rowing softly by,
quietly, quietly,
as she is laid to rest.
her memories swallow the emptiness
she is kneeling at the throne.
I follow slowly and leave my
tears for her to know that life’s
path isn’t paved in water but
with sorrow, with endings, and with lost
boats on turbid seas.
Smiling* on the outside
Crying on the inside
Everyday I smile
But it's just a way to hide

Laughing away the hurts
Cutting away the tears
Smiling at a way to
Forget all my fears

Dancing till I bleed
Inside my head I scream
I can't take this anymore
Only Smiling in my dreams
Dave Vøn Grey Feb 2015
Drowned inside of me
The rain never ends
within us
We are crying lightning
The lightning
shines your eyes
seems child crying
The thunder makes the earth vibrate
Rays begin to dance.
When it rains, the noise, the brightness and the smell of rain inspires me.
A Apr 2014
Cant you see?,
When you cry a piece of The rainforest dies
lost girl Jun 2014
I've been having a hard time lately
I'm sorry about that baby.
I close my eyes
And thoughts of what would have been flows by.
I squeeze my eyes to keep from crying.
I've been doing that a lot lately.
I just haven't been the same since I lost the baby.

Not about me.
Some Person Nov 2014
I'm better at
than writing
a piece to
wet your eye
But because of
how I feel
as this tear
I have to try
I have to try
From A Heart Sep 2015
    envy tears Because
  they glide gently down
 cheeks, And aren't falling
onto concrete? Do raindrops
envy tears As they come from
   pure emotion And aren't
        equivalent to vapor?

                                                      ­                                                         Do tears
                                                                ­                             envy raindrops
                                                       ­                             Which have no say
                                                                ­              in their falling And don't  
                                                         ­                    have to feel ashamed? Do    
                                                                ­          tears envy raindrops Because
                                                                ­             they need not feel pain, Or  
                                                                ­                   fear or heartbreak?
Nicole Dawn Jun 2015
I just want to cry
I just to scream
I just want to let it out

Yet I am denied
This simple request
By none other
Than myself

I must be strong
I must hide my pain
I must never let my feelings show

This is a hard world
We live in
You show them pain
And they'll stab you where it hurts

I want to cry

But I can't
I won't
I am

*Now the tears are falling
Just had like a total breakdown..... Thankfully no one saw....
3 days ago I cried for the first time in 5 months.
I felt a drop or two, as my body heaved in pain
and desperation.

I thought I forgot how to cry.
I thought that I had the ability to be stronger than that
Or that the veins that constricted
my deamons
Were indestructible.

I was wrong.
I can cry
And I can feel
But the feelings haven't changed from then
I feel weak.
I want my strength back
I don't want a constant tug at the back of my throat.
I broke.
I want to be fixed.
Behind the door are cries,
heavy swallows and closed eyes.

One. two steps out the door
no crying. Can breathe once more.
Michaela Siaki Mar 2015
I won't cry about you.
I won't write about you.
And maybe you won't exist.
NitaAnn Nov 2014
C                 T
  R                 E
     Y                A
        I                 R
          N               S

Tears are rolling, chest is heaving, nose is running
Cannot stop the tears from falling
So sad today, the reasons are numerous
Heart is broken
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