Styles Jan 2017
Your body speaks a language
I yearn to learn, so we can speak
To each other, in ways that make you weak
Presence May 2014
She sits in her room
  all alone
shivering under her bed
in desperate attempt
     to stay hidden
from the monsters that scream in her head
What I came up with whilst I was supposed to be revising
Flo Sep 2015
A hidden smile
Covered by a sea of pain
Don't give up
One day your smile will emerge
From the ground
Enlightening other peoples faces once again
To all of you out there, who lost the urge to smile. Don't give up. Don't lose your smile.
Your face radiate such calmness
The way you sleep shows cuteness
Yet so fragile
So vulnerable
I wish to see more
I wish to know more
One day i'd see you as another person
**The real you
Sydney Marie Apr 2014
I have all these secrets that shouldn't be shared.
Secrets shared are then turned into thoughts, regrets, even wishes.
No matter how fast my head spins, how hard my headache pounds.
I can't share what's needed to be said.
To anyone, not anyone.
I mustn't, I can't.
Secrets need to be kept hidden and shall be remained until reviled.
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
She asked me,
"Do you still miss me like before?"
I sighed, "No."
And with that said, I lit up another cigarette to smoke.
S Mar 2015
I see you.
I see the real you.
I see the real you no one else sees.

Because you wear a mask.
You wear a beautiful, deceiving mask.
You wear a beautiful, deceiving mask but you forget,
     I can see you.

Why can't you see me?
For all you secret poets out there, I understand.
NewAgeOfAnarchy Nov 2014
Poems are the interpretation of a poets inner emotions.
The emotions which they cover with masks from the world.
©2014 copyright Michael Cross
Melody W Nov 2012
Memories scattered like driftwood are
dispersed into oblivion by feisty currents
frolicking with these heavy stones

Linger with me in this timeless quiescence;
gingerly pluck teardrop intricacies
from my ebony-dusk saturated hair

In our secret place obscured from judging eyes
No one shall know our names, though even so
names are quite obsolete in this dance of old

Don’t look back, lest you transform into all we abhor;
Cold, unfeeling, settling heavily to the bottom
Clawing - always clawing - but unable to grasp redemption

We must hurry, though, for the tide is rising.
And we’ll be gone before they can even think
of stealing us away.
Fang Xuyokuna Mar 2016
Lessons learned and losses spurned;
Burned are the sweet-nothings you often heard.
Mired in a conflict never-ending,
Stuck between loving and merely pretending.
It takes all I have to pretend I don't love you when you're around. You see through me. You are not fooled.

"Better is open rebuke than hidden love." -Proverbs 27:5
Dlz May 2014
You think I'm oblivious.
You can lie all you want.
But I know the truth
And I also know you.

You put on a mask
To avoid your reflection
Hoping your new appearance
Can lead you towards a new direction.

You let life pass you by
While avoiding your past
Forgetting to sometimes stop
And have a little laugh.

For it was you
Who told me it was okay
To have a little a fun
Even on what seems like the worst of days.

So my advice to you
Is to take off your mask
And let down your long hair
Because there are people who love you even when you are scared.

With your strength
And your courage
You can do anything you want,
So put yourself first
And keep on moving on.

But for now
You'll think I'm oblivious
And you'll continue to lie
But still I know the truth
And I know what you hide.
behind those impenetrable barrier
i saw a beautiful  man wearing black
his face is veiled by white cloth
he seems so lost
the stained blood in his veiled cheek
like he cry a thousand droplets of blood
the dulled in his eyes and the gloomy of the place
i aim to touched and smashed those invisible walls
with the mighty of my own hand
but not even my entire power can resist!
only you can shatter those walls if you're at inside
i attempted to shout at him
'help yourself darling!'
but not even my powerful voice
could penetrated those barriers
i cried at his painful situation
to my horror
he stares at me!
with his icy cold stare
he smiles!
those smile...
i remember those smiles i used to have
he slowly walks into my direction
and touched those invisible barriers
but he didn't attempted to fractured those walls
he talks but i can't comprehend what he whispered
i follow the move on his lips saying
'it's okay. i'm okay here'
he smile again
those painful smile
slowly, he unveiled his face
but what frightened me are
his face!
his looks!
that is me!
what's going on?!
i felt dizzy
maybe my mind is tricking on me!
slowly, my vision became blurry
drifting away in this melancholic place

i black out

the man in my dreams
NewAgeOfAnarchy Nov 2014
All my poems are interpretation of my inner emotions, I hide from the world.
©2014 copyright Michael Cross
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