Will Rogers III Mar 2015
and the light of the
empty parking

casts shadows of
delirious days

thank God
there is light to
see the shadows
(originally accompanied with video of my shadow walking under lights) [composed on March 20, 2014]
backyardpoet Aug 2014
Buildings seem shadows
closing like doors
corners of a soul
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James Kelly Apr 2015
A symbol of hope
Cutting through the darkness

But remember
All light cast shadows
Wanderer Apr 2014
I stand in the back of the crowd
looking around
is anyone really here
or am i seeing shadows
because surely these people aren't real
With their smiling faces
in the midst of a war
With diamonds and pearls
hanging from their necks
in a time where money is rare
They must be shadows
I can promise you they aren't real
auhsoJHaynes Nov 2012
The form in which we live our lives

Breeds in the midst of demon hives.

For dogs do bark in senseless fright

At shadows lurking in the night,

And souls shiver at that unseen;

Cathartic reasons not to dream.

Voices whisper ideas, faux truths,

That knowledge has no valid use.

And when we hear, we do obey

The voice that blocks the light of day.

Lamplight dances against cave walls

And childlike wonder slowly falls.

Pavlov shakes his head in sadness,

For we, indeed, are his madness.

And Plato weeps within his cage

For all his truths leave him in rage.

Is all that we can ever see

Vague words that tell us not to be?
The shadows are creeping in
Closer, closer
The light is fading slowly
Slower, slower
The time is running out
Faster, faster
The shadows are growing bigger
Bigger, bigger
My life is slowly draining
Draining, draining
The shadows have taken over...
Behind every memory
there is a shadow
that fears the dark...
Essa Freedom Dec 2014
They follow me every where I go
I wish they would stop
It unnerving
Like having a stalker
One that you know will never leave
You can't report it
You would be sent to the Insane Asylum
So I have a question
*Will you come with me?
cosmic poet Apr 2014
I can feel the darkness
I can feel my blood embracing the poison
like a lover in the shadows
Feel Jan 2015
Shadows I am, trailing behind you,
Heaving and reversing, for your slightest attention,
Intimate you are not, forgetful you are,
Never do you, have this much conviction.

Noises inside, my head and yours,
Illusive we are, to what matters most,
Perhaps nothing we do, could really save us,
Hating and aching, to that we toast.

Untouched, crippled; and heavily misunderstood,
Arching our ego, that's all we ever could.
MLS Mar 2014
They are everywhere. In the corners, behind things, in front of things but the one that scares me the most is the one behind ME. He follows me where ever I go, dragging my past and secrets with him. I wish he would go away but then again, I don't. Because then I would be all alone. Only to watch the other shadows and think, "How many secrets is that one burdened with?"
My shadow has my past in a death grip and he won't let go of it. He holds on so tightly that I can't breathe. Strangling me so slowly that no one, not even their shadows, can see what is happening before it becomes to late and I am gone; along with my shadow,
so he never has to drag around my past and secrets again.

*He will finally be free of me.
Shadows Rising Oct 2014
A musical trance seance under control by the hand of a shadow
A "Du hast" to a "Loco" To a "beautiful people"
A fraction of symphony, Sent by the gods of rock

Spiderweb rooms an corridor covered with the entrance to darkness set in place with danger light's, Strobe lights, an a fog machine set on auto
A haunted feel to a shack left cold an abandoned.
Equipped with superior beings and extended solo's of 6 string guitar's along with drum's and distorted bass guitar, setting the rhythm for our soul's,Feeding threw 4 large kickers.

This shadow was me
Decorated in crow face paint, Along with black attire to match my attitude
People came and went and came again
Supporting my and there craving for sublime sound
But one, the one, my goddess, my angel of death came to my dwelling, she came with a message

To indulge in my love

But also to give me a message of misery
To break me free of this chaotic world i was fixed in, with a bite to my fingertip the purified pressure was on
She wore the same colors as I
Only more dragged inline's
More pain, More beauty than she could see
I stared into her crystal corroded bloodshot eyes
I seen deep within herself
I saw pain, I saw hate for her fire, I saw hate from others
I had seen everything and nothing
I arose from my slumber to meet her in the darkness or mothers sleep
To give mother a great vision, a great dream and it was this
My angel of death, Meeting face to face, Eye to misery, Cure to disease, Beauty to ugly.

The words rolled off her tongue like the greatest embrace to a lover
Her words were sweet and seductive
Sprinkled with tears of a suicidal mind and a scarred wrist.
Then in a perfect moment are perfect tender love met with crying eyes and black lipstick.
Within that moment i ingested her misery
I took it and gave her what she deserved


After the release of this lover's choice
We met vision and from there i seen the truth
I could never release her from this insanity
Only pamper or even embrace it
This timeless motion of misery will never stop ticking in my heart
Not till it expires!
I miss you.....
Antipodean May 2015
In the darkest umbra of a shadow
Where time and wraith like dimensions collide
Is the place you can find all man’s sorrows
And woman’s secrets they’ll never confide

In the obscurity of one’s dark gloom
In your contrasting reverse projection of self
You can envision your impending doom
Like a porcelain doll falling from the shelf

Trace the outline of your twisted dark shade
Chalking the ground where your body will be laid
Lying down, your shadow and you become one
While you lie dead under the blazing sun
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