Nathan Pival Dec 2014
When I met you
You took my breath away
In retrospect
I should have just walked away
And started breathing again
Em Dec 2014
is a breath never released
suffocation of the lungs
and the whole of your mind
is a clock
that never stops ticking
with the constant click, from past to present
Time never ends
and oh darling
nor does anxiety.
Victoria Mar 2014
Just breath and let out the pain
The wondering if I'll ever be sane

Time to reflect and ponder the real truth
I've been living a lie which lies at the root

My core feels rotten and filled with hate
A hate for myself and dissident fate

I've lost my true self. .. left, but only a whisper
She's in there somewhere like a ghost in the mist

The thickness of the falsity and time that has gone by has left me all alone to ponder and wonder why
i adore life
this breath
this moment
gratitude fills me
Melody W Nov 2012
Marked by imperfections
weathered by Time,
will your sturdy branch hold
the weight carried unwillingly
for so long?

One weary foot
chasing another
an infertile vicious cycle
unable to be tempered

Solemn face cast downward
cruel anticipation
bright slaughterhouse
a little ways down a
meandering dusty road
unbeknownst to most

Breathe once more,
Deafening gusts of
mockingly jaded motifs
fill your aching lungs.


Loveless departure;
please do not disturb
this final resting place
for unseeing eyes

The moon is bright today!*
musings echo vacancies
Cast into the wind.

There is no moon in the sky.
Hayley Cusick Nov 2014
that last breath you took,
was it for me?
or did you waste it begging for bravery?
my love, so small, it used to fuel me
SRS Jul 2014
I hope your guilt strangles you like a Boa Constructor,
until you have no breath,
I hope before you die though that you realized,
It was you who caused your death.
I feel like you should have guilt, but I know you don't.
DeeDeeK Apr 2012
thoughts of you make me breathless,
like walking into a steam sauna too hot
seeing you causes my knees to go weak,
blood rushing to that secret spot
that only you know how to touch and finger
driving me wild as you stop and linger
crescendos of pleasurable torment
until you see I'm finally spent
Oh God! I'll never have enough of you
baby take my breath, it's all for you
BB Tyler Jun 2015


Cicada Waves

Teach me to Breathe

in the Depths of Breathlessness
Ormond Aug 2012
I remembered her—
Voice, soft, warm summer water,
First breeze ever felt.
Yoni Sav May 2014
I've been cut
and scarred
many times before

my desire
toward fire
had got me burnt

but I never knew
a flame could scar
until you
Ashley Somebody Nov 2014
Energy to speak
And breath to engage with you;
Not enough for *math.
Lies Cut Short Jun 2014
I like the way
Your breath feels
On my neck

I wish that I
Could feel it
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