Madison Jul 24
My heart has a shield
I don’t let people in
I’m afraid of what they’ll do
But you’ve seemed to have gotten through
And I can’t help wanting you to stay
It’s not easy for me
I don’t let many in
I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong
And I think I already have
I messed up and I’m sorry
I want to fix it
But I don’t know how
I want you to stay
But you’re ready to leave
She Writes Jul 11
I don’t know what scares me more
You wanting to know my secrets
Or my willingness to share them
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
I'd like to meet the man who is never afraid
Listen to him tell the life he has made
How he became the man he proclaims
And how he has lied to stay that way

I have never known an unafraid man
Or one without scars on his hands
I have never known one to be true
For I am just as afraid as you
writerReader Jan 2016
i want to be something
not afraid
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