Faye David May 2014
I'm scared of feeling
Feelings that i can't describe
Feelings that i can never understand
Feelings that i'm afraid to face
I just want to be numb
Audrey Maday Jan 2015
They tell me I'm such a brave girl,
For walking where I've walked.
They tell me I'm a brave girl,
For still breathing.
They tell me how proud of me they are,
For standing tall in front of him
And acting as if I'm okay.
They tell me I'm a brave girl,
But truthfully, I'm afraid.
I'm not your brave girl.
Your lips tasted
like the stars
i never got to see
because of the cities
bright lights.
And once our lips connected,
Meteors fell down to earth,
And the ground beneath us started crumbling.
For it was the end of the beginning,
And I couldn't have been more un-afraid.
nissa May 2014
i am afraid
that my bones will rust
before these buildings do

i am afraid
that my soul will fade
before this ink does

i am afraid
that i will lose my tongue
before the world loses its flavour

i am afraid
you will (not) be there
when the bullet strikes
i am very afraid
Deepening Wells Jun 2014
I'm afraid of myself because of what I might do
I am afraid of myself because of what I can't have
I am afraid of how I will do
And how I will do it too
*I am afraid of everything
I just won't let you see
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
I'm afraid of you
Because I shouldn't, and then
Because you want me to.
John Watson Jul 2014
Yes, I'm afraid to let you in. I'm afraid that you'll listen and care for the moment. I'm afraid you'll hear every syllable that leaves my lips. I'm afraid you'll analyze it all and reach the point where I'm deemed as "not worth it". I'm afraid you'll throw me away like rubbish. Like everyone else has.
Peter Lyon Jul 2014
One day I realised,

I was only ever

It terrified me.
EmptySadness Jan 2015
I'm too afraid to let anyone in
I might make the mistake of letting them discover my secrets
Because what happens when they don't need you anymore
You were just a little star when they were the moon

Don't waste your time on me.
Everyone leaves me.
AnActualToaster Aug 2014
I'm afraid of the nighttime sounds,
The echoed barks of some distant hound.
I'm afraid of the ocean,
The creatures that lurk through the slow, smooth motions.
I'm afraid of the future,
Of what that might be.
I'm afraid of being alone..
I'm afraid of me.
Yes, I am actually afraid of these things. The first two terrify me.
Alexis Apr 2014
I'm afraid to stand out
And be different.
What if I look odd?
What if I'm judged?

I'm afraid of using big words,
Even though they sound beautiful.
What if I use it wrongly?
I'll be thought of as a fool.

Most of all,
I'm afraid
Of telling you
That I love you

It's meant to be a cute,
Sweet gesture.
A way of
Reminding you
You're the best thing
In my life.

But what if
It slowly becomes a mere routine for me?

Worse still,
What if
One day
Your reply is,
"I don't, anymore."?
First poem in my A to Z collection. Let's hope this lasts. :)
Storm Raven Jul 2015
Many people fear the dark,

But there is nothing out there

Nothing to be afraid of

The darkness is safe

For as in the darkness you don't have to hide

You don't have to lie

For there are no judging eyes
Esperanzavenisia Sep 2014
It's all about being AFRAID

Afraid, afraid to close your eyes because you don't want to dream.
Dreams are not reality, in fact they are everything you wished you had, teasing you till you become Insane. You cry for the day someone will understand you pain, the pain that's never the same, you've become afraid to fall asleep, to fall asleep and never wake up, but that's what you want isn't it? To end the pain you've been suffering.

you don't have the guts, you can't sit there and take your life, you fall and fall, constantly picking yourself up, but never forgetting to leaving bits behind, your body becomes soulless, it becomes dark, you once were something, now nothing, Dreaming of the day you won't have this pain, going insane, you watch others , they're not hiding, why are you?

Why are you so afraid to let others see you fall, to know that you once have given your all but have received nothing at all for the things so small , see a dream can Become you're worst enemy, haunting you with the things you desperately need.

You internally bleed, but on the outside you plead, you plead for it to all go away, you know it doesn't happen just like that and that it's within time, but what if there's not enough time.

They say that some things can make you stronger , but you've given up on being strong , as I sit here, I realize that there isn't one strong bone left in my body, I carry my self to only let myself down , I put faith in others for them to only let me down, it's a never ending cycle , and it seems to have become all I've known, we all need and want someone to care, but that's not what I want nor do I need it, I've mentally and most times physically been on my own.

I'm not upset anymore because I don't have anyone there or anyone who loves me , I'm upset at the fact that I allowed myself to fall into such state of darkness , the darkness that tell you that's it's okay to let this be the end, you have the devil on one shoulder and god on the other , but the devil is playing tricks on you , tricks of the mind...

So I sit here and ask myself what it is that I truly want , and who I want to do it with,

No one and nothing , you hear all these inspirational speakers who can talk about their journey, their struggles and how they overcame them.. What if you don't know where it all began , it could of just popped up out of no where, but that's not how it is, there is always a beginning,  and an end, for now I will hold onto the beginning, and hope for the end.
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