Summer Kurtz Apr 2014
I care not for what may come
I fear not for who I'll be
But I care for what I'll be
I fear for who will come
Alexis Apr 2014
I don't care if you
Throw sticks
Or stones
Or grenades.
You won't hurt me,
I'll pick myself up.

I don't care if you
Call me stupid
Or ugly
Or a failure, a disappointment.  
You won't hurt me,
I'll shut it all out.

I don't care if you
Kill a frog
Or rob the bank
Or starve for days.
I won't bat an eyelid,
That's what others' did to me.

I have been made
Cruel and heartless
By this warped, greedy world.

If it won't affect me,
I won't care.
Oops I skipped "B" because I haven't thought of anything worth writing yet.
Caitlin Jul 2014
I care.
and its the one thing that causes me the most pain.
It breaks me to see and to discover that the people that I care for the most don't care at all, not necessarily for me. But not at all completely.

I have felt the deepest pain due to this "problem"
and no, I can't just stop caring.
Its not that easy.
Liv Blaise Mar 2014
when you care about someone
you care about how they make you feel
the person you love
you care about
that is why you cry when they do something horrible to you
so simply don't care
stop caring
not completely
but enough to be happy
Who cares anyway Nov 2014
I used to be the girl who
cared about everything.
But now, I'm not sure
if I care about
anything at
Ashen Complexion Jun 2015
Its great that you're taking care of yourself
But sometimes I wish you'd just realise that unlike you, I'm not doing so well
Layla Thurman Sep 2014
I revel in our fights
Its the only time
I can pretend
Like you actually care
About me
Madisen Kuhn Oct 2014
he’s telling me about the girl at school
he can’t get out of his head,
and how he feels like
it’s always this chain of
"i don’t want all these people that want me,"
(i winced)
“and the one person i want doesn’t want me
in the same way.”
(i inhaled sharply)

i told him he’s overthinking it,
and when he asked, “how do you not?”
(i forgot to breathe)

my eyes got watery, but i blinked quickly
before they could settle
(i exhaled)

and replied,
“i'll let you know.”
alone again Nov 2014
you cant help me, theres nothing you can do
cause im already broken through and through
just leave me alone and ill disappear
no one will notice im not here
ill be a shadow on the wall
and none of you will even know at all
im breaking piece by piece
my end is nearly here
goodbye, notice im gone or not
I dont care
its just me
why would you
even care?
alone again Sep 2014
You don't care
Why would you ever
Its just me
Breaking over and over
You don't care
That I'm falling to pieces
Your blowing me away til im gone
But, you don't care and I was oh so wrong
NewAgeOfAnarchy Dec 2014
The darkness brings about the beauty of your eyes. Your beautiful face glows has the moon shines in the night sky.
My lips connection with your soft lips, as the clock hits midnight.
2014 copyright Michael Cross
Haikel Azizie Jun 2015
I care for you,
Because i love you.
I care for you,
Because i dont want anything bad to happen to you.
I care for you,
Because you are very essential to me.
I care for you,
Because i dont want to lose you.

But being too caring,
Becomes controling.
Becomes overprotective.
Becomes overthinking.
Becomes overreacting.

But be worried.
When they start to not give a damn about you,
Everything is gone.
Because i did.
Cuddle Bear Apr 2014
Lying in your embrace
Staring face to face
Do you think it's destiny;
This world fond of mystery,
found someone like you ?

Do you think this love
is something we'll always share?
I think the world should know
that I've found someone to care

Moments stopped in time
and everything's just fine
You're everything I could care for
and there's nothing left to find

Let me hold your hand
For as Long as I can
Because these memories
Are all that I am :)
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