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This message is a worn out cliche,
but nevertheless the meaning is still as real as it ever has been, and although you may have heard this so many times that it might've just turned into slurred words in your mind that go in one ear, out the other, the words still remain true.

Whoever you are, whatever you bring to the table, whatever of you meets the eye, whoever you are inside. You have worth. All the worth in the world and you don't have to believe me but I believe in you.
You are on this planet, doing your daily things for a reason, you have YOUR personality for a reason.
I beleive that you have been blessed with this original, beautiful person inside of you. So forfil it. Take advantage, show off who you are. Do what you want. Get in trouble, do something risky, step out of your comfort zone, have fun, do something you would never dream of doing; you could die at any moment, so cherish the time you have on this planet, you only get it once.

Be a good person. Make someone's day, if you like something say it, if you think there is a particular aspect of someone that shines, say it, who cares what people may think, wether they act like it's nothing to them, if you say your words correctly, and say them like you believe them (which you do anyway), then they will beleive it too. And you've boosted their confidence.

Move away from those toxic people, you will leave them one day anyway, the sooner the better. Do things for your benefit not theirs, you will always have to live with the decisions you make/ have made, you don't, and WON'T have to live with the people that sway you to do things you don't want to do.

Stop focusing on everything negative, okay yes sometimes it's healthy to have a bit of self critique, we need that to see what to improve on, and to think about what has been done.
But whatever happened to positive self reflection?
Praise yourself, this is a hard life, for anybody; you've made it this far! You have conquered stuff in your lifetime, it's okay to tell yourself you deserve good, or that you worked ******* something, or that you did well, you don't always have to be so modest just to not seem big headed.
Pay attention
What I said, I said from my heart not my mind.
How did you get in here
How did you work your way into my life
The one I keep people out of

How did it start to get to me
How did I start to care
How did you start to matter
When nothing else does

How did I not see you coming
How did you dodge my defence
How did you get past the walls
      Those are lies
                     I let you in
Faith Jul 7
I rip myself apart,
Piece by piece.
I place bits of my heart,
Into your hands.

I tear my soul,
Little by little,
And gift a morsel:
But when will I realize,
You never asked for me,
Or my vulnerability?

Remaining transfixed.
You step on my soul,
***** it,
Bury it,
Beneath soil,
Without a second glance.
No mercy,
Or pity,
In your eyes.
Simply and only,
A slight surprise.
You never asked for my care,
And were never aware,
Of all I invested,
All that manifested,
Beneath my shell,
Deep within my heart.
So why would you mind,
Tearing it apart?
I just really need a hug.
Not a shrug or glance or wave.
Not a “good morning”, or a “how are you?”
Not a tweet, snap, or like too.
Not a smile, a “what’s up?”, or a wink,
Not a letter in the mail, a text, or a joke,
Not a night-out, dinner , or a date,
I just really need a hug.
Thanks joe
Kevin J Taylor Nov 2017
I don't care who your *** is
        It's alright who your *** is
I don't care how you pray
        It's alright
All I care is where my heart is
        Here. Here my heart is
What I do with it today
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
RK Mar 20
Goldilocks was a little girl  who lost track of time in the forest
She wandered there with  butterflies in her gsir, feeling as light as a feather. Filled with Awe, she only saw the beauty of life around her.

She heard herself gasp, when she had a glimpse, of a  beautiful cottage ahead of her. She squinted her eyes and saw smoke arise while  the scent of flowers overwhelmed her.
She moved closer with care, full to the brim with wonder.

O My, O My,  she let a sigh, is there anyone home, I wonder?
She walked up to the door with a song in her heart the aroma of porridge delighting her.

She gently knocked with her tiny fist, and boldly called out;

"Hello hello,  Is anyone home my name is Goldilocks,
 Please may I enter? ”

She listened eagerly for an answer!

Now being a child in her innocent mind, her curiosity got the better.
She pushed in the door just to see more, forgetting her beautiful manners.

She noticed a table and three lovely chairs, soft cushions and matching curtains
The light beamed through the windows completely catching her attention.
She got carried away, and wanted to stay, to remember the peace ever after.

The house was warm like a memory of home and the hunger had just come upon her.
She sat herself down and ate up a whole big bowl of porridge.
Now being very small, she didn't think much at all,  she felt a tiredness coming over her.  Her tired little legs had trudged through a mighty big forest.

She let out a big yawn, and walked down the hall and noticed a bed beckoning her.  She answered the call for nature knows all, and soon she was curled up in blankets.
She was out for the count when she heard a loud noise, sounds of someone weeping.  

She woke up with a start and  a fast beating heart, thudding feet moving towards her. Three angry bears were standing there, they were  looking for answers.

"Who's been eating my porridge?"
And, " who has broken my chair!"
And "who's that sleeping in my bed?"
The baby bear cried and my porridge is all gone
Ya! Ya! Ya!  

" So goldilocks ran as fast as her little legs could carry her.  She ran all the way home, her heart in her hand, a scratch on her knee, her beautiful curls tossed about her
As she entered her home she cried out loud...

" Oh mummy, mummy, you won't believe there's a mummy and Dadfy and a baby bear in a beautiful cottage."

 in the forest."
This was my most loved fairytale from childhood.
This was pretty much what I imagined and remember.,.staying  a child for another day.
  hope you enjoy it and don't find it stoo silly.,
I'll always love it anyway.
French rose Aug 21
Maybe they had a reason
For crying to sleep at night
For taking all those pills
For being so mean
For caring to much
For seeking the attention
For always being late
Random i know
Kevin J Taylor Oct 2017
Let each hate, and ours for his,
Be scraped away. Hopefully
He cared for some— At least the few
That may have cared for him.

Allow unchanged what good remains.
At length, with love or hate or both,
We go. In time, some with pause
And some without, return.
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
RK Mar 11
If I had known before I'd decided to take on this task, into this labyrinth of a living ****, how it would have broken my heart.
Would I have attempted to?
It was too much for any soul to go through  such pain and torment.  The sages of the ages have forewarned, it is not for the faint hearted.  So many different strands, layers and knots to work through.

I didn't even know where to start.  I looked within as far as I could, to see how I ended up in this tangled web of confusion.

I  set about the work of separating, to untangle the different layers, down to the very root, to the core, the beginning.

The dark night of the soul took me on a journey, one I had created by my own stupidity and utter ignorance. I couldn't yet see the true cause for my sin for the light was dim.  There was still a long way to go to the centre.  
And it wasn't easy.

Friends and family couldn't understand how important it was for me to work through the tension.  My body soul and mind, torn asunder by the pressure I was under.  There was no rest, no relief. A labour of love was my reason.  At all costs I had to undo these awful unruly knots, to undo the damage done, to return to the original splender. I had created this unforgiving state where I now found myself. Not being aware of the difficulty I had gotten myself into.

It felt like treason.

Patience was the prerequisite to the success of this operation. Layer by unending layers it became easier. Loosening  out the knots with gentle care, a prayer, a desire to be; amidst all this work and frustration. To bring to an end this living nightmare of ****, suffering and endurance.

I knew it was hard for others to understand. Nothing could take me away from all these strands. To get back to where all the trouble started. Somehow a gentle peace entered, a stirring of gratitude, love and acceptence.

A surrendering---

Finally, and gratefully, I held the whole ball of beautiful soft green wool unblemished, in my hand, now back to its original beauty
Im knitting  for my grandchildren and one of the ***** of wool got so tangled, it ended up a living nightmare. I could have just left it, but somehow I felt the need to undo the tangles. It took me three days to work through. there were strands of wool stretched all over my kitchen . It's very rewarding to not give in, to persevere . Well I'm a bit like that you see.
So I took the start of the wool from the centre of the ball but made a huge mess of it.
Thank you for reading.
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