ignore all possible concepts and possibilities ---
ignore Beethoven, the spider, the damnation of Faust ---
just make it, babe, make it:
a house  a car   a belly full of beans
pay your taxes
and if you can't fuck
make money but don't work too
hard --- make somebody else pay to
make it --- and
don't smoke too much but drink enough to
relax, and
stay off the streets
wipe your ass real good
use a lot of toilet paper
it's bad manners to let people know you shit or
could smell like it
if you weren't
Styles May 2014
Love Making;Sex.
Text me;  
You are;
Bend backwards;
Lips, tongue:
Take your;
It's no;  
Sucking your;  
Touching your;
Like Imma;
Kissing your;
Suck Toes?
Want Sum?
Mind blown;
We just;
Can't cum;
Toes Curled;
One big;
Bed Sheets;
Lost your;
Love Making;Sex.
blythe Mar 2013
When in the midst of decision making
For me, is a season of lamenting
'Coz it always appears confusing
Not sure where my thoughts are heading.
Kate Breanne Mar 2015
I want to
make love
to you
but not
in the way
you'd think

I want to
brush your soul
with my fingertips
and slip in and out
of this world
in your arms

I want to
show you
the galaxy
inside of my heart
and watch you
discover each star

I want to
press my lips
against your body
and write the story
of our love
in sloppy wet kisses

I want to
deeply inhale
your wild spirt
and get high
on all your
hopes and dreams

I want to
wander the maze
in your heart
and hang
my portrait
over the
cracked drywall.

I want to
feel you searching
my soul and
shouting out
in joy at
every piece you find

I want to
strip you
of your insecurities
until you can
bask naked
in the warmth
of my love

I want to
paint our lives
in vibrant memories
of days filled
with laughter
and nights filled
with passion

I want to
have all of you
in every moment
of every single day
for the rest
of forever

And if that
isn't making love.
*I don't want
to know
what is.
penny for a thought?
Cold metal around your wrists
Restraining your moves,
Smirks and smiles exchange;
Feather tips on skin,
Sending chilling signals in-between, *your legs
MdAsadullah Nov 2014
Professor experienced was he.
Woke up in the morn asking tea.
Hurriedly bathed and brushed.
Towards steely almirah he rushed.

Couldn't decide which pant to wear.
Called wife to decide combing his hair.
Shirts were of different color and hue.
Mother came and chose color blue.

His father decided which tie he'll tie.
While he ate poori and aloo fry.
Couldn't decide which shoes were best.
Daughter chose brown and left the rest.

Couldn't decide 'tween bus and auto.
Son advised from auto he should go.
Entered class room briskly walking;
And taught 'Effective decision making.'
Derrick Cox Jun 2016
For breakfast,
strawberries kiss whip cream
and banana is carefully stripped
of its coating

Chocolate spills on top of caramel
during the afternoon.
And they both twist, twist, and twist
swirling around together, slowly

Lips are moisturized and wet
when grapes collide into wine
at dinner.

And vanilla is served for dessert. Taking its time.
Nice, smooth, delicious.
Dark n Beautiful Dec 2014
We capture an image of a Saturn moon on the lake
However, how can one capture that moment
When my body response to your touch,

An instant transformation of the goddess within
The purring of the tigress,
the moan of the dying deer
those sounds were bewitching to your ear
you softly whispered to me
“If my heart fails let it be
Heaven wait”.
let your warmth be a challenge
of spoken words as you orchestrated in my mind
  an euphony...
in making Marjorie god hurried
a boy’s body on unsuspicious
legs of girl. his left hand quarried
the quartzlike face. his right slapped
the amusing big vital vicious
vegetable of her mouth.
Upon the whole he suddenly clapped
a tiny sunset of vermouth
-colour.  Hair. he put between
her lips a moist mistake, whose fragrance hurls
me into tears,as the dusty new-
ness of her obsolete gaze begins to.  lean….
a little against me, hen for two
dollars i fill her hips with boys and girls.
Kathleen Oct 2010
That time.
It’s come ‘round again;
Reared its self to meet me.
Staring me down like a gazelle.
What I wouldn’t give for one more cup of tea,
One more glance to the left or right depending.
One more sinister smirk at another's expense to be wafted forward
With some sad regress or another in response.
Not now,
Not when it was getting all intense and fearless.
Don’t cut me off,
Give me another ounce of this.
Whatever this is.
I won’t ask questions,
I won’t move.
I’ll partake in silence.
Just give it to me for an evening more.
But there it is in front of me,
Bearing down on me,
Leaning into me,
creative commons
A Aug 2014
I trusted you
You betrayed me
Fuck you
I gave you everything I had
You betrayed me
Fuck you

You said you loved me
I believed you
you said forever
I believed you

Fuck you
For making me blind
For making me break
For making me lose all hope

For making me want to die.
Graff1980 Jan 2015
The rush of blood the face we placed
On every corner on every space
We raced to come to terms with life
With morality a facade for strife
Pointing to the pain as a promise for more
Pointing to old books that might restore
Dignity and respect for the living
While other possibilities are destroyed
And the destroyers are forgiven
Sweaty palms stomach ulcerated
And for the sake of the soon to be liberated
Let me explain how real morals are made
Not through musty scriptures
Not through verses that are immature
But through learning and coming to terms with
How everyone feels and experiences life different
Graff1980 Dec 2014
Man I got years of practice
At making ‘em laugh at this
And that shit
Gas out my ass
Shakespeare references
Comic book characters
Foreign accents
Effeminate behavior
Always a loving labor
Smiles and chuckles
To ease or eliminate
The distance and uncertainty
Between those I appreciate
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