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Umi Jan 1
Making love isn't just about having ***
Its also nice to see how it effects (the relationship)
Its connecting two peoples souls, through the depeest of touch
When there's no stronger way to express your love with ****** intimacy and such
Sharing everything without a speck of bother
Making each other happy and pleasing each other
It can be nice and slow, tender, romantic and surely sweet
To be as close as humanly possible is such a nice treat
When **** burns to love which deepens through this
The soul does experience undescribable bliss
Please do love me until the night is over, come here, give me a kiss
Lets make love my dear,
On this first day of the year
I love you

~ Umi
SG Rose May 2014
Strike me as you would a match,
against the surfaces of your skin.
Not once, but many times
Until we catch fire.
Open up yourself entirely. Let your dreams shape a new you,
let them give you the perfect skin, rosemary thoughts, youthful words and a dusty rose colored lace bow to set off your coffee-stained smile.

There are no unwanted dreams here to beat your soul with,
only the wet ones swimming inside of you, chasing after storms to stay full off of. Tell me, have you ever been hugged by a dream?
Dreams have arms wide enough to fit around the sun.

See, when the earth goes mad you must build a shrine for your dreams, and let it not make sense, play with its magic, and let it show you the things you never imagine, like the sun swimming inside of a rose.

Dreams are a drug we can’t put down, a wonderful habit, an art form of bigger things to help us come. Dreams wait for you every night in a bed of too many I love you's. See our minds are a gateway to heaven and dreams are the Angels that protect it.
Poetoftheway Apr 24
so someone remarks and thus a poem commissioned...

a better world, a wish no one can turn a back to...
a literacy of mine own, a bridge too far...
but such a lie too glorious to ignore...
blessed be the wisher for he gave this day
water and wine to a lapsed Jew who reincarnates
the containership of body and soul from the Star of David,
burr etched upon his chest, and embraces lost tourists
who unfated unfazed stumble
upon the guide dog of his verbal chicanery and funny bone,
smiling for as long as it takes to cross that last bridge,
nearer our ***, you than me..
for Elea
I know I chose this
This cage
This maze

This prizon
This haze

                                    In this exile
                                I am safe

                    feeling fragile
                             but still my mind's
                                               ­     *****
I did this to myself.
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