Madhumita Apr 2014
storm clouds blown in
by the turbulent winds
haven’t enough rain to wash off
your pain.
NaPoWriMo Day 11
Poetry form: Cinquain (traditional)
Lunar Apr 2014
from rain,
should i turn into a storm?
howling like the wind,
making noise,
to get you to hear me?
more raindrops; more tears,
to make you feel
drenched in remorse?
harsher and faster,
much like a hurricane,
to get you to see
how messed up i am?
when i'm stronger
like the storm,
would you love me more?
The second part of 'love the rain—love me'.

Jaimi M Oct 2014
Have you ever
stopped to listen
to the things
the clouds
are saying
as the rain
pours down
on this earth?
Maybe they had
a bad day,
and only need
a listening
ML Detwiler Apr 2015
“Whispering together before a storm,
The leaves take counsel;
And some fly down.”
~ Faelda, from Whispers of Nature
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
When I feel the thunder crashing  
I imagine it's the thrashing
Of my sweet sadistic lover
Snatching me out of the covers

When I hear the storm winds howling
I imagine it's the growling
Of my lover in the night
His eyes filled with evil light

When I feel the rain drops falling
It makes my mind start recalling
Tears my lover brought to me
From pleasure and pain mixed expertly

When my lover leaves me bleeding
Fully sated but still needing
Another kinky romp with him
But next time I'm S and he's M
Tonight is probably the only time the thunder was NOT a lullaby, so I thought I'd try a naughty poem
gr Jul 2014
Life is like a series of storm clouds waiting to pass.

You can predict where they're coming from and when they'll be here.

But when the time comes it is quite a surprise because your storm cloud still has yet to arise.

You may not be aware of what the cause was, but when the lightning hits you are immediately in a state of hysteria.

The storm is continuous and once you're in the eye, you think the pain of whatever it was has dissipated into the dark sky.

Little did you know that that was just the beginning of a series of storm clouds that are still winning.
This is my first poem, so please bare with me.
Hayley Cusick Jul 2015
it's so different now
it's as if that love I had for you was a candle trying to stay lit in a storm
and it was finally blown out
but I haven't any matches to light it again
Crystal June Sep 2014
Will you be my umbrella?
Hold me close,
Keep me safe
When the rain pours down?

Or will you be the storm?
Jaide Lynne May 2014
It is days like this that I wish for a thunder storm, because maybe the crashing thunder and blinding lightning will drown out the storm brewing in my head.
It has rained for a while, but no storms
Kayla Bellinger Jul 2014
There's a cold in me that can't be warmed.
Rugged up, I stand against the storm
And wait for you.

I'm always waiting.
Sombro Mar 2015
Thunder, bellow of the night,
Tell me what the shadows might
Be for you, oh tell me, who?
Honest, breaking thunder.
JWolfeB Jul 2014
It's as if a storm blew in, torrential rains, metal bending winds and standing in the eye was you.
Waves crashing. People locked up for days, hours, as time danced around -- the clocked stopped ticking.
A foolish venture to see the cause of such array. To see. To touch. To feel. Your sight penetrating through the clouds, ripping apart my seams. You watch as I came undone; undone by the velvet in your eyes, the bend in your smile. I twirl as I am stripped clean in your eyes. You see every scrape, scar, bruise and every moment I have tried to sew back together. Your touch burns my flesh. Sear into me a moment I cannot forget, a moment I grasp for in the darkness when I am all alone.
It's as if I can feel your fingerprint on my heart with every beat. As I stumble towards you, exposed and raw --- you absorb me. Absorb my pain, struggles, my darkness. You hold me so tightly it's as if when you breathe, I breathe the same breath.
Your embrace calms the storm. Calms the rush of thoughts, fears, worries and emotions. As I look up into your eyes, you see my future. My happiness. My vision of happily ever after -- holding hands in the sunset, in the rain, in the snow. As the winds die down, as the rain lets up, as the oceans settle -- I see you clearly. I feel your heartbeat. I know I am right where I should be. The eye of you.
TAB Nov 2014
A quiet storm
Has formed
Within me.
And you claim you want
Me to release
Everything that I
Hold beneath the surface
And it's ironic
You complain
When I let you simply sample
The breeze.
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