My frightened friend once said to me:
"I'm scared... I think I'm gay, no longer straight!"

To which I replied:
"I do not care, I like you for who you are, and to me you're still my mate"
Mate = Friend
JJ Hutton Jun 2010
I'd like to think that she's thinking:

"How far have I fallen?"

As she sits on the corner of her bed,

Listening to the soft buzz of his battery-powered toothbrush.

I imagine her,

Running her fingers through her clumsy, coagulated hair.

Glancing at her chipped, crimson toe nails,

Then looking to her class ring,

Made entirely of imitation ingredients,

Wondering when is the proper time to trash it.

When she was still a friend of mine,

I never saw her wear make up,

I never saw her show off in tight jeans

or low-cut tees.

But as he spews the toothpaste into the sink,

Skinny jeans lay tussled on the floor,

Next to the side door

that leads to his sister's side room.

The make up she wears

is from the night before.

It's skewed and shows evidence of running,

Like a wasted watercolor.

I'd like to think he isn't that handsome,

And that he's obsessed with Paul Walker.

I'd like to think when he re-enters the room,

He's in grey sweatpants,

He's wearing a black tank top,

With a Confederate flag backdrop,

With two barely dressed babes looking sleazy

in the foreground.

His hair, unwashed and greasy.

He rubs his belly,

And bears an idiot grin

on his face.

Looking like he just learned how to smile

at this pace.

"Did it feel good?"

feel good.

After he asks, he scans her body,

Beginning at those crimson toes,

And Ending at that clumsy hair.

Every second he scans,

He still wears that drawn-on

Idiot grin.

I'd like to think at this point she thinks of me.

Of my warnings and prophesy.

Her eyes start at the chipped toe nails,

Course over her tanning bed-inspired legs.

And finally reach the only thing she has on,

A t-shirt that belongs to his sister.

A t-shirt, when given by him,

It was mentioned, "thanks, mister".

Though she didn't satisfy all his redneck intentions,

During last night's expedition.

He still paid her back with a morning

one-sided session.

"It felt good" she says.

In reference to the ten minute fingerfuck,

When her body was strummed and plucked,

Underneath his sister's Terri Clark T-shirt.

As she sits in the filth and the sexual fallout,

On a bed that is six days dirty,

While he is grinning,

Being everything but wordy.

I'd like to think she's thinking:

"How far have I fallen?"
Copyright 2009 by Joshua J. Hutton
Mark Ipil Sep 2015
Kaibigan, pinakamasakit na tinawag mo sa akin,
Na lubhang kumirot at tumusok sa damdamin,
Isang bagay na tumuldok  sa aking naisin,
Isang kirot at hapdi na kay hirap alisin.

Kaibigan, isang taong laging nandiyan,
Hindi ka iiwan o lalayuan kailanman,
Lahat ng sakit at luha mo’y maiintindihan,
Hindi ka matiis kahit mapunta  saanman.

Kaibigan, isang mapagpanggap na kaaway,
Na palagi sayo’y nakangiti’t kumakaway,
Ngunit sa iyong pagtalikod hanap ay away,
Iyong pagbagsak ay kanyang tagumpay.
P.S. Hindi lang tatlo ang lebel ng kaibigan. :D
Ayesha Malik Nov 2014
A pair of glimmery eyes...

Almond brown

Shimmery eyes....

There lies misery untold...

and a true love to unfold...

From beginning to the end

Tears are their only friend!!!
Jenovah Sep 2012
Who are you?
You're not the same person you were two minutes ago.
I just don't get you.
You're compulsive, and corrupted.
You're easily addicted.
You have friends in your mind,
but in reality friends you'll never find.
You're simple yet, confusing
like a Rubik's cube.
With all your twists and turns.
This pain you put upon me
has left me with cuts and burns.
Will we ever learn?
To get along
and fix these never ending battles?
Your bipolar versus my anger.
Some days, to me you are a stranger.
Who I thought I knew has suddenly disappeared.
Your disease is something I've always feared.
Illness invaded your mind,
and has taken over who you once were
Leaving all your past senses blind.
Jenovah Mar 2013
Orange, the perfect color for me.
The odd one, the bright one.
Fire is orange and I have fire in me.
Orange is beautiful, I am too you see.
Orange always manages to stand out,
I too stand out,always wanting to fit in.
A tear tickles my chin,
as the thought of never to fit in
swims in my mind.
A friend is what I need,
a friend in orange I always find.
Because you see, orange is the color for me.
Nothing will ever rhyme with orange,
and nobody will ever choose me.
Anonymous Nov 2014
I call myself a friend,
The end,
The end,
Every friend has it's end,
It is nearer than you think,
For I am the friend who cared too much,
And you,
Too little,
I tried,
You cried,
Screaming "how could you,"
I question your intentions,
For you think I cared too less,
But it was you indeed,
For I went on years no sleep,
Making sure I would wake up with a best friend,
And I cried,
When it rang true,
The end of you had come too soon,
For I was the friend who had lost what I loved,
And you were the friend who lost everything,
I wish you knew how much I cared because I'm afraid one day this poem will come true
inggo Jun 2015
A friend can make you smile
But a real friend can wipe the tears away
A friend will walk with you even for a mile
But a real friend offers a home to stay
Madisen Kuhn Feb 2015
my stomach is in knots
and i feel so sick thinking about you
holding anyone that isn’t me
and i don’t understand why you thought it’d be a good idea
to tell me that you’re falling asleep at night
with another girl in your bed,
even if you’re not kissing her goodnight,
i tried to drown out my sobs all day with
modern vampires of the city on vinyl,
but it still feels like someone
sunk fangs in my lungs

it’s only been a week, the cuts from your nails
from holding my heart so tight
are still fresh
and i never asked you to stop,
i never told you i wanted to try
to be more than friends again,
i never tried to paint your hands red,
but all you could seem to do is defend
yourself and repeat that you’ve done nothing wrong
“you said we’re just friends
you said we’re just friends
you said we’re just friends”

and we are just friends
i just wanted you to understand and acknowledge
that it still hurts

and you can say you’re sorry, you said sorry,
but i’m sure she’s tucked in beneath your sheets right now
and you’re still repeating in your head
i’ve done nothing wrong
i’ve done nothing wrong
i’ve done nothing wrong
we’re just friends
we’re just friends
we’re just friends

and i’m glad you’re comfortable,
i’m glad you know you’ve done nothing wrong,
i’m glad you have someone to hold at night,
i’m glad thoughts of me don’t rip your heart out,
i’m glad you’re okay with being just friends

i’m glad you’re fine,

but, i’m sorry,
i’m not.
Amelia Crake May 2014
As I looked over my list of so called friends,
I dared to seek a name on my list worthy of the name, “friend.”
I looked it over carefully, each name in kind,
With these few things on my mind

Would this person accept me for whom I am,
Or a change upon me force, that I be a different form of man.
Would he or she be there in my time of need without expectation?
Or a payment of reward be their destination?

As I went through my list of names so many,
Only a select few came through as true as a penny.
There were things that set each name apart,
But only those few would remain in my heart.
Forever to be called, friends to the end

With the few names that now remained on my list,
I started the same process with a little bit of a twist.
Has this one been true?
Or have they done something that made me blue?
The next question asked in my Quest,

Would they be there to stand the test?
Or would their excuses cover the land as they loudly protest.

Over and over these questions I turned
And in the midst of all these questions I learned,
To find a friend that will be there forever,
One must act in kind and judgmental never be,
For what you put forth shall be returned unto you,
A great friendship that is strong and true.

The passage of time has eclipsed many moons,
And your bonds of friendship have since grown,
To a place where you both hold,
One-another’s heart as if it were pure gold
The friendship you search for in your time of need,
Shall be at your door, a true friendship indeed

I followed my own lengthy advice,
And, it was through this vast search,
One name jumped out at me to stay,
It was you dear friend and I must say,
“I love you my friend,” forever as much as I do today.
My dad wrote this and told me to post it if I wanted to... I wanted to. c:
Jordan Harris Jun 2014
I need to know you haven't done what I'm thinking of doing.
Bethany Mar 2010
Will you be there to catch me
Will you lift me up and brush me off
Will you help me see the good in my life
Will you keep me safe from myself

Can you be my guide and show me the way
Can you help me find a reason to go on
Can you always be there to be my friend
Can you be the shoulder that I can cry on

To be strong when I am weak
To listen when I need to vent
To tell me the truths I need to hear
To be the one that I can unmask for

I am thankful to have you as my friend
I am hoping that I have been a friend to you
I am grateful that you came into my life
I am sure life wouldn’t be the same without you.
Forgotten Heart Jan 2015
You know
the feeling
when a stranger
becomes a friend???
You will learn more from him
he will teach you
some lessons
of your life
Share your opinion guys
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