Indou Apr 2014
Water is so loud
When I brush my teeth
Something is untold
It's screaming outside of me.
Disclosed Nov 2012
I kiss you and it seems like the stars shine for us and waves crash along the musky shores for us
But then I realize, the us that once sent my stomach in a frenzy of butterflies
is not the same.
And I find my self holding on to something that does not exist.
And I cry.
My tears are an ode to a person who I've loved so long but with every fiber of my being I know,no longer exists.
People change.
Your smile has changed.

We met at the wrong time,
at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Years from now,
We'll meet again, in some extraordinary way.
And love with be rekindled.
And your smile will be the same.
And I won't spend time wondering if you are my way of compensating with a love deficit.

Walking quickly,
Just to catch up with you,
So we can talk for a few more minutes,
So I can see your eyes just one more time,
Before tomorrow.

Walking slowly,
Just to make it last longer,
So I can feel your hand in mine for another eternity,
So I can see you smiling for another second,
Before tomorrow.

Holding you closer,
Just to feel your heart,
So I can hear the sound of every gentle breath,
So you can keep me warm for another moment,
Before tomorrow.

Looking back,
Just to see you step inside,
So I can catch another glimpse of your hair,
So I hear the last thing you say,
Before tomorrow.

Running home,
Just to make the time go faster,
So that the adrenaline can make each minute rush by,
So I don't have to wait quite as long,
Before tomorrow.
oni Nov 2014
i want to
hold on
but when i
gave you
all of me
i gave you
my hands
Lindsey Ross Jul 2014
I just want him
To reach out
And hold my hand.
Ella Byrne Jul 2014
Holding fast -
To everything I've ever known.
I keep slipping -
Into old habits.
I'm tired -
Of being comfortable in this dingy cocoon.
All I want -
Is nothing more than
To break free -
And emerge, a new.
Written in March 2014
ryan Sep 2015
I write with shaking hands,
I'm about to hold yours,
And I can only imagine,
It will feel like holding the universe.
Won't you,
Let me hold it forever.
Cody Fitting Jul 2011
Holding on to you is like grabbing onto the smoke that I exhale while thinking about you,
The smoke slips through my fingers like my life that slips away without you  
These truths are ever present but whose fault is it? Yours are mine?
Is it your fault for doing something you have to do?
Or mine for holding onto something that was never mine?
As I exhale the smoke I once tried to grasp and hold onto, I relent and stop fighting the inevitable
And in this moment I truly love you…..
Mike Hauser Dec 2013
So young and newly married
Hanging on by the thread of love
Sometimes though in life we see
That thread isn't wound tight enough

Through the daily struggles
Most of them unseen
What happened to the newlywed
Where went all the dreams

Holding on
Barely holding on...

A father and husband out of work
A family living out of the car
Is this the American dream we've built
Is this now where we are

Cardboard serves a purpose
As a bed and a homemade sign
To keep the cold off of the floor
Hey brother can you spare a dime

Holding on
Barely holding on...

The doctors diagnosis
Doesn't give much hope for life
Just a simple six months ago
There was no thought of dying

Even less hope in your case
Just prolonging time
You could spend what little you have left
Or go ahead and say your goodbyes

Holding on
Barely holding on...

No matter your life's lot
The position that you hold
We're all in the same boat on the same stream
Trying to stay afloat

There are so many different scenarios
Which could haunt many a page
That in life continually follow us
Throughout all our days of

Holding on
Barely holding on...
cameran May 2015
you let me hold your hand,
and play with your fingers,
then you left to fuck another girl,

and maybe you thought
i'd be fine with that
"i'm not."
stains Oct 2013
...and so I held her. As the tears continued to spill from her eyes, I held her.
Wrapping my arms around her as if to keep her from falling apart.
I ran my fingers through her hair as I whispered over and over

"I love you.
And it's
wraiths Aug 2015
yesterday my fingers went numb from the cold and my brain tricked me into thinking i was holding your hand
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