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Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
You've crossed my mind many nights.
Sometimes I just lay there, holding you tight in mind.
Wandering your body with my hands.
Filling my fingers with the skin I've dreamt so much about.
The things you keep hidden. unraveled in empty sheets, blankets.
Your warmth becoming the only comforter that dictates whether or not I'll have sweet dreams.
What justifies the stain our breath has left on one another's.
The press of your face against my neck.
The marks left on each other in anticipation. Refusing to pull ourselves away.
Clinging tight to the ****** of being beside ourselves.
Deliberately keeping each other awake in the promise of sleeping wild moments later.
To watch your face scrunch up as it breaks your gasp. Bringing a halt to anticipation,
The comfort of bodies becoming pillows harboring us into a deep sleep. Soft, still.
My head laying on your shoulder.
As we ourselves become lost in the sheets
alanie Aug 30
i fell for you
like scorching summers turn to icy winters
I fell slowly and then all at once

next thing i knew i was drowning in your snow
no longer a warm embrace
but instead a shield of ice

i beat bleeding palms against your chest
begging you to let me go
to thaw the glacier enshrouding me

instead you hold me tighter
suffocating me
smothering me

not because you need me
but because you need someone to hold
would anyone like to read my memoir for creative writing class? message me, I will happily send it to you.
Wade Cook Aug 27
Hold on,
Don't decline on me today
Feeling the skin,
Stopping the body
Remember how we felt then
In November
What a wonderful ride that was.
Lovely child, I hid in the leaves that
Held you
Dimitris Sarris Apr 2017
Gloomy thoughts scattered inside my head
storm clouds passing though my eyes,
what will I find to the other side?
Your warm hug or the whistling of a lonely cold wind?
I am weary of this grey canvas not because I am tired
but because our efforts seem to move in one direction only.
Towards chaos and uncertainty.  
Yet again I do not lose hope for i am happy to give everything for love and my story is one of many thousands and the world will not suffer if it ends too soon.
Promises, I make only to keep
You are a friend and that’s  sacred to me
I will be holding space, for us, you see

My words safe in my heart
The hurt mine to behold

My inhibitions, fears
Tears and distance I keep
To elevate and alleviate

You may bring your words
My silence, I’ll keep
It’s been a while, the spoken words I’ve bartered for the written
Won’t give either to you

Escapist I am not
Happy in the crowd, smile and gel
Safely guarded by my shell

Mellowed with age
Outbursts few and defences weak
Empathy, I don’t seek

It’s only human
To let go and carry on
Looking fine and beyond
As quitting is not done
Sorry, not meant for this place, but, I tend to dump :/
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