Kate Lion Feb 2013
in a room full of peacocks
i am now an ostrich
and i don't know if any of you know how it feels to be a splash of grey in a room full of brilliant blues and greens
it's like being a lonely, pitiful cloud against a blue sky with leafy trim
maybe i have my head in the sand because i don't want to be shallow
but you'd be right if you guessed it's because i actually don't want to be seen when my face looks like this
which is such a cowardly thing to do
(i really shouldn't care)
i read Journey to the Center of the Earth in middle school,
and the only thing i remember is that it was the volcanoes that erupted (like the hives that erupted across my face this past week) that led them to find it-
the heart of life and natural beauty; more breathtaking than the flawless plumage of the peacocks
Hannah Faith Nov 2014
Your eyes

I die

You lie

Your eyes
ZT Feb 2016
Yung akala mo kayo na
Eh, part time kalang pala

Ginawa ka lang palang pamaparaos
Kahit katawan mo nay pinuno nya ng galos

Ikaw naman tong si tanga
Sabi mo sa sarili kaya mo pa
Kahit damang dama mong ang sakit na
Nagbabakasakali na kayo ay pwede pa

Ano bang meron sa kanya?
Na ang iwan siyay di mo kaya
Samantalang para sa kanya
Part time ka lang pala

Tinatawagan ka lang kung may kailangan
Binibisita lang pag walang mapaglilibangan
Hahalikan ka, mayat maya ay uutangan

Ganyan ba talaga ang iyong ideya nang pagmamahalan?

Gayun may gusto ko sa iyoy ipa alala
Na sa iyo may nagmamahal pa
Hindi ka ginagawang part time, at tunay kang inaalala

Sa iyong mga magulang na sa kanilay higit kapa sa ginto
Sa mga kaibigan mong bukas lagi ang kanilang mga pinto
Kaya kailan ka pa ba hihinto
Tigilan ang pagpapakatanga at magpakatino
Praline Poet Aug 2014
I don't know if it's natural
I don't know if it's real
All I really know is
how it makes me feel
when I feel empty
it makes me feel full
and all I know is that
it's beautiful
This poem is about saguaro cacti in Sedona, Arizona.
SE ՍԷ Jun 2015
A full moon apart
From the one I love.
It has been hurting
Ever since the day
The fingers on my hands
Were no longer  enough
To count the days
You have been away.
Another full moon...
It has been painful
Ever since the day
A long round year
Was no more enough
To contain the full moons
That we have spent apart…

© S.E.

In that November off Tehuantepec,
The slopping of the sea grew still one night
And in the morning summer hued the deck

And made one think of rosy chocolate
And gilt umbrellas. Paradisal green
Gave suavity to the perplexed machine

Of ocean, which like limpid water lay.
Who, then, in that ambrosial latitude
Out of the light evolved the morning blooms,

Who, then, evolved the sea-blooms from the clouds
Diffusing balm in that Pacific calm?
C'etait mon enfant, mon bijou, mon ame.

The sea-clouds whitened far below the calm
And moved, as blooms move, in the swimming green
And in its watery radiance, while the hue

Of heaven in an antique reflection rolled
Round those flotillas. And sometimes the sea
Poured brilliant iris on the glistening blue.


In that November off Tehuantepec
The slopping of the sea grew still one night.
At breakfast jelly yellow streaked the deck

And made one think of chop-house chocolate
And sham umbrellas. And a sham-like green
Capped summer-seeming on the tense machine

Of ocean, which in sinister flatness lay.
Who, then, beheld the rising of the clouds
That strode submerged in that malevolent sheen,

Who saw the mortal massives of the blooms
Of water moving on the water-floor?
C'etait mon frere du ciel, ma vie, mon or.

The gongs rang loudly as the windy booms
Hoo-hooed it in the darkened ocean-blooms.
The gongs grew still. And then blue heaven spread

Its crystalline pendentives on the sea
And the macabre of the water-glooms
In an enormous undulation fled.


In that November off Tehuantepec,
The slopping of the sea grew still one night
And a pale silver patterned on the deck

And made one think of porcelain chocolate
And pied umbrellas. An uncertain green,
Piano-polished, held the tranced machine

Of ocean, as a prelude holds and holds,
Who, seeing silver petals of white blooms
Unfolding in the water, feeling sure

Of the milk within the saltiest spurge, heard, then,
The sea unfolding in the sunken clouds?
Oh! C'etait mon extase et mon amour.

So deeply sunken were they that the shrouds,
The shrouding shadows, made the petals black
Until the rolling heaven made them blue,

A blue beyond the rainy hyacinth,
And smiting the crevasses of the leaves
Deluged the ocean with a sapphire blue.


In that November off Tehuantepec
The night-long slopping of the sea grew still.
A mallow morning dozed upon the deck

And made one think of musky chocolate
And frail umbrellas. A too-fluent green
Suggested malice in the dry machine

Of ocean, pondering dank stratagem.
Who then beheld the figures of the clouds
Like blooms secluded in the thick marine?

Like blooms? Like damasks that were shaken off
From the loosed girdles in the spangling must.
C'etait ma foi, la nonchalance divine.

The nakedness would rise and suddenly turn
Salt masks of beard and mouths of bellowing,
Would--But more suddenly the heaven rolled

Its bluest sea-clouds in the thinking green,
And the nakedness became the broadest blooms,
Mile-mallows that a mallow sun cajoled.


In that November off Tehuantepec
Night stilled the slopping of the sea.
The day came, bowing and voluble, upon the deck,

Good clown... One thought of Chinese chocolate
And large umbrellas. And a motley green
Followed the drift of the obese machine

Of ocean, perfected in indolence.
What pistache one, ingenious and droll,
Beheld the sovereign clouds as jugglery

And the sea as turquoise-turbaned Sambo, neat
At tossing saucers--cloudy-conjuring sea?
C'etait mon esprit batard, l'ignominie.

The sovereign clouds came clustering. The conch
Of loyal conjuration trumped. The wind
Of green blooms turning crisped the motley hue

To clearing opalescence. Then the sea
And heaven rolled as one and from the two
Came fresh transfigurings of freshest blue.
Marilyn Sistinas Dec 2016
You've been gone for so long
Or maybe it was I this time.
It's hard to say that I'm wrong,
when I've just wanted to be right.
As you light your cigarette,
does it taste like things used to?
It all change so suddenly,
but that's what it's supposed to do.
Orders meant to be followed, not taken.
Maybe all the words exchanged were just mistaken.
You can't say thank you if your mouth's already full.
Pretending you aren't broken doesn't fill the hole,
But creating false presentation does grow old.
David W Clare Jan 2015
Branch out leafs stuck in tables
The call of the wild
Inner child alive
Bust lose wild horses hate their stables

Some birds don't fly?
Chicken with head cut off can dance
Do all 16 dances
Can't fly to France

Or live in a tree full of owls

Crows nest
Birds and the bees
Eat from flowers
Just like all the rest

Reincarnation, a dead man takes a vacation
When I die I want to return as a wise owl
Live with a girl owl

In a tree full of owls...

Davey of Montana
Owls are hip!
Colten White Apr 2015
No distance is too far,
for two longing hearts.
After all,
the kiss of sunlight
still grows fields of flowers.
And in this moment,
thinking of you,
my heart is in full bloom.
February 28, 2015
Ashley Barnett Jul 2014
Colors won't ever change
But you changed the way I seen them
Words will fade once you explain
But I'll remember them the same
Lets make this count
In these last few hours
Start counting backwards
Falling in reverse
Saying goodbye is always the hardest

You don't have to ask for anything
Because you are my everything
I never felt complete without you
I'll never heal, I'll never forget
Want to leave my hate and surrender what's left but,
I'm all burnt out on words from a liars mouth
If you want more than just know that there's none left to give
Must I die for you to live?

I'm asking for the right
To drain you dry tonight
Save yourself before you forget
Let's meet somewhere in between the sheets
Heaven, hell or the bed I don't care it will end in regret
I'll take you away from everything
You're a dream and I a nightmare
Watch as I pick myself up off the ground
Listen as I scream
I fell in love in the dark somehow

As I turn my back and walk away
From all the pain
I'm tired of waiting
I need you now more than ever
You're the minutes and I'm the hours
Meet me somewhere in the middle
You still have me because I'm still breathing
Exchanging the sunlight
For brown eyes and dark skies
Replace this dull life
Just waiting to feel alive

You know me too well
I'm sorry can't you tell?
Just wake me when it's over
When the credits start rolling
I'll be the girl who got away and
Who never let you down
Never held you back or made a sound
So what scares me the most....
Being alone or being alive while feeling dead?
Can you sleep tonight if someone else holds you instead?
Please don't leave you have half of my heart
And I can't live if you take the best part.
Out of my flesh that hungers
and my mouth that knows
comes the shape I am seeking
for reason.
The curve of your waiting body
fits my waiting hand
your breasts warm as sunlight
your lips quick as young birds
between your thighs the sweet
sharp taste of limes.

Thus I hold you
frank in my heart's eye
in my skin's knowing
as my fingers conceive your flesh
I feel your stomach
moving against me.

Before the moon wanes again
we shall come together.

And I would be the moon
spoken over your beckoning flesh
breaking against reservations
beaching thought
my hands at your high tide
over and under inside you
and the passing of hungers
attended, forgotten.

Darkly risen
the moon speaks
my eyes
judging your roundness
sophia Aug 2017
my sheets know your secrets
my pillows, your thoughts
my blanket misses your warmth
and i,
i miss your touch
Pineapple Jun 2014
Every crack in my back is a bone you've broken with your neglect, a result of me arching my spine in insane positions, as if I'm a werewolf turning beast and you're the full moon making me
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