Adilson Smith Nov 2017
I would say
I love you with all my heart.

But that's not quite right.

For I love you with far much more
Than just that one part.

For instance,
I love you with my lips:
They pucker lovingly like filled balloons

I love you also
With my eyes. Like a ruly clerk,
They sieve your frame with careful affection;
Vitalized by every detail.

My ears, too, are full of love.
I can feel them during the night;
Thumping with blood
As you rise and decline
Asleep in my nook.

There are many others.
My eyebrows, so enlivened,
Agitate my face
And my toes, so excited,
Tense in my shoes
As though afraid of getting wet.

Other parts aren’t so conspicuous.
My arms plot in the dark --
They long to swim around your waist
And link us back to breast.

And my fingers, naughty things,
Scheme to tease your dress
Above your pretty knees
And above your pretty chest.

Would you believe,
Even my butt's involved!
Though he’s more obvious
With his dopey, open smile
And cheeky morning breath.

But chief of all my loving parts
Is my un-run soul
Unkenneled, at last,
Sprinting furiously
Next to yours.
# love #silly

Note -- this is very much a rewrite of Watsky's splendid and original "love poem" (worth checking out on YouTube).
Nylee Jul 6
If I had all the questions
                   entire universe
    and every answer
          full dimension space                    
what would be tomorrow
      the end is just today          
         the world wouldn't suffice          
        I'll be on my own device    
     nothing to rule      

    my soul would be full.
Brittany Smith Dec 2017
I once heard a story,
That forever changed my life,
Of a man who was struck,
When another chose to text and drive,
And though he did not lose his life,
He told me he lost much more,
Like the ability to do any of the things,
He was able to do before,
He could not move a single muscle,
From below his neck,
And the biggest tragedy to his story,
His wife left him after the wreck,
He spoke of years of marriage,
And all their children together,
For if this was her instead of me, he said,
I would not have left her ever,
My chest began to hurt,
As my heart began to break,
The selfishness in this world today,
Was more than I could take,
I looked him in the eye,
As tears ran down my cheeks,
And for the first time in my profession,
This patient was a person to me,
How could he look at me and smile,
And tell me it would all work out okay,
How could a man be full of faith,
When so much was taken away,
I do not know the reasons,
These were the cards that he was handed,
But a society as one,
We take everything for granted,
We brag and act like what we have,
Cannot be taken away tomorrow,
Now all my problems seem so small,
When I think of this man’s sorrow,
And each day that’s passed since we met,
I have thanked the Lord above,
And I’ll never forget what this man taught me,
About how to measure my cup.
Words from a registered nurse.
arizona Apr 15
You admired the way
she made your life full.
You felt a calming peace,
a longing for shared purpose.
Passion emerged blood thick
in your body
and her hands fit
in all the right places;
A sacred journey
bound by no restrictions
Zumee Jul 9
Open your ears
Listen to the sky
on a still night you just might hear
The whole note, droning silver
that sits
atop a hidden ledger line.
One for the musicians.
BJ Donovan Mar 5
Jack Daniel's

We bought a broken dog
and took him to our broken home
to live with this broken family.
We tried to fix him with broken
training. I was too broken to get
it right. The more I yelled the more
broke he got. I had a drunken insight
one evening walking him in a full moon.
He reminded me of me in my childhood.
I saw things through his broken eyes
and held him close. I promised I'd fix us.
I adopted myself from a dog shelter.
Woody 4d
A caw-
ing of birds
with blunt
-ed beaks
and clip-
ped wings
that can’t fly
or sing
worth a lick
-ety split
ing and peck
-ing a-way
at the best
ing inside
a chest
-full of
ing Blue
felt art
songs in-
of sing
-ing along
ing they
know better
-   the rest?
This in response to the deletion of a great and true HP Poet’s account tonight as a result of constant harassment by at last count 13 dumbass, iealous, couldn’t write a decent poem if the male har-ass-ers tripped over their stupid pricks and the idiotic wagging female tongues who all took part in this. You know who you are. This harassment was reported to HP and to Eliot directly without the courtesy of a reaponse, and without action to curb it. The creation of monitors was a total waste of time. Many of you know her as Vicki. I’m sick of this kind of shit done by supposed adults, and sickened most of all by HP’s allowing this to continue even after multiple messages. As far as I’m concerned, the Guidelines and the so-called monitors aren’t worth a fucking dime. Which is exactly 10 cents more than I’ll ever again contribute to HP.  Go ahead and lock me ip, put me in the corner for awhile, or expel me. I don’t care. Maybe  we will see if the monitors are paying attention at all, or just another silly myth. If you’re a monitor and reading this, I would like to hear your thoughts after you wake the fuck up.
Most Sincerely,
With a rush of burning desires,

I turn your world, as I touch you, into a ball of fire,

Where our sweat begins to fall, and the degrees of the room creep higher and higher,

I slip off your bra, and proceed to strip you from the rest of your attire,

As there's a look in your eyes that's electric as a live wire,

The grip of my hands around the curves of your frame become tighter and tighter,

(Hearing with thuds of the baseboard beginning to knock at the wall) I treat this moment ever so dire,

Where I pull you in close–in this room full of yearning fire,

And make love to you–
With my body full of rushing and burning desires
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