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ryn Oct 2014
I hug the first,
Enamoured by her beauty.
Such kind eyes...
Peering carelessly back at me.

She reaches out,
To meet my embrace.
"You'll always be the first,
Who had my heart set in place."

I say to the second,
"You are my life.
One day you'd build,
The right castle for a wife."

"Remember me always,
For you this path I have paved.
I'd shower upon you,
All the love that I have saved."

Then finally to the third,
The last of all gifts.
Most adorable of sprites,
Source of my infinite lifts.

*"For you I haven't done much,
Only all that I could afford.
But insert me in your forever...
As the only you ever would've adored..."
For my troopers...
KitaRaizal Feb 2014
3 weeks ago,
My life fell apart,
To some its petty,
To me, its extreme,
3 weeks ago,
Started the days,
The days i have to live without him,
Started the unbearable numbness,
Im sorry what was that,
Hes just some guy,
What the **** are you talking about,
He was everything to me,
That isnt Just Some Guy,
He meant the world to me,
And you torn him away,
Taking pieces of my soul right along with him,
Soon he sooths,
We will be together,
Soon i plead needs to come faster,
My heart cant take this pain that i can no longer feel,
My heart crys out,
I ignore it,
The pain is always throbbing,
Begging to be known,
I refuse
See im telling you the story of a girl,
A girl who fell in love with a 28 year old,
A girl who does not care what people think,
This is a story of a girl lost and alone,
A girl who just wants to be happy again,
A girl...
That Is Me

Long story short, my mom took him away cause of the age difference, i turn 18 soon, real soon, i will not give up, he is a big part of my life and no one really understands.
eli Aug 13
you always seem to make me feel better
even when you don't know I'm not okay
Nat Lipstadt Aug 11
3 X 5 index card poems

3 smallish poems in five minutes

honey can I make you something to eat?

no babe, you know I hate to see you cooking, frying
standing over pots and stirring sauces
trying to brush
wisps of bangs from your eyes
  while wearing kitchen mitts

What I would prefer is something leftover,
reheated served with a smiling grin from my ear
to wayover down under there,
next to you

old words are better than than new ones

hey, hi! how you doing, old friend?

“yo, out of the hospital feeling so much better;
had some kind of ‘itis’ which they cured with an ‘yisis’!”

glad to hear; impressed by all those new big scientific words;
frankly preferred your old ones,  that were rediscovered and
reoriented in new ways in your poems verses;

never better cause to hear from a man
whose optimism has yet to meet a
that he can’t best,

heals all our wounds


if you told me

that I could spend three successive rainy days in almost all silence, perfectly contented by myself,
i’d said you crazy,

isn’t that true babe?
AS Jul 6
"Blaming a group of people for societies problems".

How can one religion or age or race or gender or sexuality be to blame?

Isn't it just an amalgamation of hate,
That society blurts out each day.

Putting blame on people who already suffer their own pains,
weakened minds from both sides.

One side from the family it came,
Next the society which judges them with overwhelming shame.

Screaming at them with curses,
Burning their surfaces.

Judgement in the way you speak,
Creates walls for them to come integrate and meet.

Spiralling their mental health passed the point of reasoning.

At this point they become led,
Hoping to find people who seem to accept.

These who cruise for the broken people, with nothing left and broken in way they've been oppressed.

To get them hooked on *****, drugs, easily indoctrinated as they have nothing else to lose.

Becoming primary to being used!

Remember they are humans too!

Remember not to spread your judgemental views, do not be the last straw of abuse.

The whispering, the pointing, the loud debates, the way some scums love to drive hate or bullying for these people for what they ain't.

This is a way to oppress, which I needed to get off my chest.

Before you pin blame,
Look at the part you and society plays.

As changing your actions can cause a string of change,
Why someone doesn't become deranged.

Give the oppressed an escape,
So one day it won't be too late.

As they will no longer be surround by confusion, anxiety and later hate.

Fated to escape the compounds they've attained.

Give them your hand,
Show them there is more to be seen.

Teach them there isn't a life,
that seem like there is no reprieve.

Don't break them,
By treating them as a disease.

Don't put them in this paradox,
Which seems no opportunities knock.

Do not ostracize,
Making them blind to all the beauty on the outside.

Give them hope,
That life is not an endless tight rope.

Do not let judgment's push them down a preordained *****.

Where they only see wrong,
As they've have had nowhere else to belong.

Remember to look at where you poke,
Making other groups the point of jokes.

You maybe a part of the sea,
drowning their sanity.

Give them the chance to believe,
Being born within a section means no hate or fated pain.

Don't push them in,
Oppressing them from a child.

It's not our choice,
To be the dominant voice.

Ripping their wings,
before the children have had the opportunity to sing or dream.

This is your task,
is to look at all the unneeded pain you cast.

To give these children a place to feel safe, accepted.

An opportunity to grow,
Without a mould already attached.

An endless world to dream,
Not to be squashed before they've had a chance to think.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
KitaRaizal May 2014
We made a promise
wait till sunday
24 hours ago now
your so close but so far away
Just outside my grasp
I cant get to you
Unless I really need you
For something dire
but isnt my heart dire enough
I nearly fell apart
But I guess
Knowing your there
On the out skirts of my mind
Will have to do
3 days my mind whispers to me, 3 days is to long
This space I asked for
Is nothing but heartache and regret
Fear and loneliness
This I know
I want you so
Friday Saturday Sunday
Please come faster
I dont know if i can handle this
I want to talk like lovers do
I want dive into your ocean blue

I need you-I love you-I want you-and soon I promise you-I will

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